PS: Because Piper is pregnant meaning their harmones level is taken to the maximum.

Chapter 4

Jason and Piper

Piper POV

I was on the floor, leaning my back on the sink. Yes, I'm in the bathroom. Got a problem with that? Then go solve it. Anyways, many thoughts have invaded my head. Some good, not-so-good and curse'y' stuff. I felt as if the walls were closing on me, that I'm forever trapped in the bathroom. I think I finally lost it. Nope, I'm still breathing. I try to push the tears back in its rightful position, and I did a successful job of it.


I took a breath. This is it. The sign. Where my future holds.

I calm myself down, doing breathing exercises in the process. I lift my eye lid open. I gracefully stood up. I gently, slowly looked at the sink. I turned the 'sign' on its right side. And there I saw it. The 'sign'. I can't believe it.

That sign that changed my life completely.

My brain is ripping myself into to pieces. I practically have two voices in my mind debating with each other.

That can't be possible!

Of course it's possible!

No, it's not. This is a dream. I just know it.

Pinch yourself, and dear. You're back in reality.

Shut up. What if he breaks up with me? Oh my gods, he can't!

Di Immortals! Of course he wouldn't break up with you. As long as he doesn't see you like this, we're all good!

*Glares at thought number 2*

ARRGH! I'm going insane! I mean who does that?! Have two people stuck in their head. Two IMAGINARY people.

I basically stood beside the sink, trying to convince myself that this isn't a dream. What if he doesn't want it? If he doesn't want it, I'm not getting rid of it. Then I would have to raise it all by myself. What if he breaks up with me? What if he will be angry about that? All bad options cross through my head and I try to stop my tears.

"Piper, I'm home." said Jason's voice

He entered our bedroom and I stepped out of the spa like bathroom.

I wiped my tears and turn to him, doing my best to try and look normal.

"Piper? What's wrong?"

Of course, being who he is, he started observing me, trying to get some answers out of me. I swear, if he wasn't a Jupiter's child, he would qualify for a Minerva's child.

"Nothing."I said, faking a smile

"Piper…Tell me" He raised an eyebrow at me, making it completely difficult for me not to tell him. Sweats of beads started dripping from my forehead, and I try to avoid the 'eyebrow'. It's so tough. I couldn't take it no more. I caved in and looked at him. Ugh. Why must he have to do this to me?

"I-I'm P-pr-pregnant" I closed my eyes.

I really hope this is all a dream. I'm pretty sure this is the toughest part a pregnant girl has to do; Wait for their husbands' reaction.

I was expecting a scream, or some thrashing of the objects, or the hearing of the door, or the how could you look, or maybe even the 'you ungrateful child' slap. But, no. I got something much better. A kiss. A meaningful, heartfelt, soul-flying kiss. I feel like I'm at cloud 29.

"So you're not angry?" I blinked.

"Why do you think I'll be angry?" His beautiful pool of cerulean eyes narrowed at mines.

"I don't know." I said sheepishly.

Now that I think of it. I was really stupid to think he will be angry or he'll break up with me. Jason Grace could never do that to me.

"I was being pessimistic. I'm Sorry." I told him genuinely.

"Hey, it's okay."He hugs me

Wait a second. There is something wrong. I hear the rumbling noise, outside. The pitter patters sound crashing on our windows. And lastly, the glimpse of some yellow and bleu flashing before my eyes.



"Stop this stupid rain!"