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The dimly lit room was wide and spacious but only one lone man sat in the room at a table. His shadow reflected off the wall as he sat hunched over a stack of paper, intensely reading, only stopping once in a while to massage his eyes as it was very late. He looked at the clock and found it to be 2 AM. He supposed he could drive home, but that would take time away from the case, and besides he never slept much anyways. It wasn't exhaustion that annoyed him when he couldn't sleep. Lack of sleep never effected him, and he never felt the side effects of annoyance or lack of energy from his sleep habits. Truthfully, it was just a quirk, a lifestyle of his. What really bugged him, was that when he wasn't sleeping, his mind was racing and he had nothing to do. Nothing kept him from the nightmares, and no job kept him busy. He stood up to fill up his coffee cup once again, silently streaking out of his chair, when a voice made him turn.

"Callen, what are you still doing here?"

"Nell? What are you still doing here. I thought everyone went home, hours ago." Callen said, confused why the young women was standing there holding a stack of papers and her tablet. "Don't you need to sleep?"

"Don't you need sleep?"

It was a fair question, he thought as he slid back into his chair. Nell pulled out the chair next to his, and sat down almost as silently as he had.

" I just couldn't go home." Nell started, surprising Callen. " This case, I mean I've thought I've seen a lot, but this time, children are being kidnapped."

Their newest case had been a particular tough one, more emotional then skillful. Children under the age of 10 who had marine parents, mostly marine fathers, were being taken from their bedrooms at night. Some had been found dead, some alive but tortured, and others were still missing. It was such a gamble, such a random attack, that it had even left Callen with less sleep then normal.

"We are going to catch them, Nell." Callen simply stated.

She smiled back at him. "We always do, I guess. Just I hope sooner then later."

The silence hung in the air, almost enveloping the two of them. Callen found himself studying Nell, as she flipped open the file she had. It was the file of the latest parent to lose their child, a Frank Theodor who had lost his daughter Melody two nights ago.

"That's not the only thing bothering you." Callen spoke simply.

"The case." Nell said flippantly.

"No, something more personal..." Callen said, his voice trailing off into the darkness. Nell took a long period, as if she was debating with herself to share, and then locked her hazel eyes on his blue ones.

"I'm suppose to visit my family soon. Tomorrow actually. They are going to be so disappointed."

It surprised Callen to hear this. He never imagined Nell Jones with family. But of course, she had family. Everyone had family. Except for him of course. "You can still go."

"Ha, Callen you say that, but even you know that it's an empty offer. There is no way you guys are going to let me go off and go, as much as there is no way that I will leave this case open. But, I don't know. I haven't seen them since I joined NCIS. Before that, when I was..um when I was…"

He smiled at her discomfort. "At a highly classified place." He answered for her.

"Yes," she smiled gratefully, "A highly classified place, when I was there I could only visit twice. My family's close."

"How many siblings do you have?"

"Seven. I'm the youngest of seven."

Seven siblings? Callen couldn't even imagine having seven siblings, more or less imagine being the youngest of seven. But he could tell it fit Nell. She had the spunk and the confidents of a girl who grew up with protecting brothers, joyful sisters, and loving parents. She had the air of a girl who was content with her family. A family she never got to see. "Wow." He finally answered. "That's a lot."

She smiled. " Yes, and it's wonderful. But it has it's downfalls. They are all married with kids and living wonderful suburban lives. But I on the other hand…"

"Don't." Callen finished.

"They keep asking me if I'm going to bring home a boyfriend or somebody, I'm dating or anybody. But truthfully, there isn't anybody to bring home." Nell blurted out. All of sudden, her embarrassment took over and she began to feel red. Why was she confessing this to Callen? G, Callen her boss. There were in the middle of a serious case, he didn't have time for confessions or stories about first world problems.

Callen felt the awkwardness in the air. He stayed silent for a couple of beats, weighing his options. "What about Eric?"

"Well..I mean I thought about it." Nell began, "but I don't know. He seems to have a bit of a crush on me, and I don't know, I just can't pull him along, or pretend like we are in a r-word or play him. It's just better, if it stays they way we are together."

Callen instantly found himself relieved. He didn't know why he felt so relieved, nor did he want to believe it had anything to do with Nell's nonexistant feelings for Eric. Truthfully, he didn't see why he cared on a personal level. Nell and Eric had the right to do whatever they wanted. Besides, he was G Callen. He didn't do relationships, especially relationships with Intelligence Agents.

Nell instantly wondered what Callen was thinking about. Was it her? If it was, was it good or bad? Maybe she should ask him to come. No wait, is she crazy?

"So seven siblings, huh?" Callen finally replied.

"Mhm." Nell answered. "Well, I got to get going, more work tomorrow."

"Right. Well night Nell."

"Night Callen."

The case had been officially closed three days later, as it was found to be a brother of a dead marine, who was angry at the men who let his brother die. The confessions were heard, the paper work had begun, and the night was beginning to fall.

"I am ready to just go home, and lay on my couch." Kensi yawned as she stretched out her arms behind her desk. "I'm ready for some pizza."

"I'll take you up on that." Deeks said, and a few minutes later, they were both out the door heading into the night air. That left Sam, Eric, Callen, and Nell and within a few minutes Sam was saying his goodbyes too. Eric and Nell were finishing up in OPS when Callen entered the room.

"Hey Callen, what do you need." Nell asked, as she finished up typing on her computer and spun to face him. He responded by pulling out a plane ticket. "What is this?" Nell responded.

"One plane ticket. Wherever your family is. Courtesy of Hetty." He said smiling. "She seemed to figure out you were missing your family. She said to tell you, have fun and come back in two weeks."

In that instance, Nell's mouth dropped and she found herself wrapping her arms around Callen. Callen felt awkward for half a second before wrapping his arms back around her, hugging her back.

"This is the nicest thing ever! Thank you so much Callen!"

"Thank Hetty." He said simply, and when she let go, she found herself unable to stop smiling

Callen headed into OPS ready for another day of work. Nell was expected back tomorrow and he was glad. While they hadn't had any large cases and hadn't missed her skill wise, her friendship and her personality was defenetly lacking in the team. The equations of the name were out of order. Callen had his Sam, Kensi and Deeks had each other, but there was no second person into OPS, no second voice over the intercom, no second opinion or calm reassuring person in trouble. Maybe, there was more to the reason why he missed her, but Callen would never admit that to himself.

"Mr. Callen. A word." Hetty's voice finds him, even from downstairs, as he heads downstairs to her desk.

"Hello Hetty, and what is the pleasure this time." He said, smiling at the women behind the desk, but her eyes are dark , cloudy even.

"There has been a situation."

"A situation. What kind of situation."

"Not a what. Mr. Callen, a whom."

"I don't understand, Hetty." He said leaning forward, "what is going on."

"Nell. Mr Callen, it's Nell."

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