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"Gonna make a heart-throb out of me, just a bit of minor surgery, these desperate times call for desperate measures." (Desperate Measures, Marianas Trench.)

Chapter 1

Falling is horrible. It is simply terrifying. You can fall from the highest peak to the lowest bottom and that is simply mortifying, especially since you don't know where you'll end up. But if, for some reason, you're in the course of your fall and you spread your wings, it feels simply breathtaking. And she was flying. She was soaring. It was such a wonderful feeling. She didn't understand why the thrill of it frightened her so much when she was a little girl.

"Probably because you were an ignorant little know-it-all and couldn't find any information about it in any books." She thought to herself with a laugh, remembering her first year flying lessons. At the end of the war, after watching Harry and her friends play, she looked beyond its simple concept and into the real feel and beauty of it. Everything had two sides, and after long years of despising it, she finally found a common language. They were both free.

But her parents were dead. After she sent them off to Australia, disguised as travelling dentists, the Death Eaters, not fooled by the charm, and equipped with dark spells and magic, located the two clueless muggles in Australia, wiping the final evidence of Mr. and Mrs. Granger off the face of earth. When Hermione finally arrived to Australia to lift the charm, she was informed that they suffered a tragic death. 'Heart attacks' or so they were called.

The gruesome part of the wizarding world was now over, and Hermione was free. She grew up at eleven years old and hadn't ever experienced a proper childhood or a teenage life, and she regretted that. Now that the war was over, everything changed – there was no more kind and warm Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. They were the most caring two people, who suffered from a horrid fate, leaving their only child, Teddy, alone.

The cliché of 'twins' was impossible. No one completed each other's sentences, or pulled off cheesy jokes. With one part of the machine missing, the other couldn't function. So the cheerful and friendly exploding sounds coming from the twins' rooms didn't exist and were unheard of. A piece of the machine was gone – the rest couldn't function. George existed, but he didn't live. He didn't laugh as much anymore, didn't sleep in his room. A couple times, Hermione came across him sleeping on the couch when she spent her days in the Burrow. Now there wasn't really a point of a joke shop anymore, after the cruel and defeating joke pulled on them.

Sirius Black, the mischievous and flirty marauder and lady's man was gone as well. The grim was defeated. He was Harry's only true relative, who treated them with the kindness and responsibility only a true father would. Hermione realized that after spending twelve years in Azkaban, he grew up out of the immature young man he probably way into a immature but wise old man. She always grinned when she tried to imagine Sirius back in the old days, and she would've paid with anything to see that day. He was only free for a few years before his wretched cousin took his life.

Being the most rude and emotionless professor known in Hogwarts, who was truly only tolerated by his bubbling potions and dusty books, she even missed Snape, with his long classes in the dungeon, and his monotonous drawling voice. Every so often, she had to remind herself of his bravery and his full story behind the hatred he showed.

She even missed Dumbledore, though he was one of the reasons why the whole war started. She was frustrated with him most of the time. He loved Harry, yet he gave them no clues for the horcrux hunt. All the events would've passed much quicker if he conveyed all the information he had to those who needed to complete the quest. Even then, Hermione missed his wise and crazy remarks and strange obsession with muggle treats.

Sometimes, Hermione stayed up at night, just thinking what would happen if there was no war. It was simply unimaginable and unrealistic. If there was no war, Teddy wouldn't be an orphan, Harry would have parents, as well as his beloved godfather; he wouldn't be the Chosen One, which meant he wouldn't be stampeded by paparazzi and interviewers.

At the same time, if there was no war, they wouldn't realize how some things in life can go completely wrong. She wouldn't have any friends, and she would still have a book as a best friend, searching for a perfect prince in the safe house of the library. Ron would still be stuck-up git and Harry would just be a normal student, nothing particularly special about him. Even then, she always wished that she could change everything that happened over the past eight years… But how?

"Hermione, watch out!" she heard Ginny call, when she saw a branch in front of her as she sped towards it, but at the last moment dove in a Wronski Feint-type dive, turning and grinning like a maniac, as Ginny rolled her eyes. "Show off!" she laughed, as they both sped to make a circle around the Burrow, and then landed softly, all Hermione's philosophical thoughts scattered in the wind.

"So," Ginny started, as both of them shouldered their brooms, and headed towards the Burrow. "What's up with you and Ron?" she asked, as Hermione's smile faded at the touchy topic she didn't want to approach.

