Chapter 5

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I wake up the next morning enveloped in Sean's arms and jacket. I carefully get up, not disturbing him, and do the barn chores. The tack room is warm and musty, the best way I like it. Grabbing a bucket, I get Dove's food ready and slide it under the stall. A bottle of milk is warming over the fire in the tack room. Red is already too big to suckle from Dove. I hear a thud in the hay loft and grin. It sounds like Sean fell off the bale we'd slept on. He'll be down soon, so I hurry and slide some meat under Corr's door and start persuading Red to drink from the bottle. After a while, I realize that she's old enough to eat meat, and has been for a while. I've just gotten a chunk of beef and was holding it out for her when Sean comes down the steps.

"Puck!" he gasped. "You shouldn't be..." he gestured with his hands. I grinned.

"Sean. I'll be fine. I promise! I'm just feeding the animals." Red, impatient for a treat, nudges me hard and I stumble over. Sean's frown deepens and I smile innocently at him before sighing in resignation.

"Alright, alright, I'm going inside." I walk inside, grumbling to myself and decide to get breakfast ready. In a flash of nostalgia, I make an apple cake and mint tea. When Sean walks in, I'm setting it out on the table. "Just in time!" I proclaim and wrap my arms around him. I feel him stiffen in surprise and I smile.

"Sorry about this morning." his mouth curves up a little.

"No. I'm sorry. I shouldn't worry about you two so much." he places a hand on my stomach, which of course, makes me blush. I shake it off.

"Well. We both have things to work on. Now let's eat breakfast, I'm hungry!" I lead him to the table and we quickly eat. As we eat, we talk about Dove's foal.

"We should get Finn over to start training Red." I say. Sean nods slowly.

"He's old enough to. Why don't we start today?" I grin.

"Let's go over there now." We wash the dishes and head to my old house with the filly. Finn is in the front yard working with something I think was once a toaster.

"Finn!" I call. He looks up and his face bursts into a smile at the sight of Red prancing along next to us. He abandons his project and wipes his hands, streaked with grease, on his jeans. His eyes only for Red, he hurries over and strokes her strong shoulder. She's nearly a hand shorter then Dove at six months. Sean looks on warmly, a strange Sean emotion, at them and glances at me. Unspoken, I know we should go in. We leave the pair in the yard and head to the kitchen where we can keep a watchful eye on them.

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