Love Without an Ending FANFICTION (Harry Styles) Chp.1

"Beep, Beep, Beep" I threw my hand over the alarm clock, and screamed "today is going to be the best day ever!" I was going to visit my aunt in London, she moved there a few years ago and said when I'm done with school I get to go, and sense I won't be going to college for 2 years I get to go spend 2 terrific years with my favorite aunt and see if I bump into One Direction! (College got cancelled, because they have to move all the stuff to the new college and buy more furniture because it's bigger so that's one year then we got another year of break because we went 12 years with school.) I got up, brushed my long brown hair and tied it in a cute bun, brushed my teeth, put some mascara and some lip gloss, then put some black jogging shorts, a black shirt with light blue words saying "just do it" and my black TOMS, then got my backpack and my little Labrador retriever puppy Sandy in her bag and headed downstairs (because me and my dad brought my three suit cases downstairs the night before) my two brothers were already down there, my brother Justin is on the 3rd year of college but he got 2 years off too and so did my other brother John but John is on the 2nd year of college and now I'm starting. Justin is 2 years older than me and John is 1 year older oh I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself *Clears throat* I'm Emma Jones, I'm 18 and I love to sing, ilove sports and I used to be a gymnast. "Finally your down" Justin said jokily "maybe if you weren't as excited as I am I would have hurried up" I said, he laughed. "Ok now you know you guys are ready, look at them sweetie it's like they're going to collegeā€¦ again "said mom! We all laugh, we all give our hugs and kisses and now we have to go. I get in the cab, Justin is in the front, me and John are in the back "London here we come "I say! 15 min later we're at the airport, we give our bags to the lady and get our boarding passes, we go through security and head to the guy where you exchange money and so we exchanged our money we have 15 thousand dollars. Then We headed to gate 24 showed the man our boarding passes and got in. We sat down at our seats and relaxed while the plane flew up. Sandy fell asleep.