Crystal's P.O.V

It was now time to redo the went over it like a thousand we didn't do the kiss for real.I still kept kissing my hand and slap was pretty funny i couldn't keep the laughing inside doing the same scene over and over and over and over again got pretty boring.I mean you wouldn't like it if you had to do the same scene again and it was almost time to go back to the Anubis House

Amber:"Okay...lets do the last scene one more time and thats a rap"

Last Scene

Crystal:"Your the Osirian?"

Jerome nodded.I grabbed for the 'gem'' but he closed his hand

Jerome:"Think about what your doing first"

Crystal:"I have to do this"

He leans in and BAM our lips wrapped his arms around me.I just leave mine by my side.I finally managed to pull stared at saw and he just nodded.I just stare at the people who mouths are open.I looked around stutter then i finally just run off the stage and out of the school.I go to a tree and just sit down.I just sat there thinking about what i heard a familiar voice behind was Louis

Crystal:"Louis...i'm sorry i didn't know he caught me off guard"

Louis:"Hey...its was just for the play...besides were suppose to be together forever"


He sat down next to puts his right hand on my hands are always leans in and kisses me.I resist for awhile but then i just go with wraps his arms around my waist and i wrap mine around his just keep kissing until we need finally get up and walk to Anubis is sitting down in the dining room.I sit down next to Louis and Amber..Everyone stares at me except Amber Fabian Nina and of course Louis.I just throw my fork and spoon on the table get up and walk to my room.I sat down on my bed and my phone started to ring.I picked it up and it was Ethan

Phone Convo.

Ethan:Hey Crissie

Crystal:Haha hi

Ethan:How are you?

Crystal:I'm good...what do you want?

Ethan:Nothing...why would you think i want someting?

Crystal:Because you only call me Crissie when you did or want something

Ethan:Okay do you get bloodstains out?

Crystal:Get a rag and dap don't rub

Ethan:Okay thanks

Crystal:Anything else?

Ethan:I also wanted to talk to you

Crystal:About what

I laid down on my bed on my stomach

Ethan:You know...everything that happened when you weren't here

Crystal:What happened anyways...the only story i know was when you and Benny made the love potion and you used it on Sarah and Erica

Ethan:Hahaha ya...Erica kissed Benny

Crystal:Score one for Benny haha


Crystal:Did Sarah kiss you when you she was on the love potion

Ethan:Just my cheek

Crystal:Awww hahaha

Ethan:Ya but i was close

Crystal:Whatever you say

Ethan:I did say

Crystal:Hahaha wait, did you say a kiss?



Ethan:Its true

Crystal:Okay okay spare me the details Ethan

Ethan:Okay okay but Sarah called me her cuddle bear


Ethan:Ya...are you okay

Crystal:Huh...oh yeah i'm fine

Ethan:She was under a spell so she didn't know what she said

Crystal:Ya your right

Ethan:So anything new with you

Crystal:No just bored...hey i have a play coming up

Ethan:Really thats cool

Crystal:Ya...maybe you can come

Ethan:I'd love to


Ethan:I miss you

Crystal:I miss you too

Ethan:I can't believe we've been away from eachother for 2 years

Crystal:I know...i remember we would always hang know me you and Benny

Ethan:Ya..but were together again

Crystal:Ya...were together again

Ethan:Hey i got to go...we lost Rory

Crystal:Chasing a squirrel again?

Crystal:Hahaha bye


After we said our good-byes i hung up and changed into my pyjamas.I put my phone into the charger and went to sleep.I then suddenly woke up to the sound of my felt like i only slept for a i had to get up.I took a shower and changed into my uniform.I went downstairs and helped Trudy set the Amber and Fabian were in the living room whispering.I walked up behind them and heard them talking about a cup

Amber:"Do you still have the cup of Ankh?"

Nina:"Ya its still where it was for awhile"

Fabian:"Does Eddie know?"
Nina:"Ya...i texted him last night"
Crystal:"You know the cup of Ankh can't be destroyed"

Amber:"How do you know about that?"
Crystal:"I heard you guys whispering"

Fabian:"Oh uhh right"