The funny thing about muse is that it works in ways you don't expect. And that's exactly why I'm putting this story up.

I've gotten countless ideas for the later chapters in my Blue Bloods fanfiction, The Perks of Being a Red Blood. I didn't wish to spoil my readers, so I posted each little oneshot I wrote on Tumblr. Problem is, not a lot of people who follow me know what Blue Bloods even is, and therefore don't read them. So I've decided to post what I have so far, to see what people think.

These are in no way finalized; I'm not even sure if they'll make their way into the final draft of the story. I'd just like some feedback, and I know my asking for reviews goes unheeded, but I can't say enough how much I appreciate people who take the time to write something constructive.

I'll try to explain the context as best I can, since these oneshots jump all over the place. :p

If you haven't read The Perks of Being a Red Blood, I'd suggest you go and read what I have so far, so this story will make a bit more sense.


Eloise and Oliver grow closer to finally becoming more than friends, but Oliver's duty as a Conduit (and his growing crush on Schuyler) eventually lead him to the Sacred Kiss. Eloise keeps her distance from him for a while, seeing that he spends all of his time with Schuyler. When Schuyler starts seeing Jack, and she and Oliver start fighting, Eloise tries to be there for him, but he pushes her away, feeling like she's nagging too much. They have a falling out, and Oliver turns to alcohol for solace.

(The following oneshots take place during Misguided Angel, Bloody Valentine, and Lost in Time. More will probably be added, if I get any more random story ideas.)