.2012 TMNT Fanfic.

This is a test to see if i should continue with this story. Im not sure if I should because it is kinda based off clips I saw of the new 2012 TMNT. I think I should wait but it was one of my Mid-night ideas.


Riley, Koda, and Leigh belong to me however.

April was walking down a street in New York. School just let out for the weekend and she was read to grab a pizza and head 'home'. As much as she liked learning and socialising with other people, April enjoyed the company of her unique friends. Roughly a year ago, April O'Neil was ambushed by a gang of ninja's. Just when she thought it was over, four creatures came to her aid. After saving her form the gang, members from an association known as the Foot, they took her to their home and tended her wounds.

After a few hours of floating between conscious and unconscious, April came to for good. At first she thought she was dreaming when she saw four turtles in front of her. They weren't just ordinary turtles though, they were giant turtles who were armed with dangerous looking weapons. She rubbed her eyes a couple times to make sure she wasn't just seeing things. Things were somehow managed to get even stranger when a giant rat walked towards her. He explained to her how they got to their current state and how they managed to stay in hiding for 15 years. Now, the four turtles and rat are as close to her as family.

"Two pizza please, Leigh." April ordered at her favorite pizza parlor.

The twenty year old behind the counter help up a couple pizza boxes. "Your usual sweetie?" she had a smile that lit the room.

"How did you know?" She widened her eyes in mock surprise then winked at her.

Leigh shrugged. "It's a gift. Hey, have you heard from Riley lately? I was wondering if she could switch a shift with me or something, I have a special event going on and I can miss it."

Picking up the pizza, April set down the money and replied. She was at school today, I think her and Koda were going to the half pipes, they've been shredding like crazy since they got their new boards. I would saw one of them have a phone with them."

"Thanks sweetie!" Leigh waved as April walked out the door.

i/ Wow I can believe those girls already have jobs! i/ April thought about her best girlfriends i/ Their out in the world making money and getting ready to start their lives while I hang out in the sewers and hang with the guys.i/ She turned down a back ally and checked her watch. It was 4:59. "Awh, come on guys, not like you have busy days. You could be a little early to let me down there." She grumbled to herself.

Just a she was about to sit down, a voice came out of nowhere. "Hey, we totally have busy lives."

"Mikey! Don't scare me like that!" April scolded at Michelangelo, the youngest, turtle with an orange bandana.

"Sorry April, but it's what a do best." He walked out of the shadows and opened the cover to the sewer. "It comes with being a ninja… Along with this!" Mikey then kicked the boxes of pizza out of April's hands. Swiftly, he did a backflip into the hole, reached an arm out and let the boxes land on his arm.

Rolling her eyes at the show, April also climbed down the hole and waited for Mikey to cover it up again before walking to the lair.