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Chapter 1: Introductions

"Wow" Lily gasped as she walked onto the new college campus. She couldn't believe her eye's when she saw the pure size of the buildings and gardens.

Lily was a 19 year old British girl. After completing an Art course in her own city of London, she had decided to study Animation at the American college, Rhode Island School of Design. After the dull process of applying, getting her visa sorted out and all the documents she'd need while she was other there, Lily had finally arrived at her preferred destination.

After checking in, and being given a load of information the went into one ear and out the other, Lily began walking towards the Homer 5 dorm, where she would be staying. As she walked through the door to her dorm, she was immediately met with people that looked older than her, and who watched her walk in with her suit case. Lily walked through two corridors before finding her room. Sighing heavily, she knocked on the door. Lily heard a bump and some laughter before the door was opened by a girl who looked around the same age as her.

"Oh my gosh! You must be Lily! Nice to meet you, I'm Mackenzie" she said and hugged Lily violently as she walked through the door.

"Hey, nice to meet you" Lily smiled back, and instantly regretted saying anything when the two other girls in the room shot up at the sound of her voice.

"You're British? That is freaking awesome! I'm Kaycie" the second girl said, as she also hugged Lily's violently.

"I'm Sara" the last girl said as she gave Lily a gentler hug than Kaycie and Mackenzie.

"This is awesome" Lily mumbled, looking around the room. Lined against one wall were three beds and wardrobes, while another was propped up against the far wall. Lily looked to her right and saw a door that leaded to a lounge area with a plasma screen TV, and a door with a sign that said 'En-Suite'.

"So, which is my bed?" Lily enquired.

"Over here" Sara replied as she lead her to the bed that was at the end of the room. Lily put her stuff down, and it was only then when the other girls noticed she had a guitar.

"Do you play?" Mackenzie asked as they looked at it, shinning in the sunlight.

"Yeah, just a little" Lily smiled at them as she began emptying the contents of her bag.

"Would you play us a song?" Kaycie asked as she sat on Sara's chair.

Lily looked at the girls, and then to her guitar. Sighing, she picked it up and sat on the end of her bed.

"I first learnt to play this song when I was sixteen" Lily mumbled before starting to play thie first verse of the song. Lily watched her strumming, not daring to look at the girls faces.

"'Hey Jude, don't make it bad. Take a sad song, and make it better," she sang, "Remember to let her into your heart, then you can start to make it better."

Lily looked up, not only to see the girls around her smiling, but a few other people at the door who were watching her fidget with the guitar's strings nervously.

"Oh my gosh, Lily, that was amazing" Kaycie smiled.

"It's only the first verse. I'm nowhere were the Beatles were," Lily smirked as she put the guitar down and began unpacking her things again, "And besides, I like singing Jazz better. Like Dean Martin, and Gene Kelly songs."

"Dean Martin? Wasn't he a singer in the 60's?" Sara asked, confused.

"Yes, but his music is timeless. I like listening to him" Lily told her, and threw a CD down on the bed.

Mackenzie picked it, looking at the tracks on the back. Lily glared as the CD was passed around and gawked at.

"My Dad has this one" Mackenzie stated before putting it back on the bed.

"Why do you like this music?" Kaycie asked, intrigued.

Lily thought for a minute, going through her memory's, and selecting a few that would suffice for a good answer.

"My Granddad used to listen to this music. I'd be at his and my Grandma's house and the radio would always be on. It was playing this kind of music. I only began singing after singing along to songs on 'Family Guy' and realizing I was good" Lily explained, putting a picture of her friends back in England on the desk.

Sara, Mackenzie and Kaycie watched as she also started putting clothes into her wardrobe along with some personal things from home.

"What's that?" Sara pointed to the box on the table.

Lily look over at the box, and stayed looking at it for 30 seconds. She didn't want to tell them what was really in it because she could think of how she could cover it up either.

"Err... you really don't want to know" Lily smiled before throwing it into one of her draws.

Kaycie shrugged to the others, and they got up and left her to unpack.

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