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But first, Yellowstar's POV.

Yellowstar's POV

Stretching stiff limbs, Yellowstar called the Clan together as quickly as he could.

I want to get this over and done with. He thought.

Heatherfang padded over from the fresh-kill pile, and meeting his eyes, she nodded. She leaped up the High Rock and pressed against his flank. "Lets do this."

Brighttail walked from the medicine cat den, with Amberpaw and Grasslace following. Lilypond, Sandpaw, and Robinfoot trotted into camp, prey in their mouths from their hunting patrol. Raventooth was following Mudwing and Slowwing to the High Rock, with Blizzardpaw and Skypaw play fighting near the area. Sageclaw and Dawnsky(Sorry if her name is wrong!) stumbled out of the warrior's den, eyes looking heavy with sleep.

"Lets get straight to the ceromony. As you know Heatherfang and I are getting old... and Heatherfang would like to retire today." Yellowstar started, coughing at 'retire'. Stupid mouse-brained cough, I wish I didn't have it! He thought as he did.

"Heatherfang, is it your wish to give up your duties and retire to the elder's den?" He asked.

His mate/deputy nodded. "It is."

"Then retire to the elder's den, and may we grant you many more moons of rest," he finished, bowing his head. Heatherfang smiled sadly and leaped down from the High Rock and over to the elder's den."

"Heatherfang! Heatherfang! Heatherfang!" the Clan called out, and Skypaw called out, "I'll look after you, Heatherfang!"

The Clan let out purrs of amusement, but Yellowstar stopped them with one quick flick of his tail for silence, which Thunderclan quickly descended into, for most of them knew what was coming next.

"By Moon-High, I must appoint a new deputy. However, I've already decided who it will be. Most cats know I wont be around very long... this cough is something I can't get over. So the cat I choose will be the next leader of Thunderclan."

Hopefully the Clan will approve my choice, he thought as the Clan suddenly tensed and watched. Yellowstar saw Raventooth look up with...something dark in his eyes.


" Your next deputy – and leader of Thunderclan will be..." Cough.


Hophare's POV Hophare quickly joined the dawn border patrol with Mudwing, Brighttail, and Skypaw the next day, yawning every few fox-lengths.

"Why dawn?" Skypaw complained. "I wish we only had sun-high patrols!"

Brighttail rolled her eyes. "If we did, then Thistleclan would have already taken us over."

Hophare let out a purr of amusement. "Like we'd let them!"

"Thistleclan would kill the traitors," Mudwing pointed out.

The dawn patrol fell silent as they checked the Wind-ThistleClan border.

"I still can't believe Lilypond is deputy," Hophare told his mother as they padded along the moor border, marking it every fox-length.

Brighttail nodded. "But maybe she'll pick you for deputy, Hophare!"

Hophare blinked. "Brighttial, I don't want to be deputy – or leader – anymore. I'm happy being a warrior."

His mom glanced at him. "You aren't?" she asked, and he nodded. "I don't want that kind of responsibility, and I don't want to lead Thunderclan anymore. These dark times have proven that."

Brighttail replied, "Then... maybe Lilypond will chose Firesoul, or Graceheart."

Hophare cringed when she said that. She doesn't know Graceheart's secret yet! Thinking about that made him remember what else Graceheart had told them- Raventooth and Sunstar meeting in secret.

But Yellowstar refuses to exile him, because he thinks Raventooth is a loyal Thunderclan warrior! Hophare thought. So that means when Lilypond becomes leader... Raventooth will be Thistleclan's newest edition.

Huh... my father is a traitor...

Graceheart's POV

Graceheart mumbled through the marigold, "Grasslace wanted this in case of another battle, and Amberpaw was busy collecting mallow by the lake. She's still there and hasn't come back to camp yet, Raventooth. The medicine cats are very busy right now."

The thin black tom had been guarding camp when Graceheart tried to get in with marigold, as the old medicine cat had requested. But now Raventooth was blocking her, saying that the Clan was busy with something and she couldn't enter right now.

As if, Graceheart thought.

"I doubt there will be another battle right now." Raventooth replied sternly. "And if she needed some, why isn't there much?"

"It's leaf-bare, duh," she retorted, dropping her marigold. Just then she heard a screech inside camp.

"Uh-oh! I need to go!" Graceheart exclaimed. "Into camp, I mean! Raventooth, let me in!"

"No! Go collect more marigold! If there's a battle going on, you'll need it to help with the wounds!" Her father snarled.

"NO!" Graceheart yowled, and pushing Raventooth aside, she scooped up the herbs and raced inside Thunderclan camp, which was hardly recognizable.

The dens were alive with fighting cats, and Graceheart scented Thistleclan. Not right now, with a new deputy! She thought as she watched the scene in horror.

Then she leaped into action, fighting with her paws to the medicine cat den. I have to help Grasslace!

The medicine cat was fighting a white she-cat, but as Graceheart quickly smacked the back of the Thistleclan's head, the she-cat snarled and fled, but pushing into some of the herbs – and mixing them up - before leaving.

"No! Not the herbs!" Grasslace croaked, and started to push all of the fallen herbs together.

"Thank you for helping me, Graceheart. Set down the marigold by my paws and drag any injured cats to my den."

Graceheart blinked, and nodded, then raced out of the medicine cat den to bump into Fuzzyfoot, who's ear was bleeding and had several cuts on his flanks.

"Go see Grasslace, and defend her!" Graceheart ordered before pushing out of his way and scanning the Thunderclan camp for hurt warriors or apprentices.

She saw Skypaw fighting a warrior twice her size. Graceheart was about to go over and help before she saw that Skypaw was doing fine with the couple days of training Firesoul had given her.

The warrior turned to the left when Skypaw attacked, but Skypaw did too, and tackled the cat, raking the ThistleClan warrior with her claws.

The cat ended up throwing her off and disappearing into the mass and crowds of fighting cats, only to reappear as Skypaw shoved him into the thorn barrier, where the warrior fled.

Wow, Skypaw is very strong already, and she just became an apprentice! Firesoul really taught her! Graceheart thought as she glanced at the young apprentice, who had already started to fight another ThistleClan warrior the same way she had before. She looks quick, she's smart, and also very strong!

Graceheart then saw Sandpaw cornered, in a losing battle against Crosstail and Maplepaw. He was trying to fend off their attacks and even duck in to give his own, but was getting beat up pretty bad.

"No! Sandpaw!" Graceheart growled as she slammed into Crosstail and bit Maplepaw's tail. The she-cat apprentice screeched and glared at Graceheart while Crosstail narrowed his eyes and sprung at Graceheart.

But then Sandpaw tackled Maplepaw, and Crosstail was thrown side ways by Graceheart's next move. Maplepaw scrambled out of the area while/and Crosstail was quick to race out of camp.

"Sandpaw, lets get you to the medicine cat den," Graceheart mewed, and she began to support him to the scent of herbs.

After leading Sandpaw there, she saw a tan blur knocking Pheasentclaw off his paws. Heatherfang! Graceheart thought as she saw the old ex-deputy fight. Graceheart raced over and bit Pheasentclaw's scruff and hauling the Thistleclan warrior off of Heatherfang.

"Thanks Graceheart," Heatherfang panted as Graceheart sent Pheasentclaw away. "I might have been crow-food without you coming to my rescue."

Graceheart grinned. "Along with Sandpaw and Fuzzyfoot," she added as she sprung back into the fray. "Don't fight any more, Heatherfang!"

She saw the elder's eyes flash but didn't see anymore of Heatherfang as she fought a few more cats and helped her Clanmates to Grasslace- but one thing she never saw was Raventooth or Amberpaw.

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