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Vlad was rudely roused out of his blissful sleep by an annoying voice. He tried to ignore it but knew it was pointless. Even so, the warmth coming from the body lying on him made him smile. It had been way too long since someone was in his arms. He wanted to bask in it but the instance of the voice was ruining his opportunity.

"Daniel," Vlad called out gently, contently hugging Danny to him. Danny stirred in his arms. "I suggest you get rid of your sister before I do."

Danny buried his face further into Vlad's chest, not wanting to get up. He was warm and comfy. His head felt fuzzy and he didn't want to deal with anything unless it had to do with Vlad. He could hear his sister calling him from the outside of their tent.

"Danny! Danny? Wake up! It's morning, little brother! We have stuff to do today! You've slept in long enough."

"Go away Jazz!" Danny called out, groaning. "It's too early."

"It's 7 in the morning."

"I'm on vacation."

"You're on vacation to spend time with family."

Danny was about to protest when his mother's voice intervened. "Oh let them stay in a bit, Jazz."


"No buts. Danny's right, it is his vacation too. Now stop pestering them. We can get them up when your father wakes up."

Smiling contently, Danny snuggled back to Vlad. Vlad couldn't go back to sleep. He wanted to enjoy Danny's body pressed close to his. He ran his hands over the lithe body resting on him, lost in his thoughts. What would happen after today? Would Danny want to part, or would they try to continue their relationship? Danny had said he would see where things would go and Vlad had to content himself with that answer. It felt so good to have something he really needed, not just wanted. Being a billionaire was all well and great, but having the affection from Danny made all that wealth seem insignificant.

Danny snored softly beside him. Vlad knew within a few minutes the snoring would escalate a little bit, but thankfully, not as unbearable as Jack Fenton's snores. Vlad smiled at the cute young man clinging to him. He could hear the rest of the Fenton family bustling about outside their tent. Apparently Jack woke up. He wondered what annoying activity they would be doing today. He sincerely hoped it wasn't something that would keep him away from Danny.

Danny stirred awake an hour and a half later. Vlad hadn't noticed he had fallen asleep. He was awoken by Danny kissing him. Vlad hummed contently, thinking this was the best way to wake up. They continued their kiss, mindful of the rest of the Fenton's outside their tent. They didn't want to be heard. Vlad slipped his hands underneath the young halfa's shirt to caress every inch of skin he could touch. He could practically hear the other purr. Vlad chuckled in amusement. He felt so perfect.

"Morning." Danny whispered when they pulled apart, still feeling pleasantly fuzzy.

"Good morning Daniel." Vlad greeted with a happy smile.

"You should smile more, it looks nice."

"I have a reason to now."

Danny grinned. "You're a cheesy fruit loop."

"Hmm, you only have yourself to blame. It seems you bring out the worst in me, Little Badger."

Danny could hear the fire going and his family preparing breakfast. "Wish we could just spend the day in here." He looked up at Vlad.

Vlad stared into Danny's wistful baby blue eyes. He felt the same way. He never liked staying in bed longer than necessary before, and never understood how people could do it. Now, however, the thought seemed wonderful, even on a lumpy air mattress. "Your family might get a bit suspicious if we did."

Danny sighed, knowing Vlad was right. "Yeah, I know." Reluctantly, he got up. As soon as he did, Vlad pulled him down for another long and sweet kiss. When they pulled away, Danny looked surprised.

"I don't know when I'll get the opportunity to do that again." Vlad answered the unasked question.

Danny smiled shyly before they got up and got ready to exit the tent. When they did, they were greeted by the family (Jazz didn't greet Vlad, only gave him a frosty glare). Danny stretched as he let out a yawn.

"What are we doing today?" He asked his father. He scrunched up his face. "We're not fishing again right?"

"No, today we're just going to relax at the campsite!" Jack answered happily. "Spend some time together!"

Danny threw a look at his sister. "So much to do, huh?" He muttered sarcastically with a raised brow. Jazz merely shrugged.

