AN: I just came back from camping with my husband….6…long days…most of it was fun lol but the first days were hell. This idea came to me while we camped. I'm still obsessing over VladxDanny so … this is what happened. Ha-ha~ No beta. all mistakes are mine.

Camping Trip

It started off as a typical morning for Vlad Masters. He got up, went about his usual routine, ate breakfast, and got his suitcase ready to deal with some business propositions he was not looking forward to. Glancing at the window, he realized it was a bright and sunny day; not that it mattered. Nowadays, very little seemed to matter or interest him. Even conquering the ghost world seemed tedious, at best. He tried, for a very long time, to deny why everything seemed dull. He went on a four month long vacation visiting different countries just to distract himself from admitting the reason. He even buried himself in his business more than usual just to continue the distraction. Finally, after several, long, boring months, he had to admit it: Daniel Fenton. The young man had gone off to college 3 years ago, and thus, left Aminity Park to hands of Valarie, who he trusted could handle keeping it safe from ghosts while he was gone.

After Daniel departed to college to another state, apparently New York, with his two best friends, Vlad found himself plotting ways to actually gain the young man's attention just to fight again or banter. These days, he would settle for at least seeing him. Whenever he would spy on the Fenton family, he finally had to admit it was just to see if Daniel was there over break just to catch a glimpse of him. Turns out the family would travel to New York to visit him as opposed to Daniel and Jasmine visiting the Fenton home. Vlad seriously considered, for the millionth time in the past 3 years, to visit New York and hunt the young halfa down just to see how he was doing. Perhaps rile him up… He grinned at the thought. Surely he was still a temperamental brat. He would probably question his motives for being there and use "witty" banters to spike up a fight between them. Vlad sighed wistfully.

His thoughts were disrupted by a knock on his door. He raised a brow and quickly took out his electronic planner. No, according to it, he shouldn't be expecting anyone. He saw one of his servants heading towards the door to answer it, but waved them away. He grabbed onto the door handle and swung it open, eyes widening in surprise at the unexpected visitors.

"V-MAN!" Jack's loud voice boomed, causing Vlad to cringe in annoyance. "Good to see ya!"

"Jack…and Maddie." By the look on Maddie's face, this was the last place she wanted to be. Vlad couldn't find it in himself to care. "What brings you here?"

Maddie gave her husband a significant look before looking at Vlad. "Well, we happened to be driving by for our trip and Jack insisted we come to see if you would like to join us." By the tone of her voice, Vlad could tell they had argued about the whole idea, agreed for the sake of her husband, but hoped that Vlad would deny the invitation.

Vlad looked between them. Jack seemed oblivious to his wife's seething glare, grinning happily at his friend. "Yeah! It's a family vacation! Danny-boy and Jasmine are spending their spring break with us, and what better way to bond then a good ol' camping trip!"

"Camping?" Vlad asked in disgust. Then something hit him; not literally of course, but something in Jack's statement cause Vlad's heart to skip a beat. "Daniel's here?" He was proud to know he kept his voice steady and seemingly uninterested, which was a complete contrast to what he was feeling.

"Yup! Danny! Come out here!" Jack shouted for his son.

The RV was parked in the entrance. After about a few seconds, which had felt incredibly longer to Vlad, the side door slid open and out came Danny Fenton. Vlad's breath caught as he got a full view of the young man. Daniel had finally gotten a growth spurt, but appeared to be shorter than Vlad by only a few inches. He also adopted wearing tight fitting clothing that showed off his toned body. When he reached them, Vlad was surprised to see Daniel was not glaring at him or casting him a suspicious look. Vlad immediately closed his jaw; apparently it had dropped sometime earlier. He cleared his throat.

"Daniel…" He nearly flinched at how breathless he had said the man's name. He immediately regained his composure. "Pleasant to see you." He practically purred.

Danny grinned. "Likewise," Although Vlad had to wonder if that was true or not. "So, have you told my parents no, yet?"

"What makes you think I would decline such a generous offer from your family?" Even though he was going to decline it, he wanted to know Daniel's reason for assuming he would immediately.

The young halfa scoffed. "Vlad Masters camping? Surviving in the woods with nothing but a tent, surrounded by nature instead of luxuries?" He smirked. "You wouldn't last a day."

Vlad raised a brow, his mood immediately lifting. This is what he missed; that fire in those blue eyes, the galls the boy displayed in speaking to Vlad in such a way. "Is that a challenge, little badger? I assure you, I've survived worse."

"I don't know Vlad… Doesn't seem like your cup of tea." Danny continued. He sighed playfully. "Come on Mom and Dad, Vlad's not going to do it."

Jack, disappointed, while his wife looked relieved, turned to head back to the RV. Vlad quickly shouted, "Wait!" causing the family to turn back. "Just give me a few minutes and I'll be ready."

"Alright! That's the spirit, V-man!" Jack harshly slapped Vlad's back in his enthusiasm. Vlad growled but was immediately appeased when he saw Danny smiling, which was strange to Vlad. Daniel was acting as if they hadn't been enemies for years, as if Vlad had never done a single harm to him once. Maddie sighed and said they would wait for him in the RV. Vlad immediately told his servants to pack his things for a camping trip after he was told what he should bring. He made a few phone calls and was able to reschedule his appointments. He went to his large bedroom to change his clothes. He didn't know what to wear, but figured a suit wasn't the best of ideas. He settled for dress pants and a button down dress shirt. After about 20 minutes, Vlad had his bags packed and after dropping his belongings in the RV, joined the Fenton family. Jasmine greeted Vlad with a glare, while Danny simply read a magazine next to her.

"Everyone ready?" Jack called to them in the back. Without waiting for a response, Jack hit the gas and they were soon heading towards their destination.

Four days of camping with the Fenton family…what the hell had Vlad been thinking?

AN:…. I don't even know what to say. I don't like this opening, but it'll get better, I hope. And try humor... I suck at humor... And if the characters seem OOC... I apologize lol Writing doesn't seem to be my forte anymore!