Holly Academy


I walk up to my new school, nervous as hell. Why? Today is the day I attend Holly Academy!

As I walk through the halls, I notice people staring at me. Well who wouldn't? I think to myself.

I'm a new kid transferring in the middle of the first term!

I look back down to my schedule in my hands, and all I can do is walk helplessly through this gigantic school. "Need help? "I turn around to see a boy, around my age. "Yes, please!" He takes a look at my schedule, then he points to a classroom a little down the hall. "There's your homeroom." He starts. "And if they happen to call 'Lewis' tell them he's in the office." I tilt my head in confusion, "Sure..?"

As I walk into class, I feel daggers piercing me. I look around to see people just…staring.

Well that's normal.

I scour the room for an empty seat. "Hey new kid." The source of the call came from a female ginger. "Here's an empty spot." I take the chair to her right, then notice she to is staring at me. "May I help you?" I ask with a little annoyance in my tone. "Yes, what's your name?"

She's straight-forward, lucky me…


She just sighs and just mutters, "Such an average name." I stare at her as if she is the evil queen. "Yes, because your name is better than mine." All she does is an evil grin.

What did I just do?! Stupid Jewel!

"My name is the best in the world!" I continue to stare. "It's Angie!" She yells at the top of her lungs, luckily the teacher yelled louder then her.