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Rays of sunlight shone brightly through the curtains in the spacious living quarters of the horse trailer, the bed was a complete mess, and the blankets hid a couple lying in bed together, one trying to wake the other up from her slumber.

"Wake up Babe." Gabe murmured against the soft skin of Sam's neck, he gently brushed a few locks of her auburn red hair away from her face. Sam moaned low in protest before snuggling deeper into the warmth of the blankets and pressing herself closer to his body seeking more of his warmth.

Gabe chuckled at her antics.

"Come on rise and shine Sammy." Gabe pulled her closer against him and placed butterfly kisses on her collarbone, neck, and along her jaw. Sam moaned her approval as he gently squeezed her ass, using his free hand he cupped her face and claimed her lips. Gabe lips moved sensually against hers and moved to cover her body with his, gently pressing her into the mattress.

After, the exhausted couple lay panting, both trying to catch their breaths; Gabe continued to lazily suckle on Sam's pulse. Sam sighed with contentment, sedated.

"What time is it Gabe?"

"Just past eight."

"WHAT!" Sam bolted upright knocking Gabe away in the process, he grunted as she tried to scramble over him and get to the door. Getting over his shock, Gabe quickly grabbed the crazy woman by her hips and hauled her back into the bed before she could get very far.

"Gabe I have to-UHH!" Sam grunted out as Gabe pinned her face down on the bed again. Sam struggled against him.

"Nikki fed the horses for us this morning Sam."

Sam quit struggling and turned her head to look up at him with wide eyes.

"And tell me; were you planning on going out looking like this?" Gabe asked with a smirk as he pointed out her nakedness.

Sam blushed as she finally registered her state of dress or lack of that is.

"Well, uh…no I wasn't…" Sam grinned, laughing sheepishly at Gabe.

Gabe only laughed before letting her up, she glared at him halfheartedly before she got off the bed and went to put some clothes on. Gabe leered at her bare rump before shaking his head and getting up to get dressed as well.

"Wanna go out for breakfast?" Gabe asked as held up her truck keys. "You know before the sales start?"

Now fully dressed, Sam grabbed her purse.


The couple stepped out into the Texas summer heat.

"SOLD!" the auctioneer shouted into his microphone. "To this here gentleman in the front row! Congratulations!" The solid whack of the wood gamble signaled the end of the sale. The usher in the sale paddock quickly led the red roan colt away and another usher walked in leading a nice looking blazed face sorrel filly, and with that the sale started all over again.

"Do I hear three-thousand? Three-thousand. Three-thousand. I have three-thousand! Do I hear three-thousand five hundred? I have three-thousand five hundred! Can I have four-thousand? Do I hear four-thousand? Four-thousand!"

Nikki was practically drooling at the Hydrive Cat filly walking around in front of the auction booth.

"Damn. That's one fine looking filly; look at that ass of hers. She'd have tons of power, perfect for a cutting horse."

"You sound like you wanna eat her." Gabe snickered at Nikki.

"Oh shut up Gabe! Oh but look at her conformation, it's to die for!" Nikki squealed. Gabe only grinned at Nikki as she continued to go on and on about the filly in the ring. The filly's conformation was beautiful, Sam noted, built just like her sire. Same muscled hindquarters and neck, she looked really athletic.

"I have eight-thousand five hundred. Can I have nine-thousand? Nine-thousand! I have nine-thousand! Can I have nine-thousand?"

Sam watched as the filly walked around the ring on light feet, her eyes rolled a bit as she tried to get a good look around her surroundings, her ears flicked about nervously and snorted repeatedly as her handler led her about.

The filly reminded Sam of Princess kitty, her old horse's dam. They had same nervous attitude.

"-of her Sam?"

Startled, Sam turned to her friends, who were starting at her.

"Huh?" Sam stared back clueless. Gabe snickered at her.

"I asked what you thought of the filly, Sam" Nikki rolled her eyes at her friend.

"Oh, well," Sam turned back to the filly that had just been sold for a whooping nine-thousand eight hundred and thirty dollars. "I think she's very pretty but the way she was acting out there…she seems like the nervous type. Might have been harder to train, thus it would be harder to get results from her in the arena. But defiantly broodmare material for sure, her conformation is nearly flawless. I sure wouldn't mind taking her out for a test ride."

