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I got the idea for this reading Flower Fables by Louisa M Alcott. I was excited, see, thinking these fairy fables were going to be about real fairies. The ones that steal children and don't say their real names and can't lie. That's what I love. These fables, however, are all about sunshine and warmth and love. Bleh. The first one had such promise, too! But again, love of nature saved the day.

Well, not this time. Hopefully. Because this story is a retelling of The Frost King, or The Power of Love, Usui/Misaki style, evil-fairy style.

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We are sending you, dear flowers,
Forth alone to die,
Where your gentle sisters may not weep
O'er the cold graves where you lie;
But you go to bring them fadeless life
In the bright homes where they dwell,
And you softly smile that'tis so,
And we sadly sing farewell.
O plead with gentle words for us,
And whisper tenderly
Of generous love to that cold heart,
And it will answer ye;
And though you fade in a dreary home,
Yet loving hearts will tell
Of the joy and peace that you have given:
Flowers, dear flowers, farewell!

-Louisa M Alcott
Flower Fables

Wicked Flowers

Chapter One: Blushing Deception

Misaki wasn't what you would call a good fairy. Not "good" as in morally good, because that was ludicrous to even think that she wasn't. No, she wasn't "good" as in she sucked.

She tried to talk with the flowers and get them to bow to her. (She was too rugged for them. They were a bit frightened.)

She tried to grow trees in desolate parts of the land. (She always ended up yelling at them to grow, and the trees could not stand that. They had weak hearts, you see.)

She tried to make pretty wreaths for the fallen creatures, the evil ones, the sad. (She wasn't very good at that sort of thing, and most of the time they ended up itchy.)

But Misaki always tried her hardest for all the things in her Mistress's kingdom, and that's why the Queen loved her.

But the Queen's heart was feeling quite heavy these days. All because of him.

Him. The Frost King.

The Queen sighed in despair, and Misaki came rushing over.

"Sakura! What's wrong?" she asked, frowning.

"Oh, Misaki-chan, it's terrible!"

"What is?"

"It's the Frost King! He keeps freezing all of our pretty flowers!"

Misaki tried to call forth the right amount of outrage over the flowers, but...well, they didn't like her, either! She was, however, furious for Queen Sakura.

"Well, haven't you asked him to stop?" Misaki thought this land wasn't so complex. Ask nicely and the creatures usually did your bidding. Usually.

"Many times! But every fairy I send to his palace is locked up in his dungeon, and they wither away..." Tears glistened in her soft eyes, and Misaki had had enough. She was livid at this Frost King.

"Why haven't you sent me to do this before?! How dare he turn your subjects! Don't worry, Queen Sakura. I shall go in your place. And I won't let him say no this time!" Misaki stood up in a flourish, fixing her plain brown dress and shoving her dwindling wreath of violets out of her eyes and back on the top of her head.

Sakura thought of protesting (she didn't want to lose Misaki-chan too!), but seeing that look in her subject's eye...Sakura thought that, maybe, just maybe, if Misaki went, her kingdom might be saved.

Sniffling, she rose to give her subject a hug. "Do it with love, Misa-chan. Win him over with that warm heart of yours."

Misaki snorted. "Yeah. Like that's going to work." Smiling one last time at Sakura, Misaki ran out of her kingdom and followed the coldest path to the Frost King's lair.

It didn't take Misaki very long to find the place. He wasn't far away from her own kingdom.

She also didn't have much of a plan. Originally, she planned on just running up to the King's feet and chewing him out until he caved or became so annoyed that a compromise was in order.

She didn't think she'd be stopped by his guards.

There were two of them, dressed in head-to-toe armor the color of smoke. "What business do you have here?" one barked at her arrival.

Misaki balked at the harsh tone. She'd never heard someone speak like that (herself excluded, of course.) "I'm here to speak with the Frost King on behalf of Queen Sakura of the Elves." Did that sound dignified enough? Like she might actually be royal enough to ask for the King's presence?

The guards looked at each other, then back at Misaki-chan, then back at each other before they began to laugh.

"Oh man, it's another one," one of them cackled.

"No present this time, I see," the other chuckled.

"Oh, she won't last very long." The first one grinned, looking back at Misaki.

"They never do." They fell into laughter again.

Okay, Misaki was now royally pissed.

"Just let me through, dammit!" Shoving passed the two now bewildered guards, Misaki ran down the great hall and hopefully into the King's throne room.

Thankfully, it was.

More subjects hugged the walkway, all in the same smokey armor as the first two guarding the door. The inside of the palace was ten degrees colder than the ten degrees it was outside, and pristine snow fall covered the stone floor of the place. At the end of the soldier pathway loomed a giant throne, and sitting upon that throne was a very old man.

Very old and very white. A flowing beard rested on the floor at his feet, and when Misaki ran to the king, she made sure not to step on it.

She wasn't expecting him to be an old man. Now she would have to be respectful. She knelt on one knee and bowed her head. "Frost King," she greeted curtly. "I come from Queen Sakura's kingdom, asking for a favor." She would say no more until he did. It was his kingdom, after all.

The Frost King shifted in his chair. "So, you come as the others have. To stop me from freezing your flowers and killing your land." His voice was loud and low, resonating down the silent hall. You could just barely hear the snow falling on the ground, and Misaki shivered at the lonely sound.

But her anger was awakened anew when she was reminded of the reason she was here. Keeping her temper in check, however, she nodded. "Yes."

"They usually came bearing gifts. I don't see one on you."

