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The twins ran down the hall to find April and the guys swamped with Foot ninjas. Instead of watching in fear like last time, they joined in. Koda pulled the throwing daggers from her pocket and chucked them. Two grazed the legs of Foot members who surrounded Leo while the hilt of the third knocked another to the ground. Meanwhile, Riley removed the heavy coat that covered the quiver and bow on her back. Swiftly she armed herself with the bow and loaded it while moving towards Mikey.

Raph was able to manage to knock out five of his enemies but stalled when it came to the last two. He wanted to see their reactions when faced with a giant, mutant turtle. It was clear to him they were new recruits. Near the other side of the room, Donnie helped April with their advancing opponents. Donnie knocked two down but took another two off April's hands. She made sure her wrist wasn't caught again and was able to take out a couple foes by slicing their leg or arm.

Raph was still toying with his remaining two when the others had finished their shares. "Hey Raph, need any help over there? You still have a couple to go." Leo shouted.

"I'm good Leo, just having a little fun." Raph faked an attack and watched as one lost their footing. A feminine voice squealed as they fell to the ground.

The last standing foot looked at their fallen ally then got into a ready stance. Before Raph could attack again, the ninja stood straight up again and looked at the girls and remaining turtles. To everyone's surprise, their shoulders slumped and the fallen ninja cried out. "No, don't you dare do it!"

The twins recognized the voice but couldn't place their finger on it. "I have to." The remaining Foot stated with a voice everyone knew. The ninja removed the mask to revile Leigh standing. "I can't betray the girls like this again."

"Leigh." Riley recognized the voice from behind the door. "You left the door open for us didn't you."

"Yeah, I knew you would come and help your friends." Leigh looked up, shoulders still slumped. "The Shedder told me that you guys knew them. I couldn't lock you all out."

"But why are you working for him in the first place?" Koda still couldn't peace the pieces together.

Leo helped her out. "Yeah, he is very dangerous and would through away your life without second thought."

"I know that-"

The fallen ninja had stood up and started walking away. "We all know that, we either have a good reason or don't care."

"She's right." Leigh continued. "And I actually have a reason."

"Okay, lets here it." Riley crossed her arms.

"This has to be good." Raph leaned back and twirled his sai.

Leigh took a breath before telling her story. "Like I said, the Shredder knew you two were associated with the turtles." She pointed to the guys. "And he wanted you to join him, or he would destroy you. One day before you guys showed up to work he came in asking for you, I was able to tell something was up. "

"That doesn't make sense, you started acting distant before we knew the turtles." Riley was confused.

"Maybe the Shredder set it all up." Mikey thought out loud. "He could have released the monsters that called us to your rescue."

Donnie explained more. "He does have the power to do that."

"Yeah, the police never find any monsters after you guys fight them." April helped.

"So maybe he has been keeping them and releases them whenever he wants." Donnie continued. "So he was going to get to you guys before you met us. Then before we could tell you he was the bad guy, you would already think he's a good guy. You would be used as double agents, gain our trust and destroy us in the blink of an eye."

Everyone thought it over and agreed. "Thank actually makes sense Donn." Leo complimented.


Leigh still stood their finally spoke again. "That's actually not what happened. Do you guys wanna take another guess? It's not quit that complicated. I would be able to tell you the reason too."

"Then tell us!" Riley looked wide eyed at the young adult.

"Okay. Well the Shredder was originally going for April, but she doesn't work anywhere and he couldn't get to her." Leigh started. "He was going to use you two to get to her. That was, until I set loose the monsters that cause you guys to meet. I knew he was going to destroy you after he was done anyways, so I tried anything so he wouldn't. Even if that meant getting you two to meet them." Leigh finished. "Like I said, it's not that complicated."

"That's it?" Raph was amazed at the simplicity.


"Well isn't this cute." A deep voice called from the doorway. It sent chills down April and the turtle's backs. "I couldn't ask for a better set up. You did great Leigh."

"The Shredder!" Mikey turned to check it was him. He saw their old enemy in his suit of armor.

The others turned and got in their ready positions. They saw that the fallen ninja was standing behind the Shredders left. "I told you, some are here for a reason, while others don't care. Personally I don't care."

Leigh also prepared to fight her sensei. "Woah, woah, woah." He said. "Let's not jump into anything here." We can do this the easy way, or the hard way."

"You know our answer, Shredder." Raph growled as he took a step forward.

"Then let it be!" The armed man raced forward.

It looked like a well-practiced dance and April knew better than getting involved. After seeing the speed of the fight, the twins soon realized why April stood back and they joined her. The girls would be more than happy if they boys needed their help but didn't want to get in their way when they didn't need it. After getting knocked down a couple times, Leigh realized she should stand back too.

April cried out and ran over to Donnie when he got knocked down hard. She leaned over and planted a kiss on his lips. she didn't care who saw or what they though, she just wanted him to be okay. She kissed him once more before his eyes fluttered open and he sat up, shaking his head.

"Oh, Donnie, are you okay? I thought you were hurt." She wrapped her arms around him as some tears fell.

"Hey, I'm just fine." Donnie wrapped an arm around her and patted her back. "But I have to help my brothers.

April leaned back and nodded. "Okay."

Donnie joined again as the Shredder was slowing down. The turtles had improved and he was starting to lose the fight. "Farewell, Shredder." One yelled as everything went black.

The turtles, girls and Leigh ran from the room where Shredder lay unconscious. The trader had run off to get some help and they escaped before she could return. Once they were outside in an ally, the twins started quizzing Leigh again.

"So you really did all that for us?" Koda asked.

"Course I did. I couldn't let him kill you two." Leigh was hurt by the question.

"Well then, thanks." Leo bowed.

"Why are you thanking me?" She was confused now.

"Well, if you didn't set the monsters free, I wouldn't have met Koda." The leader explained as he looked at the brunette.

Love filled Koda's eyes. "Awe, thanks Leonardo!" She wrapped he arms around him. "That's so sweet."

"Aah. My virgin eyes." Riley got out before Mikey covered her face. Everyone laughed as the two separated and blushed.

After a few more words, Leigh left and the turtles took the girls back to the lair. Splinter was waiting there when they arrived. "My sons, I need to talk to you."

"Iy sensei." The four said in unison and followed him to the meditation room.

"Are they going to be long?" Riley asked as they walked over to the couch and turned on the news.

"Who knows? If they're in trouble it could be a long time. They will probably just reflect on the fight." April replied.

The girls sat and watched as they waited for the guys. A few minutes passed before a picture of the warehouse popped up on screen. "Breaking news! And unconscious body was found in this warehouse. There are some signs of a struggle inside, but no leads."

The meditation room's door opened and the turtles walked out. "Whatcha watching?" Mikey asked.

"Just the news, check it out." Riley replied. "They're talking about the Shredder, but they have leads to his 'attackers'" She put air quotes around the word.

"That's great!" Raph exclaimed, high fiving Leo.

"Yes, you have done well today my sons." Splinter complimented his boys before closing the door behind them.

"What an adventure this has been." Koda let out a sigh as Leo sat beside her. She leaned her head on his shoulder.

"I hope its not over." Riley said.

"Are you kidding?" Mikey was shocked. "We just met, its only begun."

"Yeah, it's never a dull moment with these guys." April put her feet on Donnie.

I hate endings.. and this seems soo Bad! Anyways.. this story is over. I cant believe I actually finished it, and thanks to everyone who has stayed with me! Means a lot.. Im not sure if I'll do a sequel to this, but I think I might. But I will defiantly do little stories with these guys.

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