Chp.6 Love Without an Ending

"That was amazing again" says Liam "thanks, took me lots of practice to do that…8 years ago." I say "you learned that when you were ten?!" asked Zayn "yea "I said "we should get going" says Harry. We got to his place we watched 3 movies The Notebook then Bambi and then Love Actually. Then the boys left, Liam went back to his place to see Daniele, Louis went to pick Eleanor up at the airport, Niall & Zayn went because they we're tired, &I stayed with Harry. I was helping Harry clean up, all of a sudden he grabs me and yells the "tickle monster is here!" he dropped me on the bed and started tickling me "Stop it Harry! Oh my God, I can't breathe!" I tried to yell, but it was useless because I was so out of breath from Harry tickling me so much. He just laughed as I tried to squirm away from the "tickle monster". "I'm sorry, I just love it when you smile…and you have the cutest laugh". He said sincerely. He stared in my eyes; it felt like the world had stopped. His eyes sparkled like the ocean on the most beautiful sunny day. "I never thought that I could fall for someone as hard as I fell for you." My heart was practically melting, as he bit his lip, eagerly waiting for a long, passionate kiss. "you're perfect. He said softly, as he gently stroked my check & moved a piece of hair from my face. He attempted to roll on top of me, but I moved & got up from the bed, ruining the moment. "aw, come on. Don't make me chase you. You know ill always catch you" he said with a grin. I started running around the room not sure where Harry would pop out of. "GOT YA!" he yelled as he wrapped his arms around me and we fell onto the couch; Harry laying on top of me. "Boop!" he said as he touched my nose, jokingly. "Harry, Stop!" I said, laughing. "Boop! Boop! Boop! Boop! He repeatedly poked different parts of my face until I got so annoyed, I pushed him away. He grabbed my waist and laid me back on the couch. "Please don't push me away," he says as he leans in for a kiss, I love you Emma." He positions himself on top of me and takes control, as our beautiful kiss turns into a passionate make out session. I hear the door open and it was Niall he saw us kiss!