"He wanted to continue, but lately, I've just been so busy and I don't think that it's the right time for a relationship. I don't have too much time on my hands, and we don't really go too well together." she sighed. "And I think that he has a thing for Lavender Brown, so I don't want to complicate anything."

Her thoughts strayed and Ginny nodded slightly in understanding and they put the topic aside.

"So how are you and Harry doing?" Hermione nudged Ginny playfully, and the redhead's face turned as red as her hair.

"It's weird though, you know?" Ginny's blush disappeared and her grin turned into a frown. "At some points, it feels so real, as if we're actually a couple. As if we don't know each other as 'the Chosen One' and 'Ron's little sister'."


"But right after he's so nice to me and stuff, and we're off to a blasting start, he sort of backs off, as if he's embarrassed and he just leaves me. It's happened quite a couple of times," Ginny huffed exasperatedly. "Do you know anything about it? Does Harry talk to you about it lately? Or anything? Did he ever talk girls to you?" she rambled as Hermione chuckled thoughtfully.

"Not really. Harry and I aren't as close as he and Ron are. He's like a brother to me, but he doesn't tell me such things. Don't worry. I'm sure he'll come around some time." Hermione hugged her with one hand, as they walked into the shed and dropped their brooms off.

"He bloody better!" Ginny giggled, poking Hermione's side.

"Heeeey!"Hermione laughed, poking Ginny back, as they both fell into a tickle-fest.

They were both rolling on the ground, poking and tickling each other, when they heard the door to the Burrow creak open and light footsteps echoed through the moist swampy air. The two girls raised their heads just to see a lonely redhead exiting the house and staring out into the distance with his glassy sky-blue eyes. Under any circumstances, Hermione could differentiate all the Weasleys, especially lately…

There was one tall lean Weasley with messy ginger hair who, usually strutting with true confidence and a best friend at his side, now was slumped over in insecurity. He slumped out, heading for the edge of the field, staring into the horizon.

"I feel awful for him. It's just like losing a piece of yourself," Hermione sighed getting up, pulling Ginny up with her, as both of them pulled off their dragon-hide Quidditch gloves, which they both got for Christmas from Charlie, which he mailed from Romania. "I've never had a brother or a sister. I wish I had though."

"We all feel that way. Still, it's much worse for him. It gets pretty bad at times – mom calls him Fred by accident, she bursts into tears, and he walks away and doesn't talk to anyone. He comes only late at night or early in the morning the next day." Ginny sighed, slipping her hands around Hermione's waist. "Sometimes I just watch him and I feel that he wants to be up there with Freddy. Most people want to live a long life, but I think it's the opposite for him."

"Should we go cheer him up?" Hermione grinned jokingly, an unknown artery in her heart starting to pump wildly, as Ginny looked at her in complete and utter shock.

"Hermione Granger finally wanting to do something fun? This is a miracle! I must be dreaming!" she rubbed her eyes and opened her mouth, so much Hermione was taken back by her own spontaneous offer.

"Well, Ginny, you knew I would come around sooner or later. You already got me to play Quidditch," Hermione grinned giddily. "But I promise you, I won't be doing anything extreme for a while."

"This is so exciting. Next time, I'm going to get you a date and we're gonna go on a double-date to Diagon Alley. I'll find you someone," Ginny stated, crossing her arms and grinning toothily, and then the both of them burst out in laughter. "Don't you worry, 'Mione m'dear."

Hermione rolled her eyes at Ginny's immaturity and they watched George for a little while, as he picked up little stones from the ground and threw them into the greenish yellow coloured swamp. After the end of the war, the usually dying yellow swamp started to grow flowers and started to live.

"What should we do?" Hermione wondered.

"Quidditch maybe?" Ginny asked, as Hermione raised an eyebrow.

"Not Quidditch. He's a beater, remember? He was a beater together with Fred. He won't play. Harry and Ron told me that he hasn't played since the war."

"What about Hogsmeade for a bit of shopping?"

"George? Shopping? Still, I don't think that it's the greatest idea." Hermione shrugged, remembering that Zonko's was there, as well as the legendary Three Broomsticks and Hog's Head. "What about that date we were thinking about." She wiggled her eyebrows in a joking way, but it seemed that Ginny didn't take it as a joke.

"Oh my lord! That's a brilliant idea! I can't believe that I didn't think of that. You're a genius, 'Mione. Bloody genius!" Ginny flipped her hair, as her blue eyes lit up in a way in which Hermione could see her thoughts right through her.

"But Gin, I was just—'

"OI, GEORGE!" Ginny shouted, as George turned around, and Ginny ran towards him and away from Hermione.

