Hey people. So, I've decided that it's time to draw this story to a close. There's gonna be somewhere between four and ten chapters left. If I kept doing random things, I won't update as often. Since I know how this is going to end, it'll be a lot easier to write. I'm gonna delete my other stories and focus on one at a time. Keep in mind that it's a lot easier for me to write warrior stories. Plus, I'm gonna have a P.O.V. of the traitor soon. :D

Spottedheart P.O.V

I had been getting annoyed with most of my clan lately, for some reason. They were smothering me half the time and the other half they would either ignore me or they got annoyed with me! I was prepared to snap at them at any moment. Everyone was annoying me. With one exception.

Stormpelt was the only one that wasn't smothering me, annoying me, or getting angry at me. It was a pleasant feeling to know that he didn't hate me right now.

I didn't exactly know why my clan had been angry with me for the past moon, though I had my suspicions. I had also overheard some of them talking about me. From the small ounce of information I had collected, I had figured out that they were annoyed with me because for me, everything had happened a little too fast. I became an apprentice and warrior earlier than I probably should have. I had also gotten an apprentice quickly and I was still very young.

It was upsetting to me knowing that they thought of me like that.

In the last moon, Nightfeather inched away from me every night, and I was becoming very curious to know why. She probably hated me too right now. The only ounce of warmth I got was from Stormpelt. Since we were apprentices, Nightfeather, Stormpelt and I had all slept in nests next to each other. Now it seemed like it's just Stormpelt and I. Don't get me wrong, I was grateful for that sliver of warmth coming from him but it just wasn't the same. There's another reason why I was so thoroughly annoyed with my clan.

Day by day, Stormpelt and I started to become closer friends, and my clan started to become less frazzled about me.

A bunch of times, I caught strange looks form Stormpelt when I was talking to other cats. For instance, when I was talking to Brackenfur about the days hunting patrol, he looked at me as if I were a traitor to the clan.

Another time, I was sitting down with Toadstep to enjoy a nice, fresh, juicy mouse and he freaked out. Literally. He was bouncing around camp asking everyone within earshot if they wanted to have a piece of fresh kill with him with a crazed look in his eye. It was very creepy.

A good thing though, he stopped freaking out over every little thing.

One day, he asked me if he wanted to go for a walk/hunt. I agreed and we went for the walk. I caught a few mice and buried them deep in the ground. We padded over to the lake. Then time caught up.

The silver stars reflected on the lake, making them look as if all of Starclan were in that very lake, right in front of us. One larger star seemed to be shining more brightly than the others. It was mesmerizing.

"Spottedheart?" I barely heard Stormpelt call my name.

I turned, my mind still on the star. His pelt was a stricking color against the starry sky, the light from the stars making his dark gray pelt almost completely silver. I gasped, unable to force words out.

He cocked his head at me, looking confused. I suddenly yawned, looking all the more embarrassed.

"Lie down," he told me. "You need to rest."

He was right, I realized. I was on the dawn patrol this morning and I was exhausted.

I curled up into a ball, my smooth pelt looking suddenly fluffy. I looked at him and realized that he looked very tired too. Even though he want on the dawn patrol, he still did a lot of hunting today.

"You should rest too," I encouraged him drowsily.

"You know what, maybe I will."

With that he stretched out, curled into a ball, and his breathing slowed. Once again, I looked at the lake and that one bright star. Suddenly, I saw a face flicker on the star. The face of a ginger tom I knew so well.

In my happy state, I fell asleep.

Short. I know. Don't bug me about it. Lol. This isn't the last chapter in case you were wondering. Pfft that would be a really bad ending. I absolutely hate writing romantic scenes. Ugh, gross. Wow, I am never gonna write a drama. XD But romantic scenes are gross. Reading them is fun but writing them…. Well, not a fan. Lol. Oh, btw I'm not taking anymore character requests. I'm overflowing and some of them aren't gonna get mentioned. Sorry! Well, until next time!