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I crunched the card that little black haired four-eyes had given me in my fist, staring up at the ceiling in irritation. I hadn't meant to say yes. Somehow he'd tricked me into saying it.

I glared at the white walls, getting pissed off just thinking about it.

"Perfect," he'd practically purred.

I growled, clenching my fists. What's perfect you little cocky bastard? Huh? What the hell had he said his name was? Uryū… Ida? Ilda? Maybe it wasn't like that at all. Wally? Unscrambling the card, I narrowed my eyes at the name printed in black italics. Uryū Ishida.

I should have remembered the name really; because he was the artist I was studying while I attempted to get my degree in fine art. But the name always slipped from my mind. I mean, all in all, this opportunity was good but… the fact I had submitted to that bastards request…

Growling I sat up. Maybe I should just call it off? But the idea that he thought I couldn't handle it just made me so mad!

No, screw it. I would model like he freaking wanted and do it effortlessly. He'd see just how 'perfect' I can be.


The studio was small, just off one of the main streets of Karakura. It wasn't overly flashy-just a simple black sign that read, 'Ishida Studio.' The window had a large charcoal picture hanging up; the image was a lonesome tree, a single branch wiggling out with only one leaf on it.

I pocketed my hands, leaning forward to examine it. It was a gorgeous picture-the long flowing strokes, matched with short and haphazard ones and the contrast made such an impact.

I was still awed when I heard the door open and a woman with long, red hair poked her head out, shy.

"Are-are you okay sir?"

Smiling, I laughed slightly. I must have looked like an idiot gaping at the picture. "Yeah, sorry." I stepped forward a little, hanging back when her eyes widened in surprise. People told me I had a scary face so I guess that's what it was. "Sorry, I'm-I'm here to see Ishida. I'm…" I paused, not wishing to say the word, 'model'.

"Miss Inoue, why are you standing with the door open?"

I smirked at the voice, easily realising the owner and I grabbed the door that the woman released, stepping inside with her. "She was just letting me in."

The raven haired man's eyes widened a little in surprise before he coughed, pushing his glasses up his nose. "I'm… surprised to see you."

"Why? Did you think that I wouldn't show up?"

Ishida scowled slightly. "Nothing of the sort. It's just that I didn't expect you to come around so quickly."

The woman with the red hair settled uncomfortably back into her office chair, glancing between us in concern.

"Well I want to get on with this," I replied irritably.

He gave a small smile before turning to the woman. "Miss Inoue, I'm going to be in the studio for a while, please don't disturb me."

She nodded, clearly curbing her curiosity as her eyes followed us through the red door.

Closing it behind us, Ishida turned to me, waiting expectantly.

"What?" I demanded.

He rolled his eyes as he stepped over to his easel. "Sit down then."

"Where?" I asked hesitantly, suddenly nervous.

Noticing my discomfort he flashed me a smug smile. "The couch."

I glanced around the room, trying to locate the couch while also taking in the setup of it. The floor was polished concrete. The room was relatively large-lots of room for laying out work.

It reminded me of a factory I guess-with a high ceiling and large windows, made of a strange, bubbly sort of glass. There was a long sink with several paintbrushes and other utensils lining the shelf above it. In a small corner of the room there was a kitchen-clean and bright-all white apart from the black stone bench-tops. Against the far wall was the couch-it looked like a day-bed-red and made of soft velvet. Directly facing the couch was the easel where Ishida already stood, graphite pencil at the ready.

I rubbed my arm before approaching the couch, approaching slowly, my hand running along the length of the gentle couch before sitting down, facing him stiffly.

A smile quirked at the edge of his lips and I found irritation rise as I watched him.

"You need to relax… what is your name?"

I scratched my head, annoyed. He tells me to relax… but he's going to be staring at me. "It's Ichigo…" I replied. "Ichigo Kurosaki."

"Very well… Kurosaki… If you'd just move back on the couch then lean forward and place your elbows on your knees-your legs slightly apart. Do you think you can handle that?"

I gulped a little, though I don't know why. But a few words stuck out from that sentence, "…your legs slightly apart."