"Hm." Nikki turned to watch the filly as she was led out of the ring and back to the barn where her proud new owners could visit her. Another sorrel filly was led into the ring, this time she was sired by the famous High Brow Cat. The bidding started up again.

"You shopping, Boss?" Sam asked Nikki who looked hungrily at the new horse being displayed.

Nikki turned to Sam and gave her a glare.

"Stop calling me that, it makes me feel bad. I don't care if you are working for me I'm still your friend, so don't ok."

"Sure thing, Boss." Sam smirked. Nikki rolled her eyes.

"SOLD for twelve-thousand four hundred!"

Gabe leaned forward to get a better look at the coon tailed High Brow Cat filly and whistled lowly.

"Sure is a hefty price to pay for an unproven two-year old. Even if it is sired by Cat."

Both women studied the filly in the ring.

"No kidding," Sam said, watching the filly leave the ring. "But if you have the money to spend then by all means go ahead. But Nikki you never answered me, are you shopping or just looking?"


Gabe turned to her questionably.

"Well my parents wanted me to buy a few broodmares while we're here and I was thinking of buying a new three year old for the ranch," Nikki explained with a shrug. "What about you Sam. Something catch your eye yet?"

"Yeah, it's just the matter of should I spend it or save it."

"Which one were you thinking of Sammy?" Gabe asked.

Sam turned to look at the next two-year old; a nice bright bay colt.

"Two of the three-year olds, one's a nice looking colt sired by Boonlight Dancer and out of a Smart Little Lena mare."

Nikki nodded impressed at the colt's linage.

"But there's another I was looking at too. He's a gelding sired by Rooster."

"A gelding, huh," Gabe said. "Wouldn't do much for you in the breeding pen."

"No but if he's good in the show pen like I hope he is then it wouldn't matter to me. I could sell him later as a non-pro or weekend cutter, besides I might not try for the Boonlight colt, I've got enough studs to deal with back home, don't need to add another." Sam said offhandedly.

The trio sat back and admired the many two -year olds that came and went into the ring; sold to the highest bidder. The highest selling two-year old was a sorrel colt sired By TR Dual Rey and consigned by SDP Buffalo Ranch. After, they started to bring in the three-year olds. About five minutes into the three-year old sales, Nikki declared that she wasn't going to buy one after all and just get the broodmares her parents wanted.

"That's him, the gelding." Sam pointed to the new three-year old in the pen. Gabe and Nikki turned to look. A nice looking bay gelding was being led about the sale ring, the young horse was quietly walking beside his handler. Sam leaned back, arms loosely crossed as she waited patiently for the bidding to start on the horse.

"Give Them The Bird is a nice little gelding by Gallo Del Cielo and out of Give It To Me, a Freckles Playboy mare. Do I hear a thousand? Can I have a thousand?"

Nobody placed a bid. The stocky bay gelding was led about by the usher.

"Will someone please give me eight hundred?"

Sam raised her bidder's card. The announcer nodded to her.

"Will anybody else want to bid on this nice looking gelding? No? Why thank you Miss Forster, you've just gotten a nice little horse." The announcer said and brought his gamble down with a smack.

"Well you got one of the horses you wanted Sam," Gabe said as he watched Sam's new horse being led out of the pen. "And cheap too. Wonder why nobody wanted to bid on him?"

"It's probably because everyone wants a High Brow Cat or Peptoboonsmal bred horse. Those are the Hot bloodlines everyone's after." Sam told him. "That or they've started to run out of money."

Nikki nodded in agreement.

"Yep but that's only because they're consistently making it to the major performance horse events." Nikki pointed out to them.

"I see." Gabe said.

Around the end of the three-year old lot was when Sam really came to life again. The Boonlight Dancer colt had finally stepped into the ring.

"This folks is a fine looking three-year old son of Boonlight Dancer named Just Dancing For You. Just Dancing For You, is out of Smart For You a nice money earning daughter of Smart Little Lena. He'd make a nice derby show horse, just look at those hindquarters, don't let this guy pass you up folks.

Let's start this sale at four-thousand. Will some body give me four thousand? Do I hear four thousand?"

