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Unexplainable Relationship

"Dammit Maka…" Soul curses under his breath. Why he need to do these gay things. SHOPPING!? IN a SUPERMARKET. BABIES and KIDS row!?

"DammitMakawhydoineedtodothes ethingsjustforastupidasshole babyitsallbecausethatslobbyt hingwanderinourdamnfreakinfl at…" Soul says in a rather harsh tone, while staring in front of the neat rows of diapers.

"Sir, may I help you?" A shopkeeper greets him.

"Dammit Maka such a dipshit thing to do- Ah, I'm sorry." Soul rubs the back of his neck.

"Well, What are you looking for?" The shopkeeper asks him politely.

"Um, Maka asked me to buy diapers for babies, 2 or 3 clothes, and… What the hell? What is this? Rattle?" Soul looks at a neat little note, definitely not written by him.

"Excuse me sir, but is that Maka your wife?" She says in a rather astonished tone, knowing that the boy standing in front of her is probably 14.

"No, no, she's my friend." Soul sweatdrops.

"So, you have a special relation with her?" The shopkeeper asks him curiously. She's actually referring to girlfriend.

"Yes, I do have a special relation." Soul answers. He is actually referring to partnership.

"So, you did sex out of marriage?" The shopkeeper gasps.

"NO! Of course not! It's not like that! She's just a friend! A friend!" Soul blushes and awkwardly shoves his hands in front of him.

"A special friend?" The shopkeeper curiously corners him.

"She's my meister! My fighting partner!" Soul starts to blush even redder than before.

"Oh, I see…" the shopkeeper blushes at her antiques.

"Dammitfreakinbaby…" Soul starts to curse again.

"Baby? So you both do have a baby?" The shopkeeper points accusingly at him.

"NO! Like I said! It's not my baby!" He starts to anger a little.

"Yours baby, with that girl?" The shopkeeper says at him.


"It's not like that dumbass, just go and get those freakin like hell baby appliance!" Soul curses as blades start to appear from his body.

"Man it's so hard to tell that we are babysitting…" Soul mutters under his breath as the shopkeeper bows and looks for the things that he asks for.

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Maka: Well, I… (blushes)

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