Doing as I was instructed, I hoped that I wasn't blushing, despite how hot I felt. It wasn't as if he meant anything by it. I cursed inwardly as I waited for him to comment of my pose. I really needed to see Renji. It was only because I hadn't had sex for so long that I was feeling like this surely. Yes, I needed to have sex-that was the best solution. It wouldn't do to get turned on during modelling and pounce on the unsuspecting man, especially when I had a point to prove.

Now I looked at him, he was pretty attractive-in a delicate sort of way. His hair was just a little above shoulder length, framing a thin, softly featured face, making his sharp dark blue eyes stand out, even more so when matched with long, dark eyelashes. His body was slender as well and the skin was light, adding to the façade of fragility.

But that hardly mattered, I had a boyfriend.

He cocked his head slightly as he assessed me, no hint of smugness or amusement present. "Lean forward a little more and shift one of your elbows back slightly…" He paused, waiting for me to do that before nodding. "Now, don't change your expression, just watch me."

I blinked a little at his request but again I did as I was told, staring at the man as he began to work. "Is it okay with me like this?" I asked.

He nodded absently, one hand holding the easel tight as he sketched. "Yes, yes. This is exactly how I want you."

Heating a little, I cursed my dirty mind. It wasn't as if he meant it like that.

I stayed still as he continued to work, eyes flicking to me now and then, his lips set in a tight line as he worked.

After about an half an hour or so, he stepped back, considering. He glanced back at me before frowning.


"Something…" he trailed off, staring at the picture once again before his face cleared and he placed his pencil down. "Let's go for a walk."

"Huh?" I questioned intelligently.

He 'tisked', pushing his glasses up his nose as he turned away, grabbing his camera from the kitchen bench. "Is it that hard to understand or are you just stupid? I said, 'let's go for a walk.'"

Snarling, I followed him as he walked briskly from the room, pausing at the front door. "Miss Inoue, Kurosaki and I are going out."

She nodded, eyes wide in surprise as she watched us leave. "Yes, of course."

I slowed when Ishida did, waiting for him to do something.

"Do you want some coffee Kurosaki?"


"Perhaps you really are stupid," he mused, turning left at the end of the street into the busy main stretch.

"I'm not stupid," I snapped. "I just don't get you."

He laughed, smirking over at me.

Man, he loved making you feel inferior.

"You don't need to get me, you're my model."

I hissed at the words, ready to hit the man when he stopped abruptly, almost making me walk into him.

"Here we are."

I stared at the small coffee shop. It was almost vacant, save for a young woman and her child, a surly old man and the waitress at the counter. The café looked cosy though-small wrought iron tables and chairs out the front and pretty marble tables inside.

There was a little garden box out the front with flowers of red, blue, purple and yellow, brightening up the area.

Ishida seemed quite as ease as he stepped inside, greeting the waitress by name before sitting at a spot near the window.

When I went to sit down however, he shook his head, pointing me to the street. Following his finger for a moment, I glanced back at him, pissed. "Can't you say it in words?"

He heaved a sigh. "Walk."

"Walk?" I asked, gritting my teeth.

"Walk around, look at windows, stop at cafés… just be yourself." He stared up at me expectantly and I frowned.

"So what are you going to be doing?"

"Just observing."

I winced a little. "'Cause that doesn't sound creepy at all."

He gave a slight smile as the woman approached the table, directing pointed glances at me as she placed down the coffee. "Just do it. The sooner you do this, the sooner you'll get your money."

I sneered, straightening. "I told you, I don't want your money."

"Then what do you want?"

Pausing, I wondered if my request would be granted. I had thought long and hard about what I wanted out of this and had finally reached a decision. "I want you… I want you to help me with my study," I finally muttered, scratching my head awkwardly.

There was beat of silence before he frowned slightly. "Why me?"

"I-I'm uh… I'm studying fine art in university and I…" I considered for a moment. I didn't want to say that I chose him specifically because that would just give him more reason to brag. I finished with, "And I need to do an assignment on you." I quickly continued so he had no time to question, "Also, you owe me for this and I need to get pointers on my work."

Something strange flashed across his face before he frowned; looking a little disapproving and my heart fell.

Then he opened his mouth and said, "Fine, I can do that."

I was astonished for a moment as he stirred his coffee, not looking up at me. But then I grinned, more excited than I would have liked to be working with the man whose work I had admired for quite some time.