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Summary: A/H. Elena gets an invite to her twin sister; Katherine's, wedding all the way in Mystic Falls, but what will happen when the person who's getting married to Katherine is her Enemy Damon Salvatore? And don't forget what Damon did 7 years ago to cause Elena to separate from her family. Elena is forced to be the maid of honour and when she arrives Damon uses this opportunity to apologise about everything and persuades Elena that he is a better person from all those years ago, on top of that he starts to fall in love with her, will Elena forgive him or better yet will she have feelings for him? On the day before the wedding a drunken mistake occurs which leads to more drama, pregnancy, jealousy and eventually love. With Damon being more confused about his feelings between the twins which one will he go for?

Prologue - Elena's POV

I unlock the doors of my apartment which I've been living in for quite a few years ever since I moved in London. It was a really good apartment, it had a very modern look which was sophisticated, classy and not to mention that it was pricy but at least it was a nice place to stay. I walked through the door and almost tripped over the pile of mail which was all over my doormat.

I bet it was just all junk mail; I picked it up and went through it. The first one was an Italian restaurant opening happening across the street; at least I don't need to eat microwavable food anymore, I seriously did not know how to cook at all. The rest was exactly what I expected, advertisements, charity events but the last one was different; it was from back home in Mystic Falls.

I looked at the writing at the front, it looked like my Mom's handwriting. Seriously? throughout these whole years I was gone, you only write to me now? I ripped it open and my mouth gaped open, it was a wedding invite and it read:

Katherine Gilbert and Damon Salvatore would like to invite

Elena Gilbert

At their marriage at the Salvatore boarding house,

Mystic falls on 3rd of September

At 11 am

The first few words that stumbled out of my mouth were... "What the fuck?"

How did this happen? I was happy for my sister getting married but why the hell would she marry Damon fucking Salvatore, the same Damon who I was enemies with all those years ago? I let out a sigh of frustration; I rubbed my temples calm down Elena, think happy thoughts. I closed my eyes and counted up to 10, there was no way in hell I was going to calm down, I have to take actions in my own hands. I opened my eyes and ran to my bag; I pulled out my phone a dialled my Mom it took 3 rings before she answered. I let out a sigh of relieve thanking the gods before speaking but not before hearing my Mom's voice

"Elena, what's wrong?"

"I'll tell you what's wrong; Katherine is getting married to Damon!" I screamed.

"Oh, so I see you got the invite then?"

"Yeah, I did I'm sorry I shouted, I'm just stressed because of work" I lied.

"No need to lie Elena, I know you used to have that crush on Damon when you were in high school."

In that moment, I swear, I nearly choked.

"Mom, I did not have a crush on him, he was a complete douche who deserved to die."

In the background I could hear Katherine's voice asking who my mom was talking to and my mom stupidly replying that it was me. I let out a groan of annoyance hearing Katherine's pleas in wanting to talk to me.

"Look Elena, your sister wants to talk to you." And my mom's voice was replaced by the voice of my twin.

"Oh my god, Elena, is that you? It's been so long since we've talked. Did mom tell you I was getting married to Damon, I'm super excited!" She let out a squeal.

"Katherine calm down. First of all, it's me and second of all yes mom did tell me you were getting married in fact, I even got the wedding invite! Last but not least WHAT THE HELL WHERE YOU THINKING ACCEPTING TO MARRY THE MANWHORE OF THE CENTURY?" I shouted so that she got the message through her thick skull.

"Whoa, I think it's you who needs to calm down Elena... And Damon is not a Manwhore he's really sweet, the only reason he isn't pleasantly nice to you is because you annoy the hell out of him. Anyways, on a serious note, I need you to be my maid of honour." I heard her typing something on a keyboard and then a click.

"And have to be stuck in that ceremony with Damon in sight? Hell no." I replied .

"Well tough, I already got the tickets for you and all you have to do is pack your clothes or not, I mean, I have clothes here which you can borrow unless if you put on extra weight, and get your ass on the plane, if not I'll tell Mom about all those years ago where you sneaked out when you were grounded to go party with your friends."

"Please don't tell mom, send me the details, I'm on my way." I ended the call in defeat before she said anything else.

Realisation hit me. Oh shit, I'm coming back home. My life has just gotten worse.

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