"Wow he's a looker." Nikki said admiring the flashy red roan stud colt prancing into the ring. There were already two bidders fighting over this colt.

Sam watched as the colt was led into the sale pen, he moved great, light on his feet. Suddenly the colt balked and planted his hooves, and refused to move. The usher gently tugged, trying to pull the colt along. Sam watched as the sweat darkened the roans coat and his eyes rolled fearfully at the shouting announcer.

"Can I have seven-thousand?"

Someone came up behind him to try and herd him along, only made it worse. The colt suddenly snorted and plunged straight into the pen and started to buck, his handler holding on to the end of the lead rope for dear life.

"Ok folks lets be quiet as they calm this boy down, thank you."

The whole grandstand of people became quiet as they watched the sale helpers try to calm the panicked colt. Grunting with effort to try and escape the perceived danger, he bucked hard. A second handler was able to help the first and they both managed to bring the colt to a stop. Finally the trembling colt was led out of the pen and back to its stall.

"Well folks this sometimes happens. He'll be fine. Who will give me seven-thousand?"

Suddenly both bidders dropped their claims on the colt, the red roan was now left without any bids, after that stunt nobody wanted to deal with any issues the colt might have.

"Ok folks who will take him for a thousand? I can't go any lower folks or he goes back home."

Sam raised her bidder's card again.

"What happened to having too many studs again?" Gabe turned to stare at Sam. Nikki watched her, waiting for her next move.

"SOLD to Miss Forster! Why Samantha are you going to buy every horse who doesn't get a bid in the sale?" The announcer teased Sam. The crowd jittered a bit with amusement.

"I try, Sir." Sam shouted back good naturally at him. The announcer chucked amusingly before starting the next sale.

Sam rubbed her new horse Just Dancing For You, behind his ears and the sides of his face. He groaned aloud at the sensation of her scrubbing behind his ears, he rolled his eyes in delight. He seemed to have gotten over his temporary fright in the sale pen and was acting like a friendly little colt.

"That's a boy JD. Do you like that?" Sam crooned to the pretty red roan colt. Then she went over to where her other new horse was tied. The stocky bay gelding, which Sam had started to call Birdie, had his head turned as far as his halter would allow as he watched her curiously. Sam rubbed his forehead, Birdie closed his eyes content.

The Black screamed jealously.

Birdie jerked a bit, startled at the stallion's obvious anger. JD lowered his head submissively, as the black stallion continued to scream profanities at them in horse-speak.

Sam rolled her eyes at her stallion.

She turned to look at her horse; he seemed to be trotting in place in his stall across the aisle. The Black tossed his head violently before he let out an angry squeal at the injustice. Ace looked bored, used to the stallion's temper tantrums. Cherry seemed mildly interested but then went into her stall to try and escape the stallion's increasing racket.

"Would you shut up!" Sam scolded her horse. The Black screamed again but calmed down once he noticed that it was getting him nowhere. He hung his head out of his stall door and reached out for her with his nose, he fluttered his lips. Sam couldn't help but laugh at the funny face he was making, especially with that sleazy covering half his face.

Sam went over and gently grabbed his fluttering upper lip. The stallion stuck his tongue out at her, Sam gently pulled on the slippery pink tongue. She then grabbed his face and planted a big noisy kiss on his mole soft nose. He nuzzled her gently; brown eyes gazed back at her softly.

"Behave now Mister." Sam pressed her forehead to the black stallion's and stood there quietly. She whispered quietly to her stallion, his skin shivered, his eyes brightened and nickered softly to her. The pair stayed like that for some time.

Ace whinnied a greeting.

Girl and horse parted to see Nikki and Gabe approaching and leading Nikki's three new broodmares, and Whiplash, Gabe's cutting horse. Sam patted her stallion one last time before she went over to check out the new horses. Sam looked at one of the sorrels that Nikki was leading.

"Are you bringing them out to the trailer?" Sam asked as she looked over the sorrel mare Gabe was leading.

"Yes we are, bring Cherry, and your boys out too so that we can load them up while we're at it and they can be hauled back to the ranch early."

Sam nodded to Nikki while she looked over the other two mares.

"I like these mares, are they bred or open?" Sam asked Nikki as she moved away to untie her horses and they all made their way out of the barn to meet up with Nikki's parents.

