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Chapter 2

Zeus and Hades's reactions

Nico POV

"Why should we do that?" I ask when Thalia drags me into the Empire State Building.

"Because they need to know."was all she explained to little me as she dragged me into the lobby. Like someone dragging a dead body, thats how the picture looks like. I roll my eyes.

"As if they would care" I remarked, throwing my hands in the air to add emphasis towards my dramatic performance.


"I think that was an answer. Now shut up you stupid corpse breath idiot!" Thalia thumped my head and waved me off.

"I love you too."I muttered

We enter inside the lobby. Nothing special, just an ordianry lobby. No need for me to add some useless shit about how the curtains gleam and the chandeleir that sparkles with every crystal shinning into ones eyes. No need to add detail to all the useless stuff inside a very, boring lobby. Deal.

"600 floor" I said wishing to be anywhere but here. Kill me now daddy.

"I'm sorry, but I think you're wrong. There is no 6 hundred floor." He looks at us, as if we are insane and that just made my wife's vein pop.

Thalia takes her dagger from jacket(she said it's easy than with the spear)and put it at guy's neck. Sweat beads were dripping and crashing on Thalia's overused dagger. I smirked.

"I think it is one. Can you mae use of your self and use your finger to softly push the button?"she said in a sweet I'll kill you if you if you annoy me more tone.

"Yes ma'am" he do what said Thalia. Duh.

I only hope this lobby doesn't send me to my painful death rather than a sweet and bedridden death. Painful death you ask?

Well…you know it isn't easy to tell you're father in law that his daughter is pregnant and it's way troublesome when my so called father in law is Zeus; Lord of the sky and king of the gods who can zapp me with a thousand lightnings.

But if I don't do it, Thalia will get angry and between an angry king of the gods and an angry Thalia... I choose to embrace the first option. I mean seriously, Thalia ...angry?*shuders* Tartarus sounds like a better option.

"I'm glad you stop acting like a coward" she said and planted a kiss on my cheek.

"I'm not a coward! I was just scared for my death string. Thalia, my dear "I said and held her hands with mines. "Thalia, honey. Please…I shall ask one thy thou shall never forget thee." I said with a theatrical nature.

She rolled her eyes.

"And they say Zeus children are dramatic"she muttered.

My answer was stoped by "ding" of the doors. i want to push all of the other buttons just to take me anywhere else, but Thalia, taking the advantage of the fact that I was still holding her hands dragged me out of the elavator.

"You really want to see me dead, Thals?"I ask

She rolls her eyes

"No, you idiot.I want to get this you know why? Because at home, a big tub of frozen ice cream has my name graved all over it."

"First:I'm glad to see that you want a bowl of ice cream more than me alive and second:Your ice cream will melt"

"First:We have something at home called a freaking freezer and second: Move your ass and let's get this over with."

I sigh and follow her to Throne room. I'm sooooo dead.

We go inside to see our fathers waiting for us.

"Well you two want to tell us something right?"said my dad in a cold voice.

And because our situation was too relaxing and comfortable, Zeus glared daggers at me.

"Um……"Thalia tightened my hand.

That means "We will be okay, tell them,we'll get this over with togheter" or "Spit it faster or I'll kill you before my father".I wish it was the firs option rather

than the more...devious option two but with all her reactions because of her hormons...I'm pretty sure it's option two.

I take a deep breath.

"Thalia is pregnant!" I lurted out. I quickly glued my mouth shut and let my heart escape out of my chest, like a fish evasion out of the water.

I'm waiting for chaos to start. I'm waiting to hear the screams. I'm waiting to be electrified by a million bolts. I'm waiting to get drowned in rain water. I'm waiting.

Not one of that of that, my father comes and shake my hand and….hugs me?


Ok, Percy told me something about dancing dolphins and if my father hug somebody I'm pretty sure dancing dolphins are very possible.

I look at Zeus waiting to scream or face explodes in a grin.

"And why in name of Styx you didnt tell us earlier?!"

I looked at Thalia who just smirks at me.I told you that it would be okay.

Oh shut up.

"Is it a boy or girl?"

"What month are you due?"

"When was the last appoitment at the doctor?"

"How many days are you?"

"Will he inherit my good looks?"

"Oh shut up."

"Did you fall down the stairs?"

"Have you been having any cravings?"

"What colour is your urine?"

"Are you gentle with the baby?"

"Why aren't you answering?"

"Is the baby healthy?

"Did you have it ultrasound yet?"

My thoughts:What the Hades have they drugged themselves with?

I mean they look like 2 children who had to much sugar.

Apparently Thalia read my mind.

"With all my respect, what is wrong with you two?"

They sighed.

"It isn't something who we like to admit…..but let's say just that gods have a soft spot for babys"

Ok, I don't expect to hear that, much less having it come out of my father who is apparantly the ruler of badass-ness.

"But" exclaim Zeus returning to is serious mood "Next time, you shall tell us earlier.

Do you understand?"ask him in I'm-king-of-the-gods tone.

"Yes sir"I said.

"Good, you can go now"

I went out with holding hends with Thalia and still under shock.

"I told you that everything would be okay."

"You didn't tell me anything!"






"Fine you told me"

Ok I got rid of Zeus anger and I don't want to make his daughter angry.

"You have the sensation that we are in a paralel universe?"I ask

"Yes, but that isn't the point"

"And what is the point?"

"My revelation"

"And what is that revelation?"

"I forgot to put my ice-cream in the freezer."