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Chapter 10

Damon's POV

I turned towards Katherine and smiled at her, "Would you please tell Elena that dating MASON LOCKWOOD is not a good idea?" I asked knowing she would take my side.

I watched as Elena's nostrils flared; she was pissed. "Look, I know you guys are looking out for me, but Mason is a really nice guy..."

"You don't even know him." Katherine stated

"Well, I'm getting to know him." Elena replied getting a bit too defensive

"Then what was that kiss about? That was not 'Getting to know' someone." I asked trying to back up Katherine's point

"We got lost in the moment,okay? Look, if you want to know what happened, why don't you ask Stefan over here to explain to you, since he was there, hmm?" she shouted and stormed inside.

I turned towards my "sidekick" and I was going to say something but Katherine spoke before me "Stefan, you need some explaining to do." I nodded in agreement and looked a him expectantly

Stefan sighed and scratched his head, god he smelt awful. "But before you do Stefan, go take a shower first you stink." I said scrunching up my nose in disgust.

His mouth gaped open, he then closed it again and the same like Elena; he stormed off. Well, everyone's in a good mood today...I looked at Katherine and saw that she kept fidgeting with her hands; she must be in deep thought...that's strange.

"Everything okay, Kat?" I asked

She then nodded her head and looked up at me, she smiled and dragged me inside to the parlour where everyone else were sitting. I took a seat across Elena who was talking to my mom, I've never really saw them talk...Whenever Elena came over to the house because of Stefan, I would hear their laughter coming from downstairs, at one point I actually heard my Dad laugh with Elena which proved that miracles do happen. We were waiting for Stefan who was taking such a long time; he was probably fixing his hair... There was a comfortable silence until Katherine opened her mouth...

"Elena, what happened between you and Tyler; Bonnie slipped out that Tyler nearly raped you...when did that happen?" my fiancé asked

Everyone looked at Elena, I could tell she didn't want to talk about it, her jaws were locked, and her fists were clenched. Obviously I knew the story but she didn't know that Kol was the reason this whole thing started. "Can I tell you later, I mean, you have your flowers to worry about... I didn't come here to explain my personal life." She answered

This time Elena's mom stepped in "Elena you have to tell us now, please?"

I watched Elena's eyes turned glossy, she was going to cry any minute now; she was holding it in. "7 years ago, it happened 7 years ago when I was at the back of the school because I was upset, Tyler came up to me and said he wanted to have a taste of me... I was wearing my cheerleading uniform so he kept trying to touch me and then he started kissing me, I bit his tongue and he stopped and walked away." She let out a breath and wiped away a fallen tear. Why didn't she mention that it was because of me? Didn't she want payback? Her words swirled in my head there's no point fighting anymore. What happened to the Elena that we all used to hate well…more like, the Mikaelson's and I used to hate? We need her back, please don't tell me she's going to be some boring Elena… I need to change some of my plans…I was ripped away from my thoughts by the sound of Grayson's growl that came out of his mouth. I watched as the scene unfolded.

"I am going to fucking kill him!" roared Grayson

Miranda was crying but she went over to hug Elena who looking at the ground with tears falling down her cheek, Caroline's face was literally red and Bonnie was glaring right at me… she knows why. I gulped and looked at Jeremy who was clenching his fists as hard as he can whereas the Mikaelson's siblings (except for Elijah who was speaking to Matt about ways on getting to attack Tyler) was talking together and laughing… How could they be so heartless? I also watched my parents as they tried calming people down, especially my Dad who was trying to calm Grayson down by telling him everything will be fine…

"Elena, honey why don't you tell Sheriff Forbes, she could get Tyler into jail, I mean, you have Damon as a witness so that raises your chances…" my Mom said.

She looked up and smiled at my Mom, "Thank you for helping Mrs Salvatore, but to be honest, I don't want to start any fights… what's done, it's done... There's nothing you can change. Tyler will get Karma, don't worry... what comes around goes back around."

Why do I have a feeling she was pointing that last bit to me? I watched as Stefan came walking in and Katherine immediately stood up and said "Look why don't the ladies come with me and we'll go to the flower shop and the men can do whatever men do… okay come on, the shop might not have the flowers I want and we have tight schedule ahead so hurry."

Everybody stared at Katherine in disbelief except for Rebekah, Klaus and Kol. This was not the Katherine I know. Rebekah stood up and muttered a 'finally' and walked to the hallway, every one of the ladies stood up and followed Katherine who was leading them out. Once they were out Grayson poured himself a glass of scotch form my alcohol cabinet and sat down on the sofa…

"Okay, so who wants to join me in beating the shit out of Tyler?" He asked

Suddenly the majority of the men in the room raised their hands except for me; I stared curiously at Kol and Klaus who were raising their hands eagerly I scrunched my eyebrows. 'I'm bored' they both mouthed. I looked at my at my dad who was raising his eyebrows at me, I was shocked, maybe him and Elena are really close that I thought they were. Everyone looked at me expectantly, waiting for me t put my hand up.

"What if we get in to jail for doing this?" I asked

"We won't, here's what we'll do…" Jeremy answered looking at me with those similar brown doe eyes that I hate.

Shit was about to get real.

Elena's POV

I was walking aimlessly around the shop pretending to be searching for the flowers Katherine wants. I didn't want to be here, all I want to do is sit down on the couch and watch movies until I fall asleep, there has been a lot of drama revolving around me and it was making my head hurt. Everything was blowing up but at least the weight has been lifted and they all know. Although I did want Tyler to feel the wrath of my family and my friends; I couldn't. He's just crazy; maybe for his birthday I could book an appointment with the psychiatrist. I could lure him there, there he can get the help he needs; Mason would be all for it. Mason. Mason was a good guy, why was Damon getting involved; he had no right. Mason is a good man, what could he have possibly done to make Katherine and Damon hate him so much? Does the rest of the family hate him? Maybe it was just that his last name was Lockwood which is what ticked them off? I felt two arms wrap around my waist and felt a kiss on my neck; I smiled instantly knowing who it was.

"Mason, what are you doing here?" I asked surprised, I quickly looked around to check if the girls were looking.

"I saw you through the window and thought I could check what my girl was doing." he stated looking at me admiringly.

I blushed and looked down, he had a nickname for me; that was really cute.

"You do know that Katherine could come here any minute and hunt you down, she's not very fond of you." I said looking back up checking if Katherine was around.

"Who cares? I don't care. All I care about is that I have you and you have me." He said grinning

I scrunched up my nose playfully, "That Mason Lockwood was a bit too cheesy." I said pointing my fingers at him

"Oh please, you haven't seen nothing yet." he said winking at me and then we both started laughing.

That was one thing I liked about him, Mason let me forget all about my worries. He didn't bring trouble, he only brought joy and happiness, that's what I look for in a man.I heard heels approaching and quickly covered my mouth with my hand to try to stop myself from laughing, I turned and saw that Katherine was there glaring at Mason. Both of them started glaring at each other and I felt myself getting a bit uncomfortable... What is wrong with these two?

Katherine looked at me and pointed towards Mason, "What is he doing here?"

"Well-" I started

"I was just passing by and saw Elena here so, I thought I would say hi." Mason intersected

"You've seen her an hour ago." Katherine pointed out.

"Well, maybe I want to see her again." Mason retorted

Katherine shook her head and suddenly grabbed my arm and yanked me towards her, "Come on Elena, we need to pick the flowers for my wedding."

"Hey! Don't do that to her, you could've hurt her." Mason shouted angrily

Katherine snorted, "Like you care."

Mason took one step forward so that he was face to face with Katherine, "I do, in fact I care a lot about Elena. The thing is do you care about Elena?"

I smiled appreciatively at Mason mouthing a 'thank you.' and he returned it with a wink. Our moment was interrupted by Katherine...again.

"Look, she is my sister...of course I care about her." Katherine said not sounding too convinced.

Suddenly my phone started ringing, I picked it up while looking at Mason who was staring at me and Katherine who was glaring at Mason.

"Hello?" I asked, not really knowing who it was

"Urrmmm...Hey." Instantly knowing it was my Dad

"Oh, Dad. Did you need aything?" I asked

"Could you come down to the station and get us out of these prison cells?" My dad answered

"WHAT? YOU'RE IN PRISON?" I screeched catching the attention of everyone in the store including my sister and Mason.

"Yeaahhh... about that... Please don't tell Mom?" He asked

I turned around and saw my mum staring at me curiously, I gulped. Oh, no.

"I think it's a little bit too late for that." I said wincing at the glare my Mom was giving at my phone.


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