"The one Gabe has is bred to TR Dual Rey. The other two are open mares that my parents plan on breeding to Smoothie as soon as we get back home," Nikki said to Sam. "The yearling sale just started. So we have time to load these horses up, my dad brought the big stock trailer."

Up ahead was a red stock trailer, a tall bald black man stood next to it, he held his wife's hand as he discussed something to her. His wife looked excited. The group headed towards them.

"Hey Mom, Dad. Do you like your new broodmares?" Nikki asked her parents. They smiled at their daughter. Nikki handed the bay to her father, who looked at the mare with admiration in his eyes.

"This is a nice little mare Nicole, very nice." Mr. Robenson said in his deep voice. He ran his big hand down the mare's sleek brown neck. Mrs. Robenson came up to pat the sorrel mare Gabe was holding.

"You sure know how to pick them. They'll make a wonderful addition to the broodmare band," Mrs. Robenson told her daughter, then turned to her husband. "Isn't that right Sweetie?"

Mr. Robenson only nodded as he turned to load up the bay mare into the trailer, he and the mare disappeared inside. Gabe handed Nikki the sorrel mare he was holding before he loaded Whiplash into the trailer. The sorrel gelding quietly loaded for Gabe without a hitch. Gabe went back to the barn to bring out Cherry for Sam.

Sam loaded Birdie up without a problem. A few minutes later Gabe came back with Cherry, Gabe led the red roan mare right into the trailer without any problems either. Sam led JD up to the trailer before he stopped to reconsider; she waited patiently for him, allowing JD to sniff the trailer. The roan colt visibly relaxed; calmed he stepped up into the trailer for Sam, after thoroughly sniffing it for anything dangerous.

"The first thing I have to work on is making him brave." Sam told Nikki after she had the colt loaded and settled. The trio waved Nikki's parents off, before heading back to get ready for the NCHA Summer Spectacular Finals. Gabe listened as the girls talked about the rest of the Derby Open Finalists.

"Well Sammy, there are seventeen horses and riders standing between you and The Black's claim to fame. Including me, don't think I'll go easy on you just because you're my friend, Smoothie and I are going to give it our all." Nikki smiled at Sam good naturally. Sam smirked.

Gabe reached out with one arm and brought Sam into a one arm hug, and kissed her temple. Nikki gagged at them.

"Even if you don't win, no matter what place you get It'll be just fine, we'll still throw you a party. That stallion has already made NCHA history. But there's no doubt in my mind who's the winner of this year's Derby Open," Gabe turned to Nikki with an evil smirk. "Although, Nikki doesn't have an excuse to lose, so if she doesn't get second place in the Derby well…that just makes her a loser."

"Why you little-!" Nikki snarled at him. Gabe took off running, laughing his ass off with Nikki hot on his heels. Sam shook her head at her two friends. She smiled fondly at Gabe's retreating back.

He's come a long way. Sam thought, thinking of his old nearly paralyzing injury. Now he's running around and riding cutting horses.

Sam watched as her friends wrestled each other just a head of her. Nikki's face was twisted in a snarl, Gabe still had his fool grin plastered to his face.

"OW!" Gabe shouted as Nikki pulled on his cheeks. He reached over and pinched her cheeks too, and pulled the opposite way.



They both pulled on each other's faces.

"OWWWW!" They both shouted.

Sam rolled her eyes with exasperation.

The Black loped around the warm up pen, smooth and collected as he carried Sam around the warm up pen with all the other horses that were warming up, they didn't have any more classes to show in but they still needed to ride their mounts to keep them in top form. Sam looked over her shoulder to see if it was clear before easing the stallion to the inside of the pen. The Black snorted out a breath, and chewed on his shank bit a little as Sam gently slowed him to a nice collected cow horse jog. He didn't seem too thrilled at the change of pace but obeyed her. A young sandy blonde rider named Henry rode up beside her on his horse Big Time Once, The Black glared angrily at the bay roan stallion but did nothing to stop the other horse from riding alongside him. The Black shook his thick black forelock away from his eyes and ignored the other stallion.

"I'm next in the lineup. I didn't relies you were the last one Sam? I wasn't paying attention, sorry." Henry rubbed his chest sheepishly.

