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And this one switches to Antonio's point of view.

I can't have stopped grinning even if I tried! When Feli came in and whispers in Rodrigo's ear that Elizabeta wasn't going to be coming, I some how managed to swallow the cheer bubbling up. Francis, however, can't help the chuckle he released.

"Don't tell me that you two know what happened..." Rodrigo groans.

"Oui, we do, actually." Francis says, smiling. I just grin.

"I really hope that Gilbert won't screw this up..." I say to Francis.

"Gilbert stole my bride?"

"Erm, More like he convinced her to act on feeling that were already there..." Francis says.


"Well, Elizabeta has had feelings for Gilberto since they were kids, and gilberto has been in love with her since they were kids, but they are both stubborn and stupid, so they fought and danced around each other and their feelings, and then Gilberto was trying to woo her, and fucked it up for a while, and now they're together!" I say, grinning brightly at him. He gives me his 'please stop rambling, Antonio' look.

"And that's just the gist of the story." Francis says, smiling. Then he elbows me. And I glare at him. And he gestures to that makes me blush.

"What is it now?" Rodrigo asks. He was clearly unamused.

"I know one way for this wedding to not be wasted..." I say bashfully, looking at my feet. I glance up at him and he has his 'oh really?' face on.

"And what way is that?"

"Will you marry me?" I blurt out.

He literally takes a step back and looks at me in shock, his face brilliant red. "W-wha-wha-what?!" He stutters.

"You don't have to make it sound so horrible..." I say, deflating and turning to leave.

"N-nein!" He says, grabbing my arm. I look at him. "I-its just...Romano... No, not that... er... three hundred and twelve years afterwards... no that's not what i... Uh... What I mean Is... um... what did I-"

I cut him off with a kiss. "Can I take that as a 'Yes Antonio, I will marry you'?" I say, my forehead leaning gently against his.

He slowly nods. "Yes, Anton. I will marry you." He whispers.


"...And we got married and had two little boys and we lived happily ever so far." I grin at my sons sitting in front of me on the floor. Roderich sits next to me on the couch, and shakes his head.

The elder of the two started laughing. His hair is darker than mine, but he has my eyes, and Rodrigo's beauty mark. He also has tan skin like me. The younger looks like he's trying not to smile and shakes his head like his mother. He's blond with light green eyes and pale skin. He burns in the sun very easily. He also has that cute little Mariazell that Rodrigo has.

"Papa, what happened to Gilbert and Elizabeta?" The elder, Puablo, asks.

"You know very well what happened to them." I say seriously.

"Are you talking about me again?" Gilbert peeks over the back of the couch.

I punched him in the face.

"Oh... Oops..." I giggle. Hey, natural reflex. Something scares me, I attack it. Easy as that. And he knows that!

"Hola, amigo." I say as he glares at me.

"Ja. Hallo." He says. Rodrigo has a small amused smile on his face.

"Gilbert. How many times have I told you not to sneak into Roderich's house?" Elizabeta says, standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips.

"Then what did you just do?" He asks her. She opens her mouth then shuts it again. Both, my sons and Gilbert laugh. I snicker and Rodrigo sighs.

Then their son, Alois, comes into the room. He jumps on Puablo and Alphonse. "Hey! Whatcha doin?" He asks.

"Papa was just telling us about he and Mutti ended up together." Alphonse says. "Now GET OFF!"

"You're hurting me..." Puabo whimpers.

Alois slid off of them. "You two are now my property. Nobody gets to touch you without my permission. Got it?" His baby blue eyes flashed. He looked an awful lot like Germania had the first time i crossed paths with him.

"Parents better be exempt from that rule, Alois Beillschmidt." I say, laughing at the kids." He looked thoughtful then nodded.

"Okay. Eveyone but your mother and father need my permission to touch you." He ammended. "Got it?"

Both of my boys nodded. "Good. Let's go outside!" He said, dragging them away. Literally.

"God, He's like a mix of both of you when you were little..." Rodrigo says, looking in the direction they had gone.

"Ja. He's great isn't he?" Gilbert says proudly.

"No. He's not."

As my best friend/brother-in-law and my wife argued, I turned to Elizabeta. "So, how are Ludwig and Feli's girls?"

"Laure and Sophie just turned 14 last month. Alois is 11 now." She smiles.

"Really? Geez, it seems like yesterday that they were only a year old." I sigh." Puabuelito is 8 years old, and Alphonse is 6 already. I never realized how old your children can make you feel."

She laughs. "That certainly is true. But it's worth it, don't you think?"

"Si. It certainly is."