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Natasha Romanoff awoke to the sound of her alarm clock blaring from her bedside table. Lazily, she rolled over onto her side and slapped the snooze button to earn her a couple more minutes of sleep. Like clockwork, she heard her cell phone buzz from her bedside table, letting her know that she had a text message. She groaned as she rolled over to snatch the device off of the table and open the text message to read it.

Wake up! it read. Natasha couldn't hide the smile that spread across her face. There was only one person in the whole entire world who knew that she immediately hit the snooze button as soon as her alarm went off at 6:30 in the morning. And that person just so happened to live right next door.

Calm down, Natasha typed back. I'm awake now! She hit the send button and watched as the screen flashed that the message had successfully been sent. She stared at the screen for a couple more seconds, eagerly awaiting a reply. When she didn't receive her reply, she rolled out of bed and padded across her room to yank open the curtains.

Directly across from her window was the window to Clint Barton's bedroom. On schedule, Clint entered and strode across the room, picking up his phone from his unkempt bed. His back was turned towards Natasha but she knew there was a smile spreading across his face as he read her message. He turned around and waved at her and she waved back.

This was how it went every morning. Natasha's alarm clock would go off and she would immediately hit the snooze button. Not even a minute later, she would always receive a message from Clint, demanding that she get up. She would send a message back but he wouldn't respond. That's when Natasha would get up to open the curtains and see Clint smiling back at her from the window directly across from hers. It was routine. It was like clockwork.

Natasha watched as Clint disappeared from the window and she did the same, plopping down in her desk chair and firing up her laptop. The ancient device whirred to life and made some strange beeping noises as it loaded Natasha's desktop. While she waited for her laptop to load, she stood in front of her closet, trying to decide what she wanted to wear to school. She pulled a pair of jeans and a red shirt from their hangers and then strode over to her dresser to pull out a bra and underwear.

She glanced back at her laptop and saw it struggling to open her desktop. Natasha shrugged her shoulders, gathered up her clothes, and headed to the bathroom to give her laptop more time. Once she was dressed, she slapped on just a hint of makeup and a dab of perfume. She fluffed up her curls, brushed her teeth, and then tossed her sleep clothes into the hamper on her way back to her bedroom.

She sat back down at her desk and double clicked on the icon to open her personal schedule. It seemed strange that every day she needed to check what was on her agenda, but she was always so busy, she could barely remember the days of the week. Every day after school, she had some sort of activity that she took part in. One day it could be Pilates, the next it could be gymnastics. Some days, it was both.

Today, she was scheduled to be at the gym to practice her balance beam routine for her competition on Saturday. What time on Saturday, she had no clue. She would find out when she woke up Saturday morning for the competition. What she did know was she had to be at the gym by five o'clock or her coach, Ivan Petrovitch, would have her head on a platter.

Natasha checked the time in the corner of the screen and noticed she had ten minutes until she had to meet Clint out at the bus stop. She powered down her laptop and grabbed her backpack – double checking that she had all of her books and materials – and then bounded down the steps to grab a Pop Tart before heading out the front door.

At the same time, Natasha saw Clint step out into the cool autumn morning and he nodded for her to follow him to the bus stop. Natasha bounded down her front porch steps and sprinted to catch up with Clint. When she reached his side, she fell into step with him as they walked down the sidewalk of their suburban neighborhood towards their bus stop.

"And how are you this morning Miss Romanoff?" Clint had greeted her when she caught up with him.

"I am fine. How is Mr. Barton doing?" Natasha said back, playing along.

"Mr. Barton is very tired," Clint joked and Natasha giggled at his lame response. Clint was always awake before Natasha in the mornings and he usually had to coax her out of bed with text messages, but he was always the tired one.

They reached the corner of the sidewalk and joined the rest of their friends, who were also waiting for the bus. Thor greeted Clint and Natasha with a hearty wave, while Tony offered Clint a high five, only to snatch his hand away at the last second.

"So, you have to go to the gym tonight?" Clint asked Natasha as they stood waiting for the bus.

"Yeah, I have to work on my routine for the beam," Natasha said, casting her eyes down at the sidewalk.