"Oh, you wanker, Ginny." Hermione mentally slapped herself and started running after her, where Ginny was already proposing the idea to George really fast and with pure excitement.

"—come with us?" She did a puppy dog face, which George eyed curiously.

"I might…"

"Oh lighten up, Georgie, just this time. I barely got Hermione to agree, right, 'Mione?"

"Wait, what? But I—"

"RIGHT,'Mione?" Ginny gave her a 'don't-screw-this-up look', as Hermione shuddered. Sometimes Ginny could be rough.

"Uh, yeah. Um, what Gin said." She shrugged, as Ginny nodded approvingly, and George eyed the exchange curiously, with an amused twinkle in his eye.

"Well then. That's decided on," He finally grinned for the first time in ages, which made the girls smile as hope fluttered in their chests. "But you two know that you don't look ready. Maybe I should help?" he winked, waggling his eyebrows.

The girls exchanged a look with each other, Hermione a bit nervous, but Ginny rolled her eyes at it and nodded in approval. Then, George took out his wand and cast a non-verbal spell on Ginny and Hermione, and in a couple of seconds, both of them were wearing identical cocktail dresses. Ginny's was green and Hermione's was a midnight blue. Both of them also ended up wearing watching pumps.

"Where exactly did you learn that?" Hermione giggled. "You need to teach the boys some of that."

"That, love, is a secret I cannot tell any." He winked mischievously, as Ginny laughed and let her wild red hair loose from her pony tail, and Hermione did the same, slipping her time-turner she forgot to take off under the fabric of the dress. After the war ended, she wore it as a good luck charm and as a reminder of everything that happened.

"Ready, ladies?"

"Always, kind sir." Both of the girls giggled, and even Ginny seemed to be enjoying herself, even though it was her brother.

"And I have a perfect place." George grinned, as he held out his hands to his sister and brother's best friend. They both took one and he apparated out.

They landed in a familiar area, which happened to be Diagon Alley. George led them around, and finally after walking for a while, they walked towards a pub, which had a sign, on which "The Archer".

"The Archer?" Ginny read out in half-disbelief, as they walked into the shabby-looking pub, and George looked offended.

"My dearest sister, don't judge a book by its cover." He grinned, as they walked in and asked for a table. Hermione nodded thoughtfully, full-heartedly agreeing with his statement, because no book or person in that case should be judged from the way they look. Hermione knew that first-hand. But the pub… Wow.

The bar was surprisingly very busy and looked pretty good inside. George was right. There were two levels, both which had table and chairs. On the lower level there was a large dance floor. The whole place was illuminated by multi-coloured lights, although it was slightly dim. Hermione Granger at a bar. How extreme did that sound? Hermione's first reaction was to stand and gawk at the bright lights and huge amount of people.

"How long have you know of this?" Hermione gasped, as they sat down at a table.

"Oh Hermione love, where did you think that Fr—I mean, we snuck out when we were at school. We had to relax at one point or another." He broke into a grin, quickly forgetting the 'almost-mention' of Fred.

"So you snuck out of school? During the school year?" Hermione started heating up, going into ickle-prefect mode. "George Fabian Weasley! That's where you spontaneously disappeared during the year at night in your seventh year?"

"Well how did you expect us to start a shop if we didn't have a general clue where we wanted it to be. Of course we snuck out. We're pranksters, aren't we?" He rolled his eyes, as he watched Hermione fume.

"Oh brother…" Ginny sighed, putting her head on the table. But before Hermione could start a lecture and go into rant mode, she was interrupted by a thick Scottish accent.

"Blimey, Georgie is that really you?" a tall bloke came from behind Hermione and leaned over her, as the brunette shifted uncomfortably.

"Oliver, mate," George smiled happily. "How you doing?" He got up and shook his hand. "How's the career coming along? Not in reserve anymore?"

"Made it to the starting lineup." The keeper for Puddlemere United grinned proudly."This is Ginny, am I correct?"

"Yeah."Ginny smiled, sipping her firewhisky, which a pretty blond waitress just brought to their table.

"And who is this pretty bird here?" Oliver got up and stood beside Hermione, eying her carefully, as if trying to place where he had seen her before.

"Hermione. Hermione Granger." She smiled politely, as Oliver's eyes widened.

"Really? Is that really you? Gryffindor bookworm. The one who got my team on the road of success during that stormy game," He grinned, as Ginny and George rolled their eyes at the mention of 'his' team. "I didn't really pin you down as the type which goes to bars."

