"I won't let you take those kits Clawface."

"And YOU are going to make me? You're just a weak medicine cat." he spat.

"I may be a weak medicine cat, but that doesn't mean I can't fight!"

There was a flash of claws and her world went dark.

Spottedkit woke up panting. Who was that medicine cat? And who was Clawface? Spottedkit snuggled closer to her mother, Rosepetal, and started to suckle again. She soon fell back asleep.

The Starclan cat stared in horror as Mapleshade pinned Sandstorm down.

"You have everything I ever wanted! A mate that loves you, kits that you get to watch grow up and have kits of their own. Respect from your clanmates!"

Mapleshade was about to do the killing bite when the Starclan cat knocked Mapleshade aside. "You will NOT kill her!" Mapleshade was taken aback and her claws raked across the Starclan cat's neck. She fell to the ground and she started to fade away. But the last thing she heard was an anguished cry.


AN: I know, super short. Again, more like a prologue. So… yeah. I'm trying to think of a story that I like enough to write everyday. This is a test. Along with my other new one.