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I stand on the cliff overlooking the sandy beach where hundreds of men have raced the capall uisce. Where hundreds of men have died, battered by countless hooves, or mauled by their mount. A shiver runs down my spine. Only about 6 months ago, I was racing down there. Now it's just plain sand, washed constantly by the tide. I hear quiet footsteps behind me, and strong arms wrap around my shoulders. Sean Kendrick and I have grown closer in the past months, teaching Corr to walk again, and rebuilding his father's house. We aren't the only ones who have gotten closer. Unexpectedly, Dove is with foal, by Corr. Sean leans down close to my ear and whispers, "Come back to the house with me. It's cold here," which irritates me because he knows this is normal weather for Thisby. As I'm about to argue, I see a strange, sentimental glint in his eye and go along with him. We slowly walk back, hands brushing, but not entwined. As we get up to the house, I can see he's been working on it in the few days I haven't been here. The boards that were coming off had been replaced with new ones, so the house doesn't have a tilted effect anymore. The door isn't hanging off its hinges, and the windows are open. I blink in surprise, and turn to Sean. He has that weird look in his eyes still. I wonder what he's up to...


I take a deep breath and lead her inside. I hope this works. Up the side steps, there are stairs leading to a cellar, and a couple of stairs leading to the main part of the house. She takes those, and I follow her. The kitchen has a sink and counters, and a few little cabinets. Down one hall, there is the room that used to be my father's, and my room. The one that we take has a little table with two wooden chairs. I lead her into a bigger room with a fireplace and a painting of Corr on the wall, along with an old couch I had found in someone's trash. Finally, she goes into the hall with the rooms and peeks into what was mine. "Aw, Sean, was this your room?" I grimace. She can tell by the sloppy little kid drawings and model horses all over. "Come on," I say, suddenly impatient to get this over with. She looks a little startled, but also amused, thinking I was embarrassed about the drawings. She finally goes into the big room. I take a deep breath and reach into my back pocket for the velvety case...


I look around this big room with wonder. It's obvious that this is what Sean has been working on most. It has a large wooden bed in the center with a plain cover. A small dresser sits against one wall with a wide, cracked mirror over it and some books and a vase full of flowers on top. A rocking chair sits in the corner. The eggshell walls accent the light brown wooden floors, with an open window next to the bed that looks out at Dove and Corr. "Kate," Sean says quietly. I turn to see him staring at his feet, a little velvet box in his hand. I stare at it quizzically and he lets a ghost of a smile appear on his face, and opens it. I gasp. Inside is a ring, with diamonds along the sides and an emerald in the middle. " I know that I'm probably not who you really deserve, but I was just wondering if you maybe... Well, let's put it at this: Let's bring true the king and queen of the Scorpio Races, and you'll have your farm and I'll bring you bread for dinner everyday," Sean quietly says. I stared at him in astonishment and cried, "Yes! I mean, yes!" He chuckled and I leaped into his arms, hugging him, and laughing, and crying, because it's all just too good to be true. "I have to go tell Gabe and Finn! Maybe now, Gabe won't leave the island!" I babble. I snatch my coat off the chair and run out.

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