Some of you guys were so happy that Akashi family accepted Kuroko. Well I was going to make them not accept him… but that idea was overused… I found out that a full pregnancy is 40 weeks aka 10 months, But the mother can give birth to the baby a bit earlier or a bit later…

~Chapter Five: Welcome the New Family~

Kuroko: Month 7 1/2

Kuroko was touching his large stomach. It held 2 of his kids. He wondered, what will the kids be like? What should we name them… "Sei-chan…"

"Tetsu-chan, what do you need?" Akashi smiled.

"I wonder what should we name our kids…" Kuroko looked up at Akashi. "Lets find a name!"

Akashi grinned. "And I was thinking of the same too!" He showed a book called '1000 boy names'.

Kuroko flipped the pages. "Aki… nah…. Haru…"

"I like Haru…" Akashi added. Kuroko nodded.

They kept flipping the pages. "Takeshi… Tori, Yuro… nah…"

Akashi spotted another name. "Hikaru…"

"Haru and Hikaru…" Kuroko smiled. "Those names sound perfect…."

Akashi and Kuroko hugged. "Perfect indeed."

~Kuroko: 9 3/4th Month~

Kuroko was reading a book while all of a sudden his stomach was in pain. "S-sei-cha-an!" He yelled. Akashi ran upstairs. He stepped in a puddle of liquid.

"Tetsu-chan!" Akashi spotted Kuroko in pain. "You're in labor!"

"Hurts…" Kuroko whimpered. Akashi lifted Kuroko up and called Kuroko's parents. They jumped in the car driving fast. While they were driving Akashi called his family and friends. Knowing them they would be there in minutes. "Sei-chan…"

Tears painted Kuroko's pale face. "We're almost there Tetsu-chan… It's okay…" Akashi comforted Kuroko.

After a couple of minutes of speed driving they finally arrived to the hospital. He was in the hospital, the doctors and nurses were getting ready to do a c-section.

"Akashi!" Kise and the rest yelled. "Is Kurokochii okay?"

Akashi nodded. "He is in labor… I'm going in the room!"

Kuroko wanted to see Akashi. He saw a red head holding his hand. "Sei-chan…" Kuroko smiled.

"You'll be okay…" Akashi replied. He nodded.

After hours of PAINFUL labor the 2 male babies were born. Haru and Hikaru. Hikaru was the oldest by 2 minutes, Haru was the youngest. "Welcome Hikaru, and Haru…" the 2 new parents whispered.

"Kuroko/Kurokochii!" the team barged in.

"The babies are cute…" said Aomine.

"Aww! They look just like you Kurokochii!" commented Kise.

Soon Kuroko's family came in. "Okaa-san… Otou-san…. Tama-nii…"

"You did well." Yuuma smiled at his grandchildren.

"What's there name?" Tamaki asked.

"Yes, what is it?" Tsuyuki added.

Kuroko sighed. "I'll tell you it when Sei-chan's family comes."

After 2 minutes Akashi's family walked in. Akiri and Kyoko cooed at the babies, while Nami and Hiro talked to the couple.

"So what is his name?" Nami asked.

"Seeing that everyone is here…" Akashi replied.

"The oldest, Akashi is holding him is Hikaru.. The youngest I am holding him is Haru…" Kuroko answered.

Everyone smiled. "Welcome Hikaru, and Haru!"

Months past, Akashi and Kuroko was still playing basketball, and was quite famous, for 2 things, basketball, and being a couple.

~7 years later~

A family of 5 was sitting near a large sakura tree. Kuroko and Akashi was now 22, the 2 little twins were 7, and there was a little girl who was 4 years old turning 5 in a few weeks. Kuroko belly was once again growing will a another child, he was on week 21.

"Tou-chan! Kaa-chan!" The trio yelled. "We're hungry!"

Kuroko laughed. "Okay, okay… Here's lunch!"

"Yippie!" The girl giggled. Her name was Natsumi, she was born on June 24. She had her dads hair color, but had the pale white skin tone and sky blue eyes like her mom.

The twins, Hikaru, and Haru was polar opposites, but at the same time exactly the same. Hikaru had his fathers manly looks, was loud and really social, Haru looked more like his mom, he was quiet, smart, and was not as social as Hikaru. They were born on December 31, and January 1. A two minutes difference made their birthdays different. "Kaa-chan, when will our little brother and sister be born?"

Kuroko was having twins again. He thought have 1 set of twins were hard enough, now he will have 2 twins. "Soon, Hana and Natsu will be born, be a good older brother and sister okay?"

The 3 kids yelled. "HAI!"

"Love you Tetsu-chan." Akashi smiled.

"You always say that…" Kuroko laughed. "Love you too… I hate you a bit…"


"I'm pregnant again… you prevertive bastard…"

"Aw…" Akashi fake whined. "But you love me."

"Sadly I do."

"That hurts."


"Tou-chan! Kaa-chan!" The 3 kids yelled. "Come on! Come on! Lets eat!"

"Okay!" Akashi grinned. Kuroko just laughed. "Who wants cake?"

The family of 2 grew to a family of 5, now to a family of 7... Hana and Natsu was born on October 3. Hana was a quiet and smart little girl, she has her mom's hair color and dad's eye color, Natsu had his father hair and eye color, and was outgoing and loud like his older brother… They were the most happiest family….


I finally finished! Woot! I worked hard on this! May not look like it, but I typed some of these chapters after midnight and kept typing and typing and typing…. I will now take a nap…. Zzzz….


Kuroko and Akashi's Family:
Jan 31
Sky blue eyes and Hair
Akashi: Dec 20
Red eyes and Hair
Hikaru: Dec 31
Red eyes and Hair
Haru: Jan 1
Sky blue eyes and Hair
Natsumi: June 24
Red hair and Blue eyes
Hana: Oct 3
Red eyes and Sky blue Hair
Natsu: Oct 3
Red eyes and Hair

Akira and Kyoko Family:
Nov 8
Red eyes and Hair
Kyoko: Aug 17
Brown eyes and Hair
Nami: March 24
Blonde and light brown eyes
Hiro: Feb 13
Brown eyes and red Hair

Yuuma and Tsuyuki Family:
April 25
Red eyes and Pink Hair
Tsuyuki: October 14
Orange/honey eyes Chocolate Brown Hair
Tamaki: July 29
Blue eyes and Light brown hair