A/N: I have more like 5 ideas stuck in my head. I'm willing to let 2 of them go, and now this is the third. SUPER SHORT. I do not own Soul Eater and tickle fight. Who was the inventor of tickle fight anyway?

Tickle Fight


One exact word to describe Soul's feeling. Soul and Maka are both sitting on the couch. The pigtails is reading, and the shark teeth is dozing off. Soul, especially is completely bored. They have day off for today, and in the hot weather, they've got nothing to do. Especially when the TV is in repairment.

Soul starts to drool. He is totally bored. Seeing his meister's serious expression glued to the book, the deathschyte starts to looks at her neck. Smooth, creamy neck that will make all guys go nuts for it, including him. Why beauty must make nuisance? Her natural beauty that she never notices makes her one of the most wanted girls in Shinbusen, and Soul is keeping any filthy guy away from her.

Back to her neck, he is thinking of nape, but his playful side start to think about something else, tickle. Soul silently gets closer to Maka and tickle her neck.

"What did you do!" Maka shrieks and raises her book.

"Tickling you?" Soul grins innocently, and aims to her stomach.

"Hahahaha! You're not going anywhere…" Maka threatens between her giggles. She aims back to his neck.

Well, actually Soul is really enjoying touching Maka like this (pervy)

"You are not going anywhere…" Soul copies her as he pushes her cheek away and starts to tickle her.

"Oh, shut up!" Maka pushes his cheek again as she attemps to tickle him too.

"Hahahaha, I'll win!" Soul tangled his feet with hers, locking her from going anywhere.

"Soul! You jerk!" Maka giggles because of ticklish and tries to break free, but accidentaly make them both fall to the floor.

"NO Soul!" Maka screams between her giggle as he rolls until he is on top of her and start tickling her even more. Maka wrestle with him and manages to get on top of him. Securing both of his legs with hers and tickles him more.

"Whose saying that?" Soul complains as he tries to get back to the top of Maka. He manages to break free from Maka's leg lock and pushes her down.


"Uh-oh, Soul…" Maka blushes furiously at their almost-molesting position.

"Crap…" Soul curses, as with face as red as a cherry. He sees Spirit jawdropped infront of them.



Soul: I am not

CS: Accidentally

Maka: you are pervy, camelliastar.