So hey, yeah.

This story is a sequel to my GerIta story called Rule of Three.

So you have to read that one first.

Go. Now. Read it.

Done? Okay, now you can enjoy To Notice You.

I feel like if I have to eat another plate of pasta, I am going to puke all over my brother's cute pregnant wife. Lutz and Feli have been married for over two years now, and are expecting their first child in a few weeks. It's gonna be Gertalian! That's what that breed is! An awesome name for an awesome mix of blood. YEAH!

"Ve~! Gilbert, Ludwig is working and my feet hurt. Can you pretty please go to the store to pick up things for dinner? We're having guests!" The round Italian asks me from where he's sitting on the couch. No offense to him or the kid, but DAMN! he's round. But he looks happier than I've ever seen him, and I find myself repeating that everyday.

I sigh and walk over to him, lean over and kiss the top of his head. "Make me a list, K?"

He nods and I hand him a slip of paper. "Ve~! Thank you Gil!" He says all happy like.

I quickly got dressed and returned to him. He had just finished writing the list. He has pretty handwriting. It's all loopy and elegant. Mine is... Please don't laugh... Chicken scratch.

But I digress. See? I know smart words. Take that Roddy!

Again, I digress. I look at the list and my stomach churns. He wants four cheese tortellini. I should know. I've gotten these ingredients plenty of times before. But I leave to get the ingredients anyway, without complaining.

At the store, I run into Vash and Lillie, my two youngest siblings. I think Vash may kind of remember growing up with me, though I know that he doesn't remember Großvater. Lillie was tiny so she doesn't remember. And Roddy, I know he remembers. Asshole. Anyways, we stopped to chat awkwardly. Lillie made it less tense, but Vash is known for his socially awkward penguin-ness.

When I returned to the house, Lutz is sitting on the couch next to Feli. One arm is around Feli's shoulders and the other hand is rubbing the baby bump. They look so sweet and happy. I had meant it. If anyone deserved a happy ending, it's these two.

Lutz is excited to be a father. And to be honest, yeah, I'm excited to be an uncle, but I'm also kind of jealous of him. I want a family of my own. But there is only one perfect person for me. And I won't hurt myself or anyone else by choosing someone I don't love. Yes, it's cheesy as fuck, but... well, heh. I guess a part of me is a lover instead of a fighter. But I'm an awkward turtle when it comes to emotions. And I'm an idiot. The most awesome one in the history of, like, EVER. But still. Awkward as fuck.

"Hey, happy family. I'm back." I say. "Putting crap in the kitchen." I walk into the white walled thparkly(-read it out loud if you don't get it.) kitchen and set the bags onto the counter top. I can hear Lutz and Feli talking. "Call me up when Dinner's ready!" I call to them, walking to my bedroom. I like to avoid being asked to do crap lately.

Later, Ludwig calls me to come set the table for dinner. As I walk to the dining room, I see the first guest to arrive. My oh-so-perfect brother and the she-devil Lizzy. "Yo, Lutz, how many guests are we talkin' about?" I ask, not even greeting them.

"Six. With the three of us-"

"Five." I say, calculating the number of places to set up.


"Five. You, Me, Feli and the twins." I say, my mind distracted as I set the table.

"Twins?" A chorus of voices ask me. I look up, mind still not processing stuff.

"Yeah. Two girls."

"How do you know?"

That's when I wake up. "Hmm? Know what?"

"That Feli's having twins?"

"He's having twins? When did you find this out?"

Lutz gives me a strange look before giving me his Oh-God-You're-Giving-Me-A-Headache look.

"What'd I do?" I ask, looking around.

"Oh, never mind..." My tall blond brother sighs, rubbing his temples. Shortly afterwords, the other guests, Francis, Antonio, Kiku, and Lovino, showed up. We had a nice dinner and then just kind of sat around and talked. I kept stealing glances at Liz. She looked great in her simple emerald green dress. She had her hair in a single braid, tied with a sapphire blue ribbon. Her nails had a thin coat of clear nail polish. She had never been one for fancy nails. They always got in the way. But as I was looking at her beautiful scarred hands, I notice a shiny diamond ring.

"The fuck is THAT?!" I ask loudly, standing up and pointing at the evil shiny.

Lizzy blushed, and looked at Roddy. Roderich cleared his throat, blushing himself.

"We had been wanting to wait a while longer before telling anybody, but as usual, you had to screw things up." He glared at me. My face flushed in anger. I was about to yell at him when Liz said the worst thing I'd ever heard. Worse than the news of my dissolution. Worse even than the first time I had heard the same thing from her.

"Roderich and I are getting married."

I stood there frozen in shock. Antonio and Francis give each other a knowing look. They know how I feel about her. Feli and Lutz congratulated them. Lovino said something along the lines of 'oh, that's fuckin' perfect.' Kiku says that he wishes them happiness.

"M-married." I say flatly.

"Yes. Do you have a problem with that?" Liz challenges. She shouldn't have done it. I always rise to the bait.

"No, not at all. I just couldn't help but remember how well that worked out last time." I say, voice dripping sarcasm. I also internally wince. That was a shit-headed thing to say. It's still a sore spot for her.

The next thing I know is I'm on the ground with a possible concussion and four pissed off Hungarian She-Devils standing over me. Her frying pan was wielded, ready to hit me again. There was fresh blood on it too.

"Gott..." I groan. I hold my hands up over my head to ward off any more brain damaging attacks. "No more... I give... White flag..." I say rolling over to try and get up. "I surrender..." My heart hurts too much to worry about my pride. "Parlez..."

"Parlez? Really Gilbert?" Liz asks, not realizing that I had just said I surrendered.

I use a chair to stand up. As I stand there, I'm aware that i'm swaying.

"Bruder, are you okay?" Ludwig asks, standing as well.

"I taste metal.." I say softly, as the metallic substance runs down my chin. Then I look at Liz. "You're beautiful when you're pissed off..." I tell her, eyes unfocused.

She blushes. "W-wha-"

"All four o' ya..." And I pass out.