He hadn't been to the OPS in almost 8 months, and as he walks in holding Nell's hand, he feels like a different man, crazily enough, a better man. It's foolish what kind of broken person he was those eight months ago, and how he hadn't even realized how much he was missing, how complete Nell makes him feel. Walking in through the front door, Callen took a deep breath, and made eye-contact with Nell. Her smile is breath-taking and she leans closer into him.

"I forgot how much I missed this place." She whispers, and he nods, agreeing with her. There is Hetty's desk, and he waves at the older women, who nods curtly back. His desk comes into view, and Kensi, Sam, and Deeks are all laughing, joking. It seems so strangely like home, he can't help himself but smile.

"Look who decided to show up to work." Kensi jokes, and instantly banter is thrown back and forth, and high fives shared. Just the feeling of being back gives Callen an unfamiliar fuzzy feeling, and he hasn't realized how much he missed this, until he was standing right there, with it all back.

Nell smiles at him and he wraps his arm around her lightly, unsure how he feels about personal stuff in the office. "It's good to be back," He comments simply, and her grin shows her agreement, as they make their way upstairs.

They aren't officially back, Nell is far from it, but it feels good to be back, even if it was for just a visit. Before they come back, Callen needs a physical and both need psychological exams, but that is the future, and right now they are content with their present.


Callen is asleep on a mattress at his house when the phone's ring penetrates through the air. Years of training kick in, and Callen is up, already moving for the phone, mid-grab inspecting the time. 4:21 AM. And the person on the other line is Nell.


"G, I have been having contractions all night, and my water just broke, and I think I need to go to a hospital."

Her words came in a full blast, stunning him for a second, as he sat up in bed, not even thinking straight. "You didn't think to call me earlier?"

Her voice is calm and steady, everything he's not feeling, as she answers. "I was fine until now, G. Now I need you to come get me. Please."

He is already hanging up, reaching blindly for his jeans, a t-shirt comes next. He barley stops to grab his car keys, and is flying down the driveway, the clock reading 4:25 AM. He tells himself to calm down, getting himself killed on the way to Nell's would only be embarrassing, so he finds himself resorting to only going ten over. Ten over was a perfectly normal speed limit, especially in these conditions. She is waiting on her living room couch when he bursts into her apartment, and hearing his heavy breathing, she grins.

"You didn't have to run here." She jokes, standing up slowly, but he is standing next to her, gripping her arm, no smile on his face.

"Are you feeling okay? Do you need anything?"

Over protective G was a heart-warming G to Nell, and she grinned at his worry. "Let's just go to the hospital." She replies, kissing him lightly on the lips, and he puts his arm around her, as they walk slowly the car door.

"Hmm. It seems strange. Next time, I come home, we'll have a little baby." Nell commented, her voice soft, almost breathy as she sat in the passenger seat, hand tangled with Callen's.

And those words made everything seem so real.


Kensi Blye hadn't expected a call at 5 AM in the morning, especially one from Nell Jones. Usually if they had an early case, Callen would call, or Sam. In the last many months, she had gotten used to a phone call by Deeks or even once in a while, a rude visit by Deeks who swore up and down it was because she didn't answer her phone.


"Kensi, the baby is coming!"

Kensi is rolling out of bed at those words, her feet hitting the carpet, her mind already racing. "Right now?"

"Yes, G is taking me right now. Could you call everyone else?"

"Yes, don't worry about a thing, Nell. I'll talk to you soon okay?"

Deeks was laying in his bed, debating between an early surf session or more hours of sleep when his phone rang. Looking at the caller id, he grinned.

"Hey Kens, if you missed me so bad, you should have just came over."

She ignored his cheeky statement, her words already spilling out. "Nell is in labor."

"I'll be at your house in five minutes."

The rest of the team are in the hospital waiting room by 5:30 AM, their appearance looking entirely ridiculous compared to the other grandparents, uncles, and aunts scattered through the waiting room. Kensi looks tired and her hair is all over, shirt not matching her jacket, while Deeks looks remarkable well put together, as if he was used to flying out of bed, which he probably was. Sam's size filled up the hospital chair and he looked entirely out of place, while Eric's flip flops, un-matching t-shirt and shorts made him look childish and strange. Lastly Hetty's small demeanor, next to Sam's, reflected the grandmother position, but her beady eyes sweeping across the waiting room were too cautious like. As an elderly woman glances at them, Sam smiles and the woman looks entirely frightened, scooting closer to the young man next to her.

"Not to bring up the obvious, but we may be scaring the other patients," Deeks whispers and Kensi rolls her eyes, a smile on the edge of her lips.

"It might just be your hair," She shot back, stifling a yawn, and her partner grins.

"My shoulder is open, Kensi, if you ever need it."

This comment earns a slap to the shoulder, but she is smiling. "This is too exciting to sleep."


Hospitals suck. Labor sucks. Starchy sheets suck. Gowns with no backs suck. Having thin little beautiful nurses suck. Nell had a thousand complaints on the tip of her tongue as Callen helps her into a gown, but one look on his face, and she bites his tongue.

He looks speechless but when she turns towards him, he grins, running his hands up and down her arms as if trying to warm her up.

"Nell- I love you so much."