"It's alright, Henry." Sam informed him with a smile. The Black pranced a bit as he felt her excitement. They chatted a bit as they turned to jog the other way, before Henry and his horse broke away from the warm up pen to wait by the gate to the show arena.

Sam slowed The Black to a nice fast walk to keep him limbered up, but not to waste any more energy. She reined the stallion away from the other riders that were warming up their horses, to walk the black stallion closer to the gate to wait her turn and to watch Henry's class. She watched as Henry and Big Time Once slowly moved into the herd of cows, they scattered before the pair. The horse and rider worked together to herd a sharp looking black baldy cow away. Suddenly the black baldy was aware that it was alone and made a mad dash for the cow herd only to encounter Big Time Once right in front of its path. It moved to try and get away from another angle only to find the bay roan stallion in its path. Again and again equine and bovine battled head to head before the cow suddenly doubled back and turned away from the stallion. Henry pulled up his mount and backed him away from the cow and turned him to the cow herd again. The out riders herded the cow back towards the main herd.

The duo quickly cut another cow, this time a nice solid red cow before diving back into the dual between equine and bovine. Sam glanced up at the clock.

Forty seconds.

Sam looked back at Henry and just in time to see the calf turn away from the stallion.

Thirty seconds.

Henry and his stallion maneuvered their way into the herd, to cut out their last cow. He pushed a red pair out, both cows turned to face him. Henry reined the roan towards the right cow. The cow on the right made a break for it, Henry spurred his horse after it and dropped his hand on the stallion's neck, split reins loose and hanging. Big Time Once dropped low in the dirt and started to cut the cow.

Fifteen seconds.

The roan stallion dug in deep, he swept and weaved along with his cow. Henry stayed balanced and stayed low on his mount trying to help him as much as he could. The pair was head to head with each other before suddenly the buzzer sounded.

Henry's round was over.

Henry pulled up his mount and backed him away before turning him to let the cow pass and rejoin the herd. He looked at his score as he walked his stallion back to the warm up pen to cool him down a bit. He grinned real big, and tipped his hat to the cheering crowd. He gave Sam the thumps up, wishing her good luck in her round.

The Black whistled excitedly as Sam urged him into the arena.

'Here we have Samantha Forster and her stallion The Black.'

The out riders had already gathered the herd into a bunch at the far wall. The Black's ears were trained on them, occasionally flicking back to Sam as she used her leg aids. The Black passed the wire, and the clock started.

Two minutes.

The Black slowed to a nice slow cat crawl, his head low and level with his body. His ears turned back to listen to Sam's legs, hands and voice. They rode into the herd and made a deep cut into it, the cows moved away and Sam reined him way to push the herd out. She had her eye on a nice looking blonde cow with a dark patch on its face. As if he had read her mind, the black stallion homed in on the cow, it moved away to try and return to the herd. Sam quickly urged the stallion after it before dropping her hand to his muscled neck.

The stallion bolted after the cow, before digging into the dirt to stop hard and head the cow off. He made a sweeping rollback before stopping before the cow as it doubled back way from the stallion. Sam stayed low in a cutters crouch over her stallion's center of balance; she kept her eyes trained on the blonde cow waiting for it to turn away from her horse. The stallion at times would drop real low into a cat crouch; his ears were always kept pinned against his head as he cut the cow, his eyes shone brightly and his wild mane flew all around.

Finally the cow turned away.

"Whoa." Sam sat back before she gently eased back on her reins and backed the stallion away from the cow. He obeyed and turned towards the herd to cut out another cow. Sam looked at the clock.

One minute.

Horse and rider moved into the herd again and cut out a solid black cow before getting to work keeping it way from the herd. Ears pinned and teeth bared, but never ever touching his quarry, the black stallion cut the black cow hard, he really dug deep and gave his whole heart into the work. And everyone could see it, the crowd cheered for Sam and The Black as they continued to cut their second cow.

Gabe whistled encouragement from where he sat bareback on Ace from the entrance to the warm up pen. Ace too watched as his stable mate worked in the arena. Gabe watched as horse and rider became one in their goal to keep this cow away from the herd. One single minded unit.