Respect be damned. That's twice now! Standing tall, face flushed, Misaki growled, "I know I don't have a present! I tried to grow flowers to make a wreath, but they never listen to me! Something about me being too rash or having a rash or something stupid like that. It's not my fault that only the poison ivy listens to me just so that it can 'hug' me. I think it does it on purpose, too." Glaring suddenly at the many times this has happened, Misaki forgot for a second what her mission was.

But only for a second. "If you want a present so bad, you can have my wreath!" She yanked it off her head, a few petals falling to the ground. They froze on contact, shriveling up until they were nothing more than another flake on the ground. She thrust the wreath in the direction of the Frost King and waited for him to take it.

The room looked at the girl in a shocked silence.

Well, it was silent at first.

Now, instead of only the sound of Misaki's anger sizzling the ice around her, laughter could be heard. the quiet chuckle grew and grew until it echoed off the walls, and the soldiers grew more tense and silent.

One of them detached themselves from the line. Misaki, trying to find where the aggravating peals came from, now turned to the rebellious lad. "You!" she shouted. "You're laughing at me!"

There came another chuckle from the soldier, and he took off his helmet. Spiky golden hair tumbled out, and amused green eyes found hers. "Yes."

She was about to snap at him to stop it when the man began to walk toward her. He previously stood near the middle of the line of men, so it took him a couple steps to reach her. Once he did, he reached down to grab the chain of flowers out of her hand.

Grinning, he kissed the flowers before placing them gently on his head.

The entire room was at a loss for words. Even the shadows were afraid to move in fear they might be kissed as well.

Misaki's cheeks flushed. "W-what the hell? That was for the Frost King!"

"I know."

"So give them back!"

"But you just said they were for me." He smirked, reaching out to touch her hair. Misaki smacked his hand away, and a couple gasps were heard throughout the room.

"Don't touch me. And I said the Frost King." She took a few steps back so he couldn't touch her again, but he just followed.

"Yes, and I said I know. They are quite lovely, even though there are only a few of them." He touched a petal, smiling almost fondly. But Misaki looked into his eyes and saw the spark. The glint.

The trick. The evil.

And Misaki understood. "You! You're the Frost King!"

"Indeed, fair maiden." He bowed mockingly. "Frost King Usui, at your service."

Misaki was so...just so...so... "You lied to me!" she shouted.

"Perhaps. But I lie to everyone who visits here, so don't think you are special for that reason." Usui began to walk toward his throne, and the old man stepped down easily. "Although," he continued, "I've never shown anyone who I really am, so you may feel special at this." Sitting down, he smiled again at Misaki.

She still didn't know how to comprehend what was happening. "So...so you let people believe that he's the Frost King? But why?"

Usui tilted his head to the side, thinking. "Too much trouble."

"What's too much trouble?"

Usui shrugged. "Being the King. Being dignified when I have visitors. Sitting in this chair. Really, it's all so tiresome."

"But—you—you're the king! You have to!" Misaki finally came back to herself after the shock of Usui's reveal wore off, and she remembered that she didn't have time to talk about why he pretends to be a soldier when he himself is the King.

That he was the true king there was no doubt. The way he held himself upon his throne. The ways his servants reacted to him. The atmosphere in the room. Usui was the Frost King. Usui. This...this...bastard

Misaki shook her head. No. Focus. "Well, then, Frost King, you know my message. Please stop freezing the flowers." She couldn't meet his eyes as she said this. She could feel them smirking at her.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because they aren't yours to freeze!"

"But if I hadn't frozen them, you wouldn't have come to me." Misaki looked up now. The way he said that, his tone of voice, the look in his eyes...

She blushed again, down to her neck. "W-what? That doesn't make any sense! A-anyways, please! Just stop freezing the flowers."

Usui put his hands together. "No."

Misaki growled again. A few of the soldiers took a step back, and Usui chuckled under his breath. "I'm not leaving until you agree to stop freezing our flowers!" she yelled at him, her hands on her hips.

Usui grinned, standing up. "Very well, then. I'm afraid all the rooms are taken by my faithful servants, so you'll have to stay in my rooms."

Was he trying to make her mad? Or just blush even more? Because it was working. On both accounts. "I-I'd rather stay in the dungeon!"

"Are you sure? My bed is quite comfortable. It's a bit small, but I'm sure if we stuck close together—"

"I said put me in the dungeon!" But she was blushing so bad even her toes were red and Usui laughed again. But it wasn't wicked this time. It sounded genuine, and that made Misaki blush even more.

"Very well. You may stay in the dungeon if you wish." The Frost King snapped his fingers, and two soldiers flanked Misaki's shoulders.

They all waited for her to protest, to say she'd rather stay with Usui, but she stayed with her back straight and a stern look on her face as she followed them to the dungeon.

They didn't throw her in or push her in. They practically courted her there. Not a word was spoken until Misaki's door closed, and she only heard a few words they said as they walked away.

"...unexpected. He's never done that before..."

"...never had a girl like that either..."

"...his smile? I've never seen..."

"...blushing? She was melting the snow..."

Misaki sat down on the cold ground, suddenly tired. Through the slats on the roof of her room, a single ray of sunshine fell through. Misaki thought back on her own Kingdom, how the sun's rays liked to follow all the people who lived there, dance around them, love them.

She looked at the single ray that found her here, and she smiled sadly, reaching out to touch it.

"Just one, huh?" she whispered. She knew it was because she wasn't a very good fairy that she only got one.

But still, it was here, and she was happy.

As she touched the ray, it curled around her shoulder once before it returned to the ground. But Misaki had to turn away from it.

Because, no matter how she looked, all the ray resembled was Frost King Usui's ridiculous, wicked, handsome smirk.