August '12 Daily One-Shot Challenge

AUGUST 3rd = Complain or Kiss

Meadow Wood

Hello guys! I'm back from camping, and although I'm going to work on Roses because I'm practically loving the story so far, I'm ready to start the One-Shot Per Day Challenge that I originally said I would. I know it's a little late, but since I went camping, I couldn't possibly update in the woods in a tent. XD Anyway, I was originally going to actually post a new story for each one shot but that seemed a little ridiculous, so I made it like this instead. All the one-shots will be fairly short since I'll be updating daily and the challenge will end on September 3rd. All other stories will be updated afterwards. Enjoy!

The situation was simply ridiculous.

"Why did we even go on this stupid ride?" Ash Ketchum whined from the seat he was in, buckled up tightly with a bar against his stomach and a rusty belt pressing at his waist. He was propped in the front row of The Gyarados Coaster, one of the biggest, tallest and fastest roller coasters in the Kanto region.

But the coaster wasn't very fast. In fact, it wasn't even moving.

He was stuck at the very top of a 200 meter drop, the air blistering hot, and his cantankerous red-haired best friend ready to pound his mind out for complaining.

It was not his day.

"Will you quit being such a baby?" Misty said as she squinted from the heat, not even glancing at her friend. "This happens all the time, rollercoasters getting stuck. Just wait it out."

Ash squirmed against the rubber bar. "Ugh, it's uncomfortable though."

"Suck it up." Misty replied, gazing at the ground below her. They were so high up that she could see everything, from the sparkling lakes and ducks to the big Ferris wheel to all the people milling around. It was amazing and she leaned against her seat, just enjoying the wonderful view. Unfortunately, Ash had a knack to ruin moments.

"How much shampoo do you use?" he suddenly sniffed, scowling. "It's like strawberry overload in here."

Misty pursed her lips, trying to ignore his comment. He was being highly negative today, and she knew he was normally pretty upbeat, so he was just having one of those days, but it was still annoying.

"It's not even fair." He continued. "We waited to get the front row for ages and when we were finally going to go down the big drop, the damned ride freezes up."

Misty moaned. "Shut up."

"No, I will not shut up." Ash said seriously. "I'm in a bad mood and you need to let me vent. That's what friends are for."

"Really?" Misty said rather dryly, but Ash didn't seem to care. He pushed his messy locks out of his hair, groaning from the heat, before slumping in his seat.

"This sucks." He said.

"I know it does you moron, but c'mon, look at this view." Misty demanded, brusquely pushing his head to face the ground.

He stared for a minimum of two seconds, before turning around and glowering at the roller coaster tracks once again. "The view sucks. Everything sucks."

"Oh god, you're being so negative right now."

Ash actually seemed a little hurt by this statement. "I'm in a bad mood, I told you!"

"Yeah, well if this is how you are when you're in a bad mood, then I'm glad you're not a girl. Just imagine your time of month. I would literally die on the spot with your spazzing." She spat.

Ash looked at her. "Guys don't spaz."

"Whatever." Misty rolled her eyes, sounding thoroughly exhausted from debating with the raven-haired boy who was refusing to relent complaining. "Just shut up and sit quietly."

Ash nodded, sighing, before looking at the ground.

Five seconds passed.

He fidgeted.

Another ten seconds.

"I can't." he announced, throwing his hands in the air, his face flushed from frustration. He looked positively infuriated. "I want to get out of this stupid, tight seat. I feel like my chest is being suffocated. I can't breathe."

Misty bit her lip, closing her eyes and rubbing her temples. She slid lower in her seat. "Please, please, please shut up." She begged.

"I tried already." He protested.

"For fifteen seconds!"

Ash merely shrugged, gritting his teeth and wiping a bead of sweat from his forehead. The sun seemed to be directly above him, beaming down hard and trying to kill him with rays of scorching heat.

"It's so hot." He blurted.

Misty clenched her eyes shut tighter, wanting badly to slap the boy next to her, and then maybe grab a knife and stick it through his mouth. "I know it's hot." She mumbled. "But there's nothing you can do."