The cow turned away from the pair and headed in the opposite direction, an out rider quickly cut off the cow and herded it towards the main herd, by the time it returned to its herd, Sam and The Black had already cut out their last cow, a quick footed little light grey cow.

Twenty seconds.

The crowd held its breath at the beauty of the stallion's sweeping turns and hard rollbacks. The look in his bright eyes although hard, almost angry, showed the horse's passion for its job, the willingness to work, to give his heart and soul to the job. That is what makes a good horse, that's what separates the good from the great, that's what makes a great horse, a champion.

And this black son of Playgun was a champion indeed.

The buzzer sounded.

Everyone's eyes jumped to the score board. Sam stopped her stallion, praised him for a job well done, and began walking away from the herd, all the while looking up at the scores with baited breath. The Black snorted nervously at Sam's tension, she forces herself to relax. The crowd held its breath.

It seemed like forever before the judges posted the score.

335 point score.

All was silent. Then the crowd exploded.

The crowd screamed, Gabe shouted out with happiness and started to bounce in his seat while punching the air. Ace only snorted but stood patiently for the crazy human on his back. Sam laughed out loud at the impossibly high score, and she through her arms around the stallion's thick muscular neck, burying her face into his thick silky mane. The Black pranced for her and the crowd.

As soon as they made it out of the warm up pen, they were both bombarded with congratulations from everyone. The Black's score was the highest out of all of this year's Open Derby scores. The highest score on record for the NCHA Summer Spectacular's Open Derby ever.

Nikki came and yanked her friend down from the stallion's back and hugged her, Gabe appearing out of nowhere with Ace to join in the group hug. The stallion only snorted at all the drama around him, Ace echoed it. The crowd was still cheering, already knowing that The Black was the next NCHA Triple Crown Champion.

Sam remounted to take the winning picture, The Black arched his neck with pride, ears nearly touching at the tips; he flared his nostrils at the crowd and he stared back at camera through his long, thick forelock. Nikki stood on one side of the stallion grinning like a fool; Gabe smiled widely on the other holding Ace next to the stallion, who proudly held his head high, his star showing for all to see, well aware of his importance as The Black's constant stable companion. Sam smiled happily at the camera, one hand holding the winning check of a hundred thousand dollars; Nikki held up the other end for her.

Not only was The Black the newest NCHA Triple Crown Champion, winner of the NCHA Open Futurity, NCHA Open Super Stakes and now the NCHA Summer spectacular Open Derby. He had also made NCHA history as the youngest undefeated horse to make more than five hundred thousand dollars in cutting earnings in such a short amount of time in his career, and he just begun his four-year old season.

Life was good.

"What's the plan, Nikki?" Sam asked her friend as she held a travel-ready Ace and The Black nearby. Gabe's and Nikki's identical grins hadn't left their faces since Sam and The Black had won the NCHA Triple Crown. After they had got back and worked together to clean up the black stallion before giving him some victory treats a sugar cube and a peppermint, his favorites.

They were just double checking the trailer and making sure everything was secure before they started to load the horses for the thirty minute haul back to Smooth Sailing Ranch, just northwest of Weatherford. Several trailers had already left, hauling the last of the horses that had competed in the Summer Spectacular, this time next year Sam would be back to compete in the series again with another Triple Crown Hopeful.

"Well I was thinking of taking a break from competitions for a few weeks," Nikki said. "You know focus on the horses back home."

"Sounds like a good plan." Gabe said. Sam nodded in agreement.

Nikki closed up the tack room and opened up the trailer door for Sam. Sam handed Ace to Gabe who was standing next to her with Smoothie, before leading The Black into the trailer. The black stallion loaded easily, and Sam clipped the trailer tie onto his halter. The stallion turned his sleazy covered head to watch her check his bandaged wrapped tail. Satisfied, Sam went and started to push the trailer divider into place, once she reached The Black's hind end she gently pushed on the stallion's rump, cueing him to step over so that she could secure the trailer's wall.

The Black shifted on shipping booted legs as Sam left the trailer but stilled when she came back with his buddy Ace. The Black and Ace touched noses while Sam clipped Ace to the trailer. Smoothie was the last to be loaded, and The Black pinned his ears at the other stallion's presence. The trailer doors were closed and for a brief moment the trailer turned dark before the windows were opened for the horses to see outside while they traveled.

