Title: Butterfly

Summary: Clarisse looked up at her husband, blushing slightly as she stumbled with her words. "Joseph… I- um- I want…I want us to have a baby." God bless the butterfly; give her the strength to fly...Never let her wings touch the ground… C/J and a baby.-R&R!

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Clarisse smiled at her reflection in the mirror.

Radiant, glowing, ecstatic- she possessed the view of a woman blissfully happy.

Married a year to a man you love more than anything else in the world may do that to you. She told herself.

Clarisse continued to stare at herself in the mirror. She had everything she ever wanted, yet… something was missing. She could feel it in her bones- In her soul and heart.

"Hello sweetheart," Came Joseph's voice.

Clarisse turned, smiling brightly at the sight of her husband. "Hi darling,"

"What are you doing?" He asked.

Clarisse turned back to the mirror. "Thinking,"


"Everything… I'm happy." She explained, smiling at her reflection.

Joseph smiled, "well good, I aim to make you happy.'

"Where were you for the past hour?" Clarisse asked, moving away from the mirror.

"Talking to Calliope," He smiled. His daughter was his pride and joy, the sunshine of his life. "She sends her love, also Pierre called earlier, he said that he loves and misses you and he'd call you later to speak with you… Clarisse, are you listening to me?"

Clarisse stared out the window. Calliope… Pierre, of course… Children… That's what was missing. Children- kids… a baby…

You are 57 years old! What do you want a baby for? Clarisse asked herself. Having a baby with Joseph… Very appealing…


Looking up, the blue eyed beauty smiled, "Yes dear?"

"Are you okay?"

Clarisse nodded, "Of course."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive…" Clarisse leaned over, kissing his lips softly.

Now…How are you supposed to bring up the subject of a baby?


Sitting across from Mia and Nicolas, Joseph and Clarisse, Joe's hand resting atop Clarisse's knee and her hand resting atop of his, they were enjoying a nice little meal, quiet and subtle.

Tonight… Tonight she would be bringing up the subject of her sudden baby fever.

Mia and Nicolas had announced their engagement about two month's ago, February, and in a few weeks they would be hosting their engagement party.

Perfect timing, Clarisse thought. I'll tell him before everything get's crazy with Mia and Nicolas.

"Joseph," Clarisse spoke suddenly, cutting Nicolas off mid-sentence. "May I speak to you for a moment… in private?"

"Umm… Yes?" Joseph answered awkwardly, excusing them selves and standing up, following Clarisse out of the room and out the doors towards the garden.

Clarisse grasped his hand, bringing it up to her lips to kiss softly. "Joseph, you love me right? Despite all the little silly things I may so or do… any silly ideas I may have?"

Joseph turned his head slowly, looking at her through quizzical eyes, "What's your game Old Lady?"

Clarisse slapped his arm. "I'm being serious Joseph!"

Joseph nodded, "Yes my dear, I still and will always love you. I will love you through your silly ideas and questions, through the delusions you may have when we get older, even if you ever forget who I am. I will always love you."

"Aww," Clarisse cooed, gently caressing his cheek with his palm before lightly kissing his lips.

"There's something that's been weighing heavily on my mind the last few days," she began.


Walking through the garden's hand in hand, steadily making their way towards the gazebo, Clarisse's smile as she continued to look out towards the beautiful, crystal clear, night sky.

"And you may think I am senile, but I assure you that I am not."

Joseph turned a questioning gaze in her direction but she continued.

"And we've done most things of what a normal couple will do together…" Clarisse muttered, "Though at the moment we are still at the palace, we have plans for our own home-"

"That we do." Joseph agreed.

"And we dated... even though that was a step after our wedding..." Clarisse continued, "and sometimes you'd let me drive to our destination for our date."

"That I would,"

"We've met the family." Clarisse added.

"Clarisse… What are you getting at?" Joseph asked upon their arrival at the gazebo.

"And you proposed, and we got married…" Clarisse finished.


Clarisse took in a deep shaky breath. She guided Joseph to sit down on bench of the gazebo and sat down next to him, but then decided to stand. She sat down again before standing right back up and pacing in circles.

"Clarisse, what is wrong?" Joseph questioned.

"We'll nothing is wrong… per say…" Clarisse fumbled.


Clarisse looked up at her husband, blushing slightly as she stumbled with her words. "Joseph… I- um- I want…I want us to have a baby."

Author's Note: Yes, It's me again. Back with another C/J. But in my defense... this time there will be a baby (: