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Hi, guys! Ok...here's the prologue for my new story! YAY! Sorry it took so long, I couldn't decide which part of the story I wanted the prologue to be...angsty, bromanctic, but then I just chose this to help set the stage...^^

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Merlin was leaning against the cold stone wall of the dungeons, trying to slow his pounding head and the dizzy spell that played with his vision. He shivered despite himself as a gentle breeze filtered its way through the bars of the small window that overlooked the moonlit courtyard and hugged his leather jacket closer to him. He'd lost his cloak sometime in the whirlwind, plus it was hardly like he'd planned on being thrown in the dungeons in the first place. Uh, he was going to kill Arthur! What was going on?

His headache only got worse as he tried to remember what happened. First, there'd been a flash of intensely, blindly white light, a rush of wind, his cloak yanked from him, a scream, then nothing. He'd woken up in the same place, same room. Next, he'd stumbled out of the room grasping his aching head and had heard voice, whispering voices; the voices of children who were where they shouldn't be; he knew what it sounded like from personal experience.

Flashes of remembrance swam past his eyes; a young girl, barely ten if he'd had to guess, long blonde hair, startling blue eyes... a boy... about the same age... short brown hair, brown eyes... magic. He'd talked to them... then... he'd fallen?

Merlin rubbed the bridge of his nose, trying to think straight as his headache only grew. He pushed back a bout of nausea he was feeling, trying to focus on what was happening. He was in the dungeons, ok... he was cold, ok... he was going to kill Arthur... even better! Why hadn't that prat come and gotten him out yet? Why was he here anyway? He was the Court Sorcerer and First Advisor to the King, yet these men treated him like a stranger... and outsider. He knew he could always just escape and give the King a piece of his mind, and his headache was starting to vote for that, maybe reel Gwaine into it too, but that would most likely mean hurting someone. Merlin sighed. No, he had to figure out what was happening first.

Before he could think of any reason why he was here in this dingy, grimy dungeon cell, he heard the familiar rattling of keys against someone's hip in the distance. Someone was coming. Multiple someone's. Merlin stood up and brushed himself off before walking up to the bars. He gripped them with his long, slender fingers as he leant his foreheads against the wrought iron, colder than the wall, as he waited for the guards to approach. They finally did, three of them with the torch light glinting off their helmets harshly as they walked passed it.

"The King wants to see you," one of them said plainly, the youngest as far as Merlin could tell, as he rifled through a set of keys on his belt.

Merlin rolled his stormy blue eyes, "Well good cause I want to see him too."

The guard's eyebrows scrunched together in confusion before a frown passed over his face in response the prisoner's obvious disrespect for the king. He finally found the key and inserted it into the lock on Merlin's door, and hearing a resounding 'click' as the lock released, he pushed the squeaking door open.

Merlin stepped out, the guards immediately taking positions behind him whilst the guard with the keys took the lead. Merlin inwardly groaned. What was going on? Why did he have to be escorted to a place he went everyday anyway? And why were they treating him like a complete stranger?

As they started walking, Merlin decided to do a quick test and asked, "Do you have any idea who I am?" He hadn't said it haughtily, like he'd have imagined Arthur doing, but with genuine curiosity, which is probably the only reason he got an answer, even as unsatisfying as it was.

The guard in front glanced back at him, his short brown hair flashing golden as he replied, equally curious. "No... Should I?"

Merlin wanted to scream. What? Yes he should know him! Did Arthur put him up to this? That prat. Merlin decided that that must have been it as he let out a deserved, put-upon sigh. All he wanted to do was go to his bed and sleep for two days, maybe three, but no... He had to play along with Arthur's game - whatever that may be. Oh, he was so going to get it later!

They finally reached the throne room, the guards at the door automatically opening them as Merlin began to rub his face with fervor, trying to dispel a lingering yawn. He didn't need Arthur telling him he needed more sleep, which is exactly what he was trying to get anyway.

"Arthur," Merlin yawned anyway, "you better have a good reason for putting me in the dungeons or I'm going to...-"

It was then that Merlin finally put his down, letting them fall from his face. His eyes immediately grew in surprise and shock as his mouth dropped open, his nose flaring in automatic response. Any lingering logic shattered in Merlin's mind as he stared dumbfounded. Seeing the same effect on those in front of him his mind scrambled for an explanation... because there was no way what he was seeing was real... right? It had to have been an illusion... or he was hallucinating.

Because in front of him, in their respective thrones, were King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, mouths open and eyes wide and shocked as they stared at the newcomer. Along the wall to Merlin's left, staring with an equal amount of shock were Gwaine, Leon, Percival, and Elyan, and to Merlin's right, Gaius. What in all of Albion?

Merlin couldn't understand what he was seeing, not any of it. Before him were his friends, his family, but no... They couldn't be.

They were too old.

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