"We can jump off this rollercoaster." He whimpered.

"Yeah, and die."

Ash sucked in his breath, before exhaling loudly and burying his face in the palms of his hands. "Get me out of here." He groaned. "It's been hours."

Misty checked her watch. "Ten minutes. Besides, the people said it'll only be a little while now until they get us out of here."

"I don't believe them." Ash countered huffily, crossing his arms and trying to undo the seatbelt. Unfortunately, the yellow bar pressed against him stopped him from doing so. "I hate this."

Misty didn't answer.

"I really do." He insisted, before letting out a tired grunt. He relaxed his shoulders and stared at the bright blue sky. "I need to get out of here before I die of claustrophobia." He added for good measure.

"You don't even have claustrophobia," Misty pointed out, her hair swinging from the light breeze that relieved them occasionally.

"I think I do now." Ash growled. "Ugh, this is so awful. I hate this ride. I hate this seatbelt. I hate the stupid people who run this ride. I hate the creators of this ride. I hate the..."

Ash went on and on and Misty could only wince and cringe, try to focus on something else besides his constant blathering and whining which was starting to give her a headache. Drifting her eyes away from the complaining black-haired teen, Misty looked at the people behind her. She was sure they had heard what Ash had said and were probably having as big of a migraine as she was since he was just so damn loud.

Surprisingly, they hadn't noticed. Nor did they seem to care. The couple behind her were too engrossed in eating each other's lips off and smothering one another to even realize she was staring at them.

Grossed out, Misty turned back to face the front, unamused and feeling slightly vomity. "Ewe." She said to herself.

Although at least they're so busy they don't have to deal with a black-haired whiny brat.

Misty smiled at the concept, but quickly blushed fuchsia as another thought tumbled into her mind. I could always…it would shut him up…that's for sure…

The girl turned a deeper shade of red and giggled to herself, glancing over at Ash.

"I hate the people who decided rollercoasters should get stuck. I hate the microphone that says we have to wait longer. I hate the sunlight. I hate the afternoon. I hate, I hate, I hate it all!" he was crying out, fully disgruntled.

I could…

Misty took a deep breath.

Yes, I could. That would really shut him up. Besides, it would probably feel nice too. He may be a whiny little brat, but he's a HOT whiny little brat.

She turned towards him, loosening her seat belt the best she could. Since she was slimmer than Ash, it was easy for her to lean over.

"God, you know what?" Ash was saying, fists clenched. "This is so stupid. Why did we have to be the ones getting stuck up here? We're wasting our time when we could be doing better stuff. I mean, there's that other ride I really wanted to go on, and Pikachu's probably waiting down there, sick with worry. As a matter of fact, I hate the people who decided Pokemon weren't allowed to come on the rides. If Pikachu was here, he could zap all the things I hate and make me happy, and then I wouldn't have to sit here feeling helpless and anno-Oomf."

Ash stiffened as he felt a pair of warm lips against his, soft and tasting of cherries, slender arms around his neck. He stopped talking, melting into the kiss and deepening it. The scent of strawberry from Misty's hair drifted over him, and the feel of her moist skin against his made him moan in pleasure, grabbing her as close as he could with the bars on them and continuing to involve himself in her lips.

It was the most fascinating thing Ash had experienced the whole entire day, and he blissfully enjoyed it.

Until she pulled apart.

"What? Why'd you stop?" Ash whined. "You're no fu-"

Misty pressed her lips against his once again, silencing him. After another few minutes of making out, they both relented to separating from each other, breathing heavily.

Misty panted. "If you find something to complain about now, I give up and buy you the biggest stuffed animal in the park for being the complaining champion."

Ash smirked. "Don't worry. I won't."

Then, he paused, grimacing. "Why'd your lips taste like cherry? Disgusting!"

Misty could only stare at him in disbelief, before calculating just how much money she would have to waste on that giant stuffed Pikachu she'd seen earlier that morning.