So in on of my Fanfic I had a secret contest who could notice the names. It was in My DN Angel Mpreg fanfic. xTsuBomb got it. It was Teito from 07 Ghost and Tsunayoshi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! So because xTsuBomb won, I will make a short 2-4 chapter fanfic for her. I hate Auto Correct.. Kise became KISA? DA HECK... warning... Lemon, yaoi, and OCC'ness.

Kuroko and Akashi liked each other. But both sides won't tell there feelings. It's up to Kisa to make that least one of them to say it. Why is it so hard?

~Small Mistake, Big Problem~

-Chapter One: Mistake-

"20 MORE LAPS!" yelled Akashi. He spotted a light blue haired boy, and started to blush red. "K-k-Kuroko."

"Hm?" Kuroko looked up. He was sitting on a blue bench, sweat was slowly rolling down his pale white skin. "What do you need Akashi?"

"W-what are you doing?"

"Nothing… J-just bored." Kuroko sighed. He wanted to say something else, but he was scared. Scared it would never happen.

"KUROKOCHI!" Yelled Kise, he ran up to Kuroko and gave him a hug. "How's it been? I missed you sooooo much!"

"Kise… Get… off…." Kuroko blushed. He wasn't used to hugging and stuff. But Akashi thought of something else.

'Kuroko likes… Kise?' He thought. 'Nah.. Ah ahaha.. No way… Its KISE I'm are talking about!' But still "Get off… Of… Kuroko…." Akashi commanded.

"Nahh!" Kise replied and he started to play with Kuroko.. In an awkward way, that Akashi couldn't hold back, so he punched Kise in the face.

~A while later~

-Kise's POV-

Ha… I was walking to class when I noticed 2 very familiar people eating on the grass. They were both bright red and stared at each other at random times. Once theirs eyes matched up they quickly turned around and blushed even more. What they didn't know was that they were holding hands too.

After a couple of minutes they finally did and the same thing happened. God.. I started to laugh. 'Ha.. Those 2... Kurokochi and Akashi… Geez they like each other.. They are so dense… Hee hee hee… KISE THE CUPID WILL HELP!' (Oh god Kisa)

I threw a slipper at Kuroko while he was going to stand up and aimed at his head. "one.. Two… THREE!" It hit and he fell on Akashi.

Kuroko opened his eyes seeing that his soft lips were kissing his crushes lips. Haha, he blushed redder then red!

Akashi, who knows what was happening in his head! But he made the kiss more… deeper… Kuroko gasped as Akashi's tongue dove into his mouth. Kuroko started to moan. Thank god they were in a place where no body goes! 'I'll be nice and stop anyone from coming here!' I started to run off the check.

~Normal POV~

"Akashi…." Kuroko blushed. After the deep kiss Kuroko wa s just blushing, just plain blushing. Only a small thin string of saliva connected them.

"I… I…" Akashi tried to finish the sentence.

"Love… You…" Kuroko finished it for him. "Baka!" Kuroko had tears in his eyes.

"I'm sorry!" Akashi said.

"No… I-I'm happy.. that's all." Kuroko straddledon Akashi. "Can… We?" Kuroko wanted it.

".. 'Kay.." Akashi and Kuroko started to take off their clothing one by one. First the shirts, then the pants, and last the underwear.

Kuroko small pink nipples, blushing face, and small member was visible to Akashi who enjoyed biting and licking the pink candies. "mmn!" Kuroko cupped over his mouth, he was holding in his loud moans.

"It's okay, moan as loud as you want." Akashi commented. He held Kuroko's hands and started kissing them after he had his fill of candy. He slowly went down where the pre-cum was starting to form on top on the hard member. The pre-cum sat there like a pearl on a pillow. He licked it off.

"A-aka-sh-shi!" Kuroko breathing became panting. Akashi licked and kissed his member. Soon he started to add it in his mouth.

"Cute.." Akashi put his fingers in front of Kuroko's mouth. "Lick."

Kuroko covered his fingers like it was a lollipop. 'Odd… It wasn't that bad…'

Akashi added a single finger in Kuroko's tight hole. "AH!" Kuroko was scared.

"It's fine Kuroko…" Akashi started Kissing Kuroko. While they were kissing He added a couple of more fingers and started scissoring inside Kuroko's warm hole.

"nnmn!" Tears rolled down his face, it was painful until Akashi hit a bundle of nevers. Kuroko screamed in pleasure.

"Found it." Akashi said. He kept attacking the same spot, Kuroko's prostate. He took out his fingers making Kuroko whimper. "If you want it. Lick it." He pointed at his hard member.

Kuroko slowly grabbed the hard length and started sucking it. Akashi started of moan. He grabbed Kuroko's head and his member went all in. Kuroko gagged and tried his best to keep licking the member, in seconds he tasted a creamy, salty, white substance. He looked up to ask what to do with it.

"Swallow." Akashi commanded.

Kuroko did swallow. "Tastes weird." Kuroko commented. Before he got to say anything Akashi lifted Kuroko up and shoved his member in Kuroko. Kuroko screamed in shock. "AHH!"

Slowly Akashi started to thrust in the tight hole, in one shot he hit Kuroko's prostate making him arch back and his head went back. He didn't remember how to breath, Kuroko has to think how to breath. "M-more… faster…" Kuroko start to speak.

Akashi did what Kuroko begged for, he past went faster.

Kuroko's inside started to get tighter. "Kuroko you can't cum, not without begging also."

"B-but" Kuroko whined. "Please? Let me cum!"

Akashi grinned. "Seeing you're begging I'll let you." He slammed into Kuroko a couple of more times before they came. The cum filled up Kuroko. "Just to make you happy, males can't get pregnant, unless you want too."

Kuroko blushed. "I already know that."

"Really? Every time we learned about it you fell asleep."

"It's common sense…" Kuroko added.

"I love you."

"I love you too."



Kuroko was throwing up every day. "Akashi…"

"Hai Kuroko?" Akashi turned around. He saw something in Kuroko's hand. "What is that?" He pointed at it.

Kuroko showed him the thing…. It was a pregnancy test.. And it… was… positive.. "OMG WHAT?"


Me: xTsuBomb do you want this ^^^ to happen in the real story? XD. OMAKE WILL HAPPEN IN THE REALLY STORY!