"I actually didn't pin myself down as that kind of person either. It just…happened," She smiled again, and Oliver nodded approvingly. "Thanks to Gin and George." She muttered, out of earshot.

"A sign that our dear Granger has grown up," He winked at her and scanned her body, which made a small blush creep up her neck. "Oh, by the way, I'm here with Katie and my friend Luke Page."

Hermione did mature over the years. Now, she had long brown hair, which fell down in splendid chocolate locks to the small of her back, warm brown eyes and had developed curves and muscles over the years of training for the war and from Quidditch.

Hermione had to admit, Oliver Wood had grown up a bit. The last time she saw him was at the Quidditch World Cup before her fourth year, which was when he just graduated Hogwarts. At that time, he was reserve keeper for Puddlemere United, and as much the world might've changed over five years, he still remained the Quidditch-aholic he was known as in school.

"Katie's here?" George's eyes widened, and before anyone could say anything, he ran off in search for her, and Oliver started a conversation with Ginny about Quidditch.

Hermione wandered around, and ran into a handsome young man with a nice build, short black hair and blue eyes, who seemed to be awkwardly waiting for Oliver. 'Screw this.' Hermione decided as she came up to him and started a conversation. As much of a stuck-up she was, she agreed that she needed to relax once in a while.

"You're Luke, right?" she asked warmly, as he tilted his head. "Oliver's friend?"

"Yeah. Wood, who's over there with that pretty redhead. You are?" he smiled shaking her hand.

"Hermione Granger. Friend of Oliver as well. We went to school together."

"Really? Before he became the big star?" Luke grinned, putting down his drink on the table nearest to them.

"In fact, yes. I didn't know him too well, but we said a couple of words to each other. He was completely obsessed. He dragged Harry, one of my friends, and the rest of the Quidditch team out bloody early in the morning. Everyone complained. He really wanted to win the Cup then." She leaned against a chair, smiling at the memory of when she woke up and Harry was slumping down the stairs for practice.

"Wanna go dance?" he asked, offering her a hand.

"Sure." She agreed and took it as they walked onto the dance floor, as the song changed to Mrs. Weasley's favourite – A Cauldron of Hot Strong Love by Celestine Warbeck. It was not typical to hear that song anymore. It was pretty old, but they both laughed it off and continued dancing to it.

Suddenly, they heard a thud at the door. Everyone froze. The light dimmed. Suddenly there was a shriek and someone yelled "Bombarda!" which caused the whole bar to shatter, glass flying everywhere in every direction. People started running and screaming, desperately trying to save themselves. No one tried to fight back except for a few.

"Shit!" Hermione ducked and pulled Luke down with her, dodging a killing curse, which was sent their way. Both she and Luke pulled out their wands, and Hermione understood who was there. It was the remainder of the followers of Voldemort, who were still trying to stand up and regain power, but everyone knew they wouldn't go that far, so they attacked small bars and villages, trying to get more and more on their side.

"Hey, mudblood!" one of the Death Eaters yelled. "Look here, Nott, we have the filthy little mudblood, who was all over the papers. Who helped kill the Dark Lord!"

Hermione recognized them immediately and ducked as another curse was sent her way. Luke ran off to help Wood and Hermione was left all alone. It was one on two.

"Come on, Avery, let's throw this little filth where she belongs." Nott bellowed, sending another curse Hermione's way, which she swiftly blocked with Protego.

"Is that all you got for me?" She taunted them, suddenly furious. For a moment she reminded herself of Bellatrix when she killed Sirius.

"CRUCIO!" Nott yelled, and Hermione dodged behind a chair, which was at one of the tables on the dance floor.

"Petrificus Totalus!" she cried, not wanting to use anything dark, but with a swift motion, Avery swiped his wand. She saw a killing curse sent her way from the other direction, and she quickly jumped out of the way, tripping on a chair and landing on her back. She heard one of her legs crack, while she cried out in pain.

"Bombarda!" someone yelled again, and glass, as well as pieces of wood and metal flew in every direction. In a couple of seconds, the brunette felt something hard land on her, breaking a couple of ribs. When she looked, she saw it was the pretty blond lady who gave Ginny her drink. The lady. Killed. Dead. On her. Hermione couldn't take it. The pain was unbearable. She whimpered, trying to push the lady off of her.

"HERMIONE!"She heard Ginny yell, and in a blunder of voices and flying objects, she heard Nott and Avery cast a curse at the same time, which both hit her hard in the chest. The next thing she knew, she was spinning and engulfed by darkness.

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