Chapter 4: Surprise Trip Mrs. Porter arrived at Sherlock's apartment early on Tuesday prepared to deal with anything a baby could throw her way, along with simple domestic tasks. Along with being a nanny for Elsie, Mrs. Porter was also employed to play the role of house keeper, despite it not being in her job description. Sherlock had offered her double to meet the additional requirements. But upon arriving, Mrs. Porter was understandably surprised, although she had mentally prepared herself for the unexpected, what she saw was a bit past unusual for most people. Lying on the table, was what appeared to be an assortment of animal intestines, cataloged with tiny labels, and laid out neatly in rows, assorted beakers filled with red and green liquids lined the window sill and mantle piece, and petri cups filled with what appeared to be fungi adorned the space around a large microscope on the coffee table. In the center of the chaos, Elsie lay on the floor, delightedly observing a spider crawl across the floor, while her father, sat motionlessly on the couch. In addition the house was far more cluttered than when Mrs. Porter had come for her interview. Getting over her shock, Mrs. Porter, exclaimed, "What in the Lords name is this! Crazy sciencey nonsense all over the place! Architect? What is it on Earth that you do!" Smiling slightly at her reaction, Sherlock, ignoring her question, turned around, "The sheets in the bedroom need washing, and Elsie just ate, she does however need a nap at ten, I will not be requiring any lunch or dinner." Taken aback, Mrs. Porter opened her mouth to continue giving Sherlock her mind, but thought better of it and huffed, " Alrightly then, sounds good." She then picked up the baby and went about Sherlock's requirements. Weeks went by and Mrs. Porter noted some odd things about her english clients. For one thing "Michael" barely spoke except to tell her what needed to be done or to talk to the baby, he frequently played the violin for hours on end, and he addressed his daughter as if she where an adult. The baby was oddly like her father, she rarely made any sound, except when she needed something or got upset, and was incredibly curious about everything. However would frequently witness the touching event in which sherlock would rock Elsie softly while explaining some complex theory or another to her as she fell asleep, which would always make her smile to see. "Yes, mrs. Porter admitted to herself, I really have gotten fond of the pair of them." But one day when Mrs. Porter was cleaning the kitchen counters, Sherlock stood up suddenly and began rushing about the apartment, randomly reaching out for an item as he passed by. "What the heck are you doing?" Mrs. Porter asked loudly, hands held at her hips. Sherlock replied, "packing" without bothering to stop to explain further. Surprised, Mrs. Porter, uncertainly asked, "where are you going?" "I am returning to England with Elsie, um my wife will be meeting us there when she returns." Sherlock answered. "Oh my, well will you be coming back?" Mrs. Porter asked with concern. "Ummm, no" Sherlock replied. Adding, Today will be your last day, we leave tonight your final check will arrive by post." Shocked, Mrs. Porter exclaimed, Well this is so sudden! "Yes, I have some erm, business to tend to." Sherlock replied, thinking quickly. "I'm gonna miss you two, take care then." Mrs. Porter lamented, then turned to the clock, noticed the hour, and adds, "Well quitting time, take care Mr. Stevenson" and turned to leave. Figuring out her confused and hurt reaction to his leaving, Sherlock quickly ran to give her a quick, awkward hug. "Thank you dear, Mrs. Porter smiled, as she patted him on the back. And she left.