The Black pushed his nose against the window screen to try and shove his head out to really look but it wouldn't give. The stallion snorted as he watched Sam walk to the head of the trailer and hop into the truck. He watched for a moment waiting for her to come out again before he heard and felt the truck and trailer come to life, before he settled to eat from his hay bag.

Ace had already started on his hay bag as soon as he was loaded, Smoothie danced uneasily as the trailer started to move. The Black felt smug as he watched the other stallion, for there was nothing to be afraid of in the trailer. Ace ignored the growing tension from both the stallions, and only continued to chew on his hay; after all he was an old pro in trailer traveling.

Sam listened to her friends bickering once again as she drove down Old Springtown Rd. Sam didn't really know what exactly they were arguing about this time, and she had a feeling that she really didn't want to know, if she didn't want to be dragged into the argument.

She winced as Nikki suddenly screamed at Gabe to stop being a fucking asshole and that she couldn't understand what Sam saw in him because he was such a dick and that she should just dump his lazy ass already. Gabe retaliated by calling her bitch and that she would end up dying alone because no self-respecting man would ever stay and put up with her stupidity.

Sam cautiously turned up volume on the radio to try and drown out her friends increasing screams.

I finally asked you to dance

On the last slow song

And beneath that moon that

Was really a disco ball

I can still feel my head on your shoulder

And hoping that song would never be over

Sam tensed at the song. Her friends continued to scream profanities at each other oblivious to their friend's sudden anxiety. Sam's heart hammered in her chest at the memories the song invoked within her.

I haven't seen you in ages

Sometimes I find myself wondering where you are

For me you'll always be 18 and beautiful

And dancing away with my heart

Sam slowly drove her truck and the trailer off Old Springtown Rd and turned right into a side street. She continued to listen to the lyrics of the song. Her friends were just background noise now as she got lost in the song.

I brushed your curls back so I could see your eyes

And the way you moved me was

Like you were reading my mind

I can still feel you lean into kiss me

I can't help but wonder if you ever miss me.

Nikki suddenly broke off from her shouting match with Gabe to try and get Sam to agree with her. She frowned at Sam before she tuned in to the song that was playing on the radio. Her eyes widened as she listened to the words and realized what was wrong with Sam.

Gabe frowned with concern from his seat in the back.

Their argument now forgotten.

For me you'll always be 18 and beautiful

And dancing away with my heart

You headed off to college

At the end of that summer and we lost touch

I guess I didn't realize even at the moment

We lost so much

I haven't seen you in ages

Sometimes I find myself wondering where you are

For me you'll always be 18 and beautiful

And dancing away with my heart

Nikki quickly changed the station to another; a fast rap song by Wiz Khalifa came on and Nikki turned it up some more and flipped off Gabe for good measure before she started to sing. Sam smiled sadly to herself before she shook her head to clear her head and started to sing with her.

Work hard, play hard

Work hard, play hard

Gabe watched as the girls really got into the song. Nikki started to dirty dance in her seat, Sam laughed at her friend before she too started to grind, well as much as she could while driving.

Gabe frowned softly at Sam; he was quiet as he thought over the lyrics to old song.

He sighed.

Gabe wondered if she would ever get over him. They have been dating on and off for the past few years now, and from time to time she would still think about the guy. But then he couldn't really blame her either she had too many things in her life right now that triggered those thoughts.

Gabe was used to it, but he only hoped that she would let go someday and truly let herself be with him.

Gabe watched as Sam turned into a gravel and dirt road that had a carved wooden welcome sign on the side of it that marked the entrance to Smooth Sailing Ranch. He turned to look out the left side window to see a pasture dotted with a few mares with foals by their sides, he watched as the few month old colts and fillies paused to watch the newly arrived truck and trailer.

Gabe heard The Black scream a greeting to the broodmares from inside the trailer.

They entered the main ranch yard, as Sam drove closer to the barns just to the right, Gabe looked back at the broodmare pasture to see The Black's dam quietly grazing in the pasture with her new bay foal dozing nearby, and the black quarter horse mare was the biggest memory trigger that Sam had of him.

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