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" Oh! By the way, are you going to enroll in some senior high school? I've just enrolled in Domino high school last week. Tomorrow will be my first day at there."

" Don't worry. My aunt did it for me a few day ago."

" Cool! So, um...I will catch you later." Otogi bidden a good-bye and went back in the shop.



AAA = Character's thought

'….' = conversation through mind link

Third person's POV

At Kame Game shop

It was a night time at game shop which was Mutou's residence at the same time. It could be a normal night for Yugi Mutou until the other of him who seemed to tense up after they had came back from Duelist Kingdom.

" What's wrong? The other of me." Yugi asked his yami worriedly. Yami smiled weakly at his partner. Yugi and Yami were at Yugi's soul room since Yami's soul room was kind of dangerous.

" It's nothing, aibou. It's just that I felt something going to happen tomorrow. But, it's not as bad as the day we go to Duelist Kingdom."

" Maybe, you should stop worrying and relax a little" Yugi said happily.

" Yeah, you're right. Anyway, you should go back to sleep now. Tomorrow, you have to go to school and catch up some homework that you have missed." Yugi whined softly at Yami who smiled at him for giving that reaction before went to bed. Yami changed his expression back into the cold one again, touching his millennium puzzle, and closed his eyes as he felt something calling him...something that he felt so nostalgic strangely.

…...At Akimoto's residence. 6:00A.M,

Megumi rolled up the left sleeve of her uniform, looking at millennium bangle which she decide to hide it under her clothes. Yesterday, her bangle glowed all night which kept her awake. Megumi furrowed her eyes, trying to think what this sign mean.

Is it mean that it have found the owner of millennium puzzle already?

Megumi thought before decided to shrug it off and rolled her sleeve to hide her bangle again.

" Morning, my dear!" Her aunt said happily as she served fried eggs, beacon, and pancake while her uncle smiled at her before reading newspaper again.

" Morning aunty, Akira! Morning uncle, Fumito!" Megumi smiled before she ate her breakfast.

" Megumi, did you watch TV without turning on the light last night?" Megumi froze as her sweat dropped a little. Her aunt raised her eyebrows for curious.

" Em...some of my friends that I bumped into yesterday gave me some new cartoon. it."

" Without turning on the light?" Her uncle raised his eyebrow in wonder. Megumi gave him a dry smile before continuing her meal.


Megumi decided to walk to school since Domino high school wasn't so far from her home much. Megumi deeply breathed fresh air and turned to looked at Anai in her transparent form to talk about the bangle. However, Anai looked up at the sky with a stern face.

" Anai?"

" Soon, we will meet him." Megumi looked at Anai. But before she could ask anything, someone called her.

" Miss Akimoto." Megumi whipped her head to see the person who called her while Anai disappeared to soul's room. It was a man around middle-aged wore thin glasses.

" It's okay. I'm Otogi's assistant. He asks me to bring you to his shop."

" Tell Otogi that I'm-" Anai put her hand on Megumi's shoulder. Megumi knew what it meaned.

" Is there anything wrong?"

" Nothing, I'll come with you" The man nodded before leaded Megumi to Otogi's shop.


At Kame game shop.

Yugi walked out from the shop and saw his grandpa ,Sugoroku Mutou, swept the entrance of the shop.

" Grandpa, I'm off to school."

Yugi's grandpa 'um' in understanding before sighing . Yugi looked at his grandpa worriedly.

" Morning, Yugi!" Anzu said happily to Yugi. Yugi smiled at her.

" Morning grangpa!" Anzu said to Yugi's grandpa.

" Hoi..." Yugi's sweat dropped nervously at his grandpa who had been like this since last week that the new game shop opened at the other side of his game shop.

" Yugi, what happen to your grandpa?" Anzu whispered softly in Yugi's ear since she didn't want Yugi's grandpa feel depressed.

" Don't tell anybody. My grandpa has met the crisis of his life." Yugi whispered back.

" Eh? Wha-"

" Good question. I'm, Mutou Surogoku, 72 years old and I'm facing the biggest crisis of my life. My shop is about to be closed because..." Surogoku pointed at the yellow building with orange flag at the top of its.

" A new game shop?" Anzu said in curious.

" Yeah, it seems to sell games from around the world. And, I heard that they are selling samples of the newest games."

"New game? That sounds interesting." Yugi said excitedly.

" What did you say?!" Grandpa shouted at his grandson. Yugi startled a little before bidden his grandpa to go to school very quickly and dragged Anzu to come with him.


" Thank you" Megumi took a flyer from one of Black Clown's staffs. It was a flyer about the new game called 'D.D.M.' that she and Otogi had been creating for 6 years.

Megumi kept it to her backpack before went to catch up with Otogi's assistant. Once they arrived in front of the brown door, the assistant opened the door.

" Lady first." Megumi hesitated a little before she went in that room. In that room, she saw the figure beside the large window. When She blinked her eyes for adjusting to the level of light in this room – which now was from sunlight. Otogi rolled dice in his hand thoughtfully as he gazed at the view outside this place. Megumi walked to the window to see the view clearly and saw there were a lot of people come to this shop that had opened for the first day. She eyed around until she spotted the boy in the uniform which wore the same one that Otogi wore. However, what interested her was the golden puzzle around his neck.

" Ah, that boy. Isn't it Mutou Yugi?" Otogi's assistant said

" That kid?" Otogi said before looked at that boy who was dragged by a girl in pink uniform.

" Yeah. Also, I heard that no one can defeat him. Even Pegasus ,too." Megumi glared at the boy as she lost in her thought.

Could he be the same one I'm looking for?

" What do you think, Megumi?" Megumi didn't say anything but gave Otogi a small smile.

" If he really strong like people said, maybe I should try to duel with him." Otogi smirked. He knew that Megumi was the duelist who loved to duel with strong opponent and never cared that if she won or lost.

" Well, too bad." Megumi looked at the assistant with her eyebrow raised for wondering.

" Because Otogi will promote DDM by defeating him." assistant grinned.

" Yeah, I will crush him slowly by getting him on DDM battlefield" Otogi said as he clenched his fist.

" And, will you become the president of DDM?"

" Of course, and you'll get your profit too."

" Nah. Don't be angry, Otogi-san"

Megumi narrowed her eyes carefully not to be noticed by anyone before the smile appear on face.

' Anai. I think I have a plan for meeting our pharaoh'


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