Author's Note: So, this is the last chapter. Sad I know but it ends with a happy ending! I've completely taken this story in a differnet direction than what April Blair had in mind, but whatever! I think I misread or miswached Billy's feelings towards Zoe and Jane. I think he does like Zoe but deep down he still loves Jane, and that love is never going to go away. In the kiss part I did something slightly similiar to another story someone wrote titled Nice, because I didn't know how else to write it without it being like totally boring. Like I said this is just a summer thing so maybe I'll pick back up next summer! This whole story was just centered on Jane and Billy not her job, except for like the first two chapters but yeah I just wanted to write about her and Billy not really her job, so enjoy the last chapter!


I'm about to step through the doors leading to the plane when I hear a very familiar voice shout behind me,

"Janey!" Billy.

I slowly turn around. Was I hearing things? Or, was it really him? And, it was him. There he stands a few feet away from me, arms open wide. His messy blonde hair is messier than usual, and he's soaked. I qucikly glance at the window and notice it's dark with rain.

"Billy!" I squeal like a little girl getting a present, and he was my present.

"Janey!" he repeats.

I quickly run into his arms, closing the un-bearable distance between us.

"You came for me." I whisper into the collar of his favorite jacket. The worn leather feels nice on my cheek.

"Yeah, I did, And, I'm bringing you home." he tells me as he buries his face in my wild black curls. We stay like that for a moment, clinging onto each other as if our lives depended on it. I enhale his spicy colonge I love so much before I ask,


"Because Janey, I know."

"Know what?" I ask him confused as I pull my head out of the crook of his neck. What on earth was he talking about? Why was he even here anyway?

"Because I' love with you. It's you, Janey. You know that it's always been you. Your the one I want. Forever." he whispers to me.

I'm about to say something but he embraces my lips with his own. He places his left hand on my warm cheek and he tangles his right in my hair. I wrap both my arms tightly around his neck as he continues to kiss me passionately. To say that time stopped or that fireworks went off would be a lie. None of those mythical things happened like in all those sappy love stories. But, it was definitely magical might I say. It was far better than kissing Nick or Eli. There was perhaps a spark between us, evenif that's not really possible. Everything felt right. Like his lips belonged on mine.

I can hear clapping and cheering around us. Just like in those stupid movies I hated. But, right now I was living it. And, it wasn't so stupid anymore.

When we finally pull apart I lean my forehead against his. I can feel his hot breathe on me and it's soothing. We remain enterwined together as if nothing can break us apart. I finally break the silence by whimpering,

"Does this mean we're not best friends anymore?"


"Well, since I guess we're together does that mean we're notbest friends anymore?" He just laughs at me and replies,

"No matter what, you'll always be my best friend Jane Quimby."

I smile as he once again presses his soft lips to mine. Billy Nutter. My best friend and the love of my life. Even if it sounded ridicilous.