She grabs his hands, wrapping them in hers and kisses him. " I love you too. "

"I don't know why you do," it's a slip off his tongue, his protective instincts still intact, and while he feels ashamed for bring it up at a time like this, but he finds her face lights up as if she was waiting for him to say this.

"I love you because you are the bravest man alive. You take on the most courage things ever, I have witnessed it. I love you because you will always protect me, and it doesn't hurt that you carry a gun. I love you because you make me laugh, because you can read my mind, even when I don't know what I want. I love you because you are smart, I love you when you are mad, I love you when you are upset. I love it when you laugh, I love how you smile at me, and I love the way you love kids, when your soft side is shows. I love how you make me feel."

"Nell, are you sure you want me here?"

Nell looks over at the nurse, the witness of the entire scene, but looks at G, without any embarrassment what so ever " You didn't let me finish. I love you because you always stand by me and our baby."

She shudders as another contraction rang through her, his arms wrapping around her, protectively. His thumb twirls the ring on her finger as he kisses her one last time, before leading her towards the bed, to wait.

"Let's have a baby then."


"What do you think they will name it?"

They have been in the waiting room for four hours, and Deeks has not stopped talking. It was 10:30, and while Hetty had graciously given them a day off (not that she had much of a choice), Kensi hadn't imagined spending the whole time in this waiting room listening to Deeks talk. Going to sleep and ignoring him seemed the best option but Kensi Marie Blye was way to stubborn to just go to sleep. So she turned to him, head in hands.

"Maybe after G."

"No, knowing Nell it will be something intelligent. And latin."

Kensi grins at her partner and he grins back, his head leaning against the wall behind the chair. "Maybe you should try to sleep, Kens."

"I can't. I won't."

Hetty, Sam, and Eric sit on the opposite side of the aisle, safely away from Deeks's mouth. Hetty is asleep, her back rigidly straight and pointed while Sam rolls his eyes at Deeks and Kensi's conversation.

"I'm still mad, I bet Deeks cheated on our bet."

"Let me remind you, Mr. Hanna, that I guessed boy also."

Sam whips his head towards the younger women, who's eyes are still closed but a grin is on her face.

"Yes you did, yes you did." He pauses for a second before casting his eyes across the aisle at Kensi who shrugs.

"Hey Eric, who are you texting? We are all here." Deeks jokes, his attention turning away from Kensi. "Don't tell me Nell is sending you updates, that is unfair to all of us."

Eric's face surprisingly turns a pale red and he shrugs, ducking his head. "Just a friend."

But Deeks isn't satisfied and by opening his mouth a second time, he earns a second slap of the morning from Kensi. "It's a girl isn't it?"

When Eric doesn't answer, Deeks smiles even more broadly, turning to Kensi. "You hear that?"

"It's hard not to hear you Deeks."

Eric is flustering red, but Sam lays his hand on his shoulder, surprising Eric. "I would like to meet her sometime, if that is okay."

Eric clears his throat, and shifts uncomfterbly before answering, "That would be nice."

It's noon now, and the contractions are coming quicker and harsher, Nell's small body wincing at the pain. Callen stays at her side, running one hand through her hair, while trying to convince himself that she isn't breaking his other hand.

"Ms. Jones? It's time to start pushing now."

Nell's eyes are fearful for a second and she turns to look at Callen, who couldn't promise that he didn't look the same, but he takes her hand in both of his, leaning to kiss her check.

"You got this Nell Bell." He whispers, and she blinks once before turning back to the nurse.


It's been almost 8 hours, and the restlessness is evident. Many nurses and men have already been back, and other love ones have cleared the room, leaving new arrivals to fill in. The team has tired numerous topics, and Kensi's eyes are closed, her head frightenly close to Deeks shoulder, but he knows she isn't sleeping yet, her breathing is too fast.


Their heads all shoot up at the sound of his voice, and they find Callen standing there, looking so unlike himself, a beaming smile on his face along his hospital apron.

"How is she? How's the baby?" Kensi is the first one to get the words out, even Deeks finds himself speechless and the rest of the team rises out of their seats, following Kensi's lead.

"Nell is perfect and Isaac Samuel Callen has all ten fingers, ten toes, and some beautiful hazel eyes. "

If they were speechless before, that is nothing compared to now, their questions dying in their throats.

"Samuel? You named him after me?" Sam's voice is dry sounding, as he brings his hand to his mouth before letting it fall slowly back down. "Is Nell okay with this?"

Callen walks towards his partner, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Nell chose it, Sam. She told me because 'you have saved my butt too times, and without out you, I wouldn't be here. And if I didn't name him after you, you might accidently kill me in the field.' Personally, I think she just didn't want to name him after me, so she can get rid of me, if she needs too."

Sam opens his mouth, failing once more time to talk, before folding his hands together, placing them on his lips. "You didn't have to do that."

"We wanted too." Callen replied, his voice firm, before glancing at the rest of the team, taking a step away from Sam. "Nell is dying for some visitors."

There you go! I seriously debated the name Isaac Thomas Callen, and Isaac G Callen but I just Sam's face and how happy he would be, and he won. I am thinking about wrapping this up next chapter, but don't worry, I promise a sequel. I'm just indecsive between a thriller or a fluffy one. Speaking of fluffy, check out my other story! It doesn't have many followers/reviews and I almost like it better then this one, so go go go go. I'd love you for life! 3