2. I've Never Loved Him So Much

This was so confusing. Am I ever going to get out of here? Why the flying fuck are Cheetos illegal? I had so many questions, but no way to ask them. I'm wondering why the lady at the desk never helped me or answered my question. I leave my confusing thoughts behind me, and begin thinking about Mikey. My parents hated me, so why miss or think about them? I don't give a shit about them, I could really care less. Mikey was different though. He was one of my best friends. He was the only one who truly understood me. He was the one who would stand up for me when my parents never did. My mind stops. Why do I keep referring to him like he's passed away? Was this my brain trying to tell me something is wrong with Mikey, or was it just a grammar mistake?

The guards continue to walk with me, but now with a loose grip because I have been cooperative since we left. I've been so lost in my thoughts I haven't even been noticing my surroundings. We've been passing even more buildings, but have not entered in any of them. I begin to see out into the horizon, expecting the meadows. It was not meadows that I saw as we drew closer; it was the sand of a beautiful desert.

We kept walking through the sand, and I'm surprised that the guards have not shown any kind of fatigue; not even a drop of sweat. Myself on the other hand was sweating, having trouble breathing, and had legs that ached. Sand is the worst to walk in, it takes so much out of people; especially me since I've never been active.

I finally got up my courage to ask the guards some questions. "Where are we going?" was the first, but to my surprise, no reply. The second was out of curiosity; I asked "Why are you not tired?" but failed again to receive a response. I asked one more, which actually got answered. "Why are Cheetos illegal?" I couldn't think of a reason why they would be illegal. I mean c'mon, first of all, they are fucking amazing. It's like when Frank is playing his guitar at a concert. (FRERARD!) Okay Gee, focus. Listen to the guard's answer. The guard replied, "A long time ago, this was a beautiful city. It was full of tall, breath-taking towers, as well as never-ending meadows. As you can see, only few buildings remain, but the meadow never changed. That old oak tree has been here since the beginning." Maybe that's why I like the tree, I thought to myself. I'm still confused, he didn't answer my question. "But what does that have to do with Cheetos?" I asked. He replied, "The people here soon heard of these 'Cheetos' and were curious of why they were good. We had amazing food here, just like any other place, but these spoke to people." Chips speak to people? Dafuq? "Anyway we somehow got a hold of them, and they were amazing. We all soon began to buy them; in big bulks. Soon it became like a drug to some people. They began snorting it like a drug, only eating them, and began to get obsessed. We soon had no more important people in the town; no more doctors, teachers, no employees whatsoever. This became out of control, and our city was falling apart. The only thing we could do was to ban them, which later became a law. That's why we had to arrest you; we couldn't take any chances." This didn't make any sense. It doesn't matter because I didn't see any other people. It sounds like these people had serious problems. Who the fuck snorts Cheetos? Whatever, I'm over it.

We approached a weird building in the desert. The name confused me, even though it was simply "BL/ind."

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