As promised, I've uploaded the 8th chapter today as well. This is another fluffy chapter which is up here simply because I enjoyed writing it. I hope you enjoy reading it. Next chapter will pick up the story again. You just be thankful it's not a porno lol xD Enjoy.

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Chapter 6: Some Fun Before Christmas

It was around the middle of December when students could often be found skating on the lake in the middle of the park two blocks away from Brown, which Lily loved. On one particular afternoon, the entire group had found themselves outside on the ice, when everyone else was inside studying.

"Why are we out here again?" Lily asked when they had reached the lake, with the forty other people that were in the theatre that day.

"Steven said everyone need a break and sent us to have some fun for an hour" Sara smiled at her.

"And that involves having snowball fights and ice-skating? Awesome" Lily smiled back.

One after the other, Lily, Sara, Mackenzie and Kaycie made their way onto the ice.

"This is fantastic" Kaycie laughed as she skated forward and pushed Sara, who in turn pushed Lily and she ended up falling over. Laughing, Lily looked up to all three of her friends, but only one person was there with a hand out stretched to help her up.

"Thanks, Seth" Lily smiled at him as she took his hand, and nearly fell on top of him when he pulled her up quite fast. Luckily, he appeared to have enough experience to stop them from falling backwards.

Lily had spent the past two hours with Seth and Steven, practicing the scene where Maria and the children had just fallen into a lake, and had gotten out to find the Captain yelling at them. It was a good practise. Both of them had felt it was great for their first time on the scene.

"Where have the others got to?" she asked, looking around the lake, finally spotting Kaycie fall over and complain to Sara about how hard the ice was.

"I err... I think they're okay," Seth laughed, watching Sara help pull Kaycie up, and then knock Mackenzie over, "I was just say watching everyone when I saw you four head onto the ice together. That was a recipe for disaster, as you found out. The skated away when they saw me coming to help out. I think they're still quite nervous to be around me."

"I hope they stop being nervous soon. At least their nervousness gave us a good laugh. I've told them time and time again that ice is slippy. It's like looking after kids" Lily laughed back as they skated off towards them.

"Well, maybe they'll get it... eventually" Seth joked as they skidded to a halt just before the trio.

"Thanks for the help-" but Lily couldn't finish because David Brodie had shouted 'snowball fight' and everyone had immediately began throwing snowballs at those who were on the ice with the intention of trying to knock them over.

"Come with me!" Seth shouted over the pandemonium, and took Lily and Kaycie's hands, before ushering Sara and Charlotte to follow as well.

"Where are you taking us?" Lily asked when they were off the ice and were rushing to put their shoes on.

"Well, if we're going to participate in a snowball fight, I want some team members. There's a shelter just round the corner which snow usually piles up on quite nicely. We can use it as a snowball supply. I watched students use it last time I was here. Plus, you're good at throwing things. Remeber when we we're playing basketball a month ago and you passed the ball to me? I was sore for three days" Seth explained, before running off towards the shelter with his team members following behind.

"Good thing you were right" Mackenzie mumbled, once they'd reached the shelter and began making snowballs out of the heaped snow.

Together, they built enough snowballs to fend off an entire army. Looking at the pile made Lily smile. The snow in England was useless, no snowballs could be made from it whatsoever. Lily was glad to have the chance to build some decent ones and participate in a full American snowball fight.

It wasn't until Seth said "Okay, Kaycie and I will go one way, the rest of you can go the other. Ready?" that Lily really got excited. Nervously watching round the corner, she waited for the word 'Go!' and when it finally came, she began running into the hell which had broken out while they were busy building snowballs.

Lily and Sara had ended up running round the corner, and immediately ran into a torrent of snowballs being thrown in every direction. Without a second thought, Lily had thrown a snowball which had hit Jake (who played Max) in the face with a satisfying 'thud'.

"I see what Seth meant. You are good at throwing things!" Sara shouted after her as they ran through the waves of snowballs being thrown at them.

"Yeah" Lily smiled back at her. They had just ran to the half way point when they bumped into Kaycie and Seth.

"Where's Mackenzie?" Seth asked Lily as they launched a bombardment of snowballs at the people in charge of the lighting .

"She doesn't like the snow" Lily replied as she threw another snowball at Jamie and hit her in the face.

"What the hell Lily? I thought you were my friend?" Jamie yelled, after being hit with more snowballs.

"Not in a snowball fight" Lily shouted back as she turned to Seth and said, "Now what?"

"Okay, Lily, you can come with me because I saw that shot you got on Jake, and Kaycie can go with Sara" Seth smiled as they ran round the corner to their endless supply of snowballs.

"What, you mean just running round the lake?" Lily asked as she picked up as many as she could carry.

"Kind of. Do you see that group over there?" Seth pointed to a large group fighting near a set of swings, "I figured we could have some fun attacking them."

"I completely agree" Lily smiled as they ran off towards clutter of students throwing snowballs at each other near the swings.

Lily followed Seth and immediately saw him attacking Greg and Abbey, who were sat of the floor shouting at each other as Seth ran off giggling. After catching up with him, Lily managed to stop Jamie's attempt at revenge by hitting her in the face again.

Watching around him, Seth saw a snowball heading in his and Lily's direction, and ended up pushing her out of the way, which caused her to fall over and him to a snowball to the face, and he ended up falling over next to Lily.

Seth looked to his right and saw Lily rolling around laughing. After a minute, she asked "Who the hell had thrown that at you?"

"Greg" Seth simply said and smiled as he got up and ran around to where Greg was, and threw ten snowballs at his face.

Nobody had notices Steven walk towards the anarchy, so when he finally yelled "Enough!" a few people had fallen in shock.

"Why did you all decided to get covered in snow?" Steven asked the group as they walked towards where he was standing. A murmur broke out between everyone as they looked at each other and began laughing.

"And why are you holding hands?" Abbey barked at the top of her voice when she saw Lily and Seth joining the group.

Seth and Lily looked at their hands, to discover that they were indeed holding hands. They quickly dropped each others hand and shuffled up to where everyone else was.

"I was... Erm... Helping Lily up" Seth muttered over the crowd to answer Abbey's question.

Steven raised his eyebrow at Seth before turning to the crowd. "Anyway, back inside everyone. We have work to do again."

Once everyone was back inside, Steven had Maria and the children practising singing another song. It was only when Seth was away from Lily that he realized that his feelings for her were changing.