Chapter 2: "Stay"

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I finally found the Spirit World but how would I get to stay?

The party they made for me was a blast! I was hoping that I could ask for work again but Yubaba was absent. It's been a week since she left. I wondered what happened to her. Though it's like that, seems like everyone was very happy since Yubaba was gone. They were all free from scolding! My only mission was to have a job but it'll be impossible. So I asked some ideas from everyone in the party. There were variety of answers but it didn't help...

"Hey! I really want to stay but Yubaba's gone so I can't have the job yet... Any ideas?"

"How about you stay here as a customer, right?"

"She can't stay here as a customer! It's really wrong to let a human stay here..."

Then Lin interrupted and said,"Why don't you just talk to Haku then?"

"That's a great idea! Thanks Lin!", I answered with a very satisfied face. I was really hoping that Haku would let me stay.

I went to Yubaba's office to see if he was there but then... I felt somewhat lika an eerie feeling. It's like a very cold atmosphere with the absence of light, the hallway was so dark! I shouted, 'Haku' 15 times but I heard no reply. After 30 minutes of waiting, I finally gave up and decided to find Haku in some other places. When I was about to reach the elevator, someone shouted my name with a desperate voice and it was from Yubaba's office! It shouted for help so I ran as fast as I can. When I finally reached the door, a violent wind welcomed me and there I saw Yubaba in front of me, with a very different look.

~In the boiler room~ (Haku)

"Why are you such a coward?!", shouted Kamajii.

"What do you mean? I am just thinking about her safety...", I answered with a very confused face.

"What about her happiness?! What about all the years that you wasted just to see her again?!"

"But she can't stay here! It's impossible! And what do you mean by her happiness?"

"Are you really that dense? Can't you tell that she loves you?!"

"What are you talking about?! That's a lie! She never noticed me and will never be noticed!"

"How can you tell that?! You're not even considering her feelings yet!"

"Then what about you? Have you asked her if she really l-loves me..?!"

"W-well, It's because... I'm the Master of Love..."

"Are you afraid that she's human?"


"I knew it! You are a coward! You're afraid to see her because you think that it's impossible! You think that even if you two really love each other, she will still die in the future because she's a human! You're afraid to see her because you won't be able to stop yourself from loving her! Is that it?!"

"Be quiet Kamajii! I hate her! It's because she expects too much from me!"

"Liar! Get out of my sight, Haku!"


I took a loud,heavy steps towards the door. I opened it and there, I saw Chihiro... crying her eyes out...

"Really?... You hate me...?", she said. She ran as fast as she can to go away from me. 'It's better this way, right?', I thought...

A few minutes ago, in Yubaba's office... (Chihiro)


"I see, the philosophy was right... you'd come back..."

"What philosophy?"

"It's a long story... the only thing I need you to do is to get these three things..."

"W-wait, I can't keep up... I don't understand..."

"Ughh! I'm dead and these things are needed to revive me again.."

"WHAT?! You're a spirit yet you're dead?! And what happened? Why did you die?"

"LONG STORY! Anyway , are you willing to help me? I can't leave this bathhouse alone... It's been my life for a million years. I only have 10 days..."

"I'll help you! Of course i'll help you!"

"Ok, well actually... the details are not explained well. The things you need to do is to fight good with good, find justice, and light the way. So it's not really 'things'."

"I don't get it... And why me?"

"It's because... you proved me that you are trustworthy enough to do these."

"Really?! Thank you Yubaba. It's strange to hear things like these from you."

"Ughh.. Thank you for accepting my favor..."

After a long conversation, she just vanished in the air. Since I had no idea what to do, I wanted to ask Kamajii's help. So I went to the boiler room as fast as I can. Then I heard Haku's voice inside the room, he was shouting really loud. I wanted to eavesdrop and suddenly I heard these words, "Be quiet Kamajii! I hate her! It's because she expects too much from me!" It felt as if my heart was shot by an arrow. I was surprised when he opened the door right when I started crying. I ran as fast as I can so that he won't see my ugly looking face.

"I don't need no one's help! I'll do this on my own!", I shouted.

And so, my sudden adventure began!

How am I gonna start?

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