"Your competition is on Saturday right?" Clint asked.

"Yeah, all day," Natasha mumbled, her eyes still trained on her feet.

"I guess that means you won't be coming to the game Friday night," Clint said. He almost sounded disappointed.

"Probably not. Sorry Clint. I know this is the biggest game of the year for you," Natasha said, looking up to see the disappointment in his eyes. Clint was the starting quarterback for their high school's football team. Not only was it homecoming, but college football scouts would be coming to watch the school's football players play. By the end of the night, he could possibly have an offer to play football at some big shot university.

"It's okay. What time is your competition on Saturday?"

Natasha racked her brain, trying to remember what time it would be and where it would be. "I think it's at noon. But it's like an hour away."

Clint hummed a response as he absorbed the information she just gave him. "Maybe I'll try to make it," Clint said nonchalantly.

"Oh no, you don't have to. It's really not that big of a deal. It's just a regional competition," Natasha said defensively.

"Yeah, but you could totally be crowned the regional champion and then go onto the state competition," Clint countered.

Natasha shrugged but didn't say a word. She didn't have much faith in herself but Clint always did. Rarely did he attend a competition of hers but when he did, he was her personal cheerleader. Knowing that he was there always made her more determined to push herself and go for the win.

"I know you can do it, with or without me there," Clint said. His words hit her square in the chest. No, not in the chest, in the heart. When he said stuff like this, it made her realize just how in love she was with him, but he didn't know that and he probably never would. It was just better for them to be friends. It was simple and it wouldn't ruin their friendship. Plus, there was just one minor obstacle in Natasha's way.

Almost as if on cue, a red convertible squealed around the corner and halted right in front of the bus stop. The driver had her golden blonde hair pulled up into a tight ponytail and dark black shades wrapped around her face. Her cheeks were pink from the wind whipping at them and Natasha rolled her eyes at how incredibly ridiculous it was that she had the top down in the middle of October.

The driver pulled the shades off of her face to reveal her baby blue eyes. She tossed her sunglasses into the cup holder and said "Hey baby."

"Hi lover," Tony joked.

"Fuck off Stark," the girl said and then turned her attention to Clint. "Want a ride?"

"Sure," Clint said as he pulled open the door and slid into the front seat. The blonde girl leaned over and crushed her lips against Clint's. The sight of this almost made Natasha upchuck, but she gulped and turned her head to the side to give the two of them some privacy.

"Hey Natasha. How are you?" Natasha heard the blonde girl say and she turned her head to face Clint and the girl.

Natasha offered up the fakest smile she could manage. "I'm good. How are you Bobbi?"

"Would you like to tag along too?" Bobbi offered.

"No, no, I'm good. I'll just wait for the bus," Natasha said.

"Okay then," Bobbi said as she slid her sunglasses back onto her face. She turned back to Clint and slapped a smile on her face. "Ready babe?"

Clint nodded as Bobbi revved the engine. Clint turned back to Natasha and said, "See you at school, Nat," but his words were drowned out by the engine as Bobbi sped off down the road.

Natasha heard Tony scoff. "She thinks she's hot shit. I bet she's never been behind the wheel of a Lamborghini."

As Natasha drowned out Tony's rant about Lamborghinis, she turned her head to stare off into the distance. There were so many things she wanted to say to Clint. She wanted to tell him that his archery skills were far better than his football skills. She wanted him to know that it was okay if he wanted to do archery instead of football in college. She wanted him to know that his girlfriend was a total bitch behind his back.

Most importantly, she wanted him to know about the countless times she had written "I love you" on her notepad when they were writing messages back and forth to one another between their windows. She had all of them stashed in her desk drawer, too chicken to throw them out. She wanted him to know, but he never could. What they had was too good and she didn't want to ruin it. They were both satisfied as best friends. Clint had Bobbi anyways. As much of a back stabber as she was, Clint was happy with her. There was no way Clint could ever be happy with Natasha.

But it was killing her. She just wanted him to know. The weight would be taken off of her shoulders if he knew.

If only he knew.

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