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The blinding blue light faded as Haruyuki's consciousness shook. As if almost taken over by a swirling, walloping dizziness, he almost vomited, if not for the fact that he was using the «Neuro-Linker». Several flashes of light pierced through her vision, only to end with another blinding blue light.


Haruyuki thought about it for a moment, as he looked around the obviously primitive «surroundings»...in more ways than he can count. Several thousands of people have started appearing out of nowhere, previously bathed in a blue light. Within the center is a large monument, with an angel-like figure, decorated with a central gem he could not recognize. Given his experience in «VRMMORPGs»…

It looks like a middle European stadium. And a large one at that. Haruyuki deduced after glancing at the roughly tiled ground. Don't tell me such a world exists inside this «accelerated world»?

No, that's… impossible. Haruyuki shook her head. This is «Accel World», a post-sci-fi world full of players aiming for the top level. On the first place, he would have at least heard something from Kuroyuki-sempai.

"Where… am I… ?"

The still unsuspecting Haruyuki has already given up any other attempts to recognize his helpless situation in this alien world... when one thinks about it, isn't the «accelerated world» the one that's really «alien»?

"…I know I was in the «Unlimited Neutral Zone», so is this another «world» of some sort?"

He had no time to talk to the others. Involuntarily, he looked at his «hands», colored a bright beige, hairless, lookingg as natural as your average hand, only, on closer inspection, he sees small polygons. According to a history about computers, the very first «VRMMOs» used primitive «3D polygons», instead of the more common and prevalent quantum-powered «quad planes», supposedly powered by the human mind.

What did they call those? Haruyuki thought for a moment, but, looked back at his frail hands. Wait...

He looked at those hands yet again, twisting them around to get a better view at the back of his palm, then into his arms. Unfortunately, it seemed just as hairless as his hands were. Then he vehemently scouted around…

This is…! And these are…!

My human hand. People. Humans, to be precise.

Then… Haruyuki remembered something, or rather, he was dumb for just remembering it when it just occurred a few moments ago. Was this the effect of the «Alpha Reverse Stopwatch»?

"Your answers, «Silver Crow»,…" Haruyuki tried to remember the words left behind by his last duel with a Burst Linker. "…are in this «Alpha Reverse Stopwatch». Use it, and see…"

"…the legend of the «Black Swordsman, KIRITO», right before your eyes."

Haruyuki's pitched dropped.

"Then…" Haruyuki tried making up a sensible alibi for this situation. "… It must be a memory record right? … I mean…"

Haruyuki had good reasons to worry.

"Kirito… isn't a «Burst Linker»."

"This event occurred around 24 years ago."

"It was the event that shook the world. It's funny you youth do not reminiscence the past anymore."

Haruyuki's words were borrowed by that «Burst Linker» he recently duelled, but… if it's true, then it wouldn't explain the memories. It was only on 2030 that a method to even record memories has event sprouted.

Then… Haruyuki had only one conclusion. But he had to confirm it.

If his guts are right then…

"Hey," Haruyuki approached a nearby random person. "Can you tell me what date and time it is?"

The man looked quite tall, compared to him, although it seemed that his avatar is quite similar to «Silver Crow», height and all. As his head turned around, he saw his dark complexion, and, combined with a stern, brutal face that looked like a gladiator, the intimidated Haruyuki took a step backward instinctively.

"Huh?" the man responded, confused about the question he just asked. "Don't you know? It's supposedly in the «Status Window»."

Haruyuki, just as confused as the man was, looked around, seeing a girl wave her hands downward to reveal a «Main Menu». Quickly scouting down towards the options available, it looked quite limited. There's the «Skills» he had only a slight idea about, then, looking at the «Options»…

«HUD» Option Off?

Haruyuki thought of it for a while, but don't the new players turn this on by default? He activated it, revealing an HP Bar in the left side of his eyesight, judging from how this small rectangular screen is invisible among the other players, it could only mean that it was more of a static invisible window. «Haru» was the name attached to it. Further down the «Menu», he quickly took notice of the «Ethics Code Off» Option.

EEEEHHH?! Haruyuki's face steamed red seeing it, moving on to hide his expression and brush off his thoughts.

Looking down at the last option, a strange option, symbolized by a man making its way to a door, was strangely unnamed.

"Eh?" Haruyuki looked back at the man he just talked to. "Isn't this supposed to be here?"

"It's been missing since we came here…" the man's serious tone was serious. "…the «Log Out» Button."

"You mean…!" Haruyuki gasped.

Eh… a voice permeated through the crowd, as if penetrating the unsuspecting «Haru»'s mind. So, how's your visit to the past, «Silver Crow»… or should I say, Haruyuki-chan?

He instinctively turned around, looking around for a voice in the now-filled crowd.

«Sapphire Controller»…! He just remembered her name. Also, did she just say «The Past»?

So you remember me. The girl's voice sounded a bit squeaky, almost like a small girl. According to Haruyuki's approximates, she must be around the «Red King's» height to have such a voice. Good. I don't have any more time. It's quite tiring visiting this «world» from «Your Present», after all. Oh! by the way, one guy's going to teach you the «tutorial for this world». Be sure to follow it.

"Wait!"Without him noticing, he was already speaking. The man seemed to tilt his head, as he noticed Haruyuki suddenly giving a suspicious look on the surrounding area. "If she's right then…"


One answer only filled his thoughts.

"«Death»" Haruyuki muttered. "The reason this was an incident… was because…"

A large annoying beeping stopped his muttering. Everyone's eyes held on to that red hexagon-sided tile, named «System Announcement». However, Haruyuki was looking down. He knew it was this kind of world…

"I-If…" he muttered."I die in this «game», I'll…"

«die for real»

End of Prologue I

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Like the original author, I'll be using «»'s. I just recently found that it works… and how it works quite good in stories like this. I'd like to keep as much of the format of the original author, after all. And oh, «» looks good. Maybe I should use it for other fanfics…?

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