Vlad helped Maddie cook and personally handed Danny his breakfast, taking a seat next to him and being mindful of their distance. Neither wanted Maddie to be casting suspicious looks at them either. When they finished, they all went to shower. Coming back to the campsite, Maddie announced that she and Jack would be gone for a little while to spend some quality time together by the river.

"Have fun." Jazz said dismissively, taking out her book to read. She lied on the hammock her father put up for her. Maddie and Jack left, Jack grinning broadly. Vlad leaned into Danny's personal space to whisper in Danny's ears.

"Perhaps we should go on a little private trip ourselves?"

Danny grinned. "And leave my sister alone?"

"She is efficiently entertained."

"What did you have in mind?"

"Anything as long as it gets me alone with you to ravish you…" Danny tried to hide his blush with a cough.

"Care to share what you two are talking about?" Jazz asked moodily, looking up from her book to eye them.

Danny glared at his sister, annoyed with her attitude. "None of your business, Jazz." Danny saw Vlad pull away from him and mentally mourned over the loss. He wanted Vlad close. "Actually, we were going to go for a walk."

"Oh, good. I'll come too." She closed the book and set it aside.

Danny rolled his eyes. "We're going alone. We'll only be gone a few minutes."

"And why can't I come?" She faked a pout.

"Because…" he couldn't think of a good reason and looked to Vlad for help. Vlad remained silent, not saying anything so that Jazz couldn't accuse him of influencing her brother. Danny glared at him for not helping and Vlad hoped he could make it up to him later. "Well, fine, you can come if you want."

Jazz got off her hammock and followed Vlad and Danny as they walked. They walked side by side; the back of their hands brushing occasionally. Jazz eyed them, her suspicion burning in her. That's when an idea struck her. She stopped walking, making Vlad and Danny stop to face her.

"Something wrong now?" Danny asked, still not hiding his earlier annoyance.

Jazz smiled innocently at her brother. "No, but, you know, I'm going to head back. I really need to catch up on some reading. Don't trail off too far now!"

Danny grinned happily and waved off his sister. As much as he wanted to spend time with Jazz, he wanted some quality time with Vlad first. He could make it up to his sister later. "Alright! We'll see you in a bit!"

Vlad watched Jazz walk away. He found it odd that she would just leave them alone after making it a point not to. Danny, however, didn't seem concerned and once his sister was out of sight, he pinned Vlad to the nearest tree and kissed him. Vlad wrapped his arms around his Little Badger and pulled him close. With Danny kissing him so passionately, he didn't find the need to care about their surroundings or anything else at that moment. Danny pulled away only to pep kisses on Vlad's face. The older halfa grinned, finding the action…cute.

"Someone is eager…" Vlad purred.

Danny bit Vlad's neck in retaliation. "You know you like it."

"Mmm…Yes I do." Vlad pulled Danny into another deep kiss. He ripped open Danny's button down shirt, the buttons flinging in every direction. He kissed and nipped on the exposed skin, ignoring the scowl on Danny's face.

"Great, how am I going to explain my shirt to Jazz?"

"Don't care." He growled, too wrapped up in his lust for Danny.

Vlad placed his hands on Danny's waist and pulled the younger man to him, flushing their chests. "Vlad!" Danny gasped breathlessly. Vlad hummed, enjoying the way Danny said his name. Danny pressed his lips to Vlad's, forcing his tongue in to explore the warm cavern.

In the back of Danny's hazed-pleasured mind, something was going off. A warning, perhaps. He was all too happy to ignore it. Vlad, not sensing any danger, was also ignoring a nagging feeling that was trying to force its way to the front of his mind. But with Danny's hand playing with his pony tail and his mouth making him feel delirious with pleasure and happiness, how was he supposed to care?

"Ah ha! I knew it!" A voice shouted.

They broke apart, instantly paling as they turned towards Jazz. Jazz stood there with two ghost hunting weapons in her hands. Danny immediately placed Vlad protectively behind him. Vlad looked surprised; he didn't need to be protected, but the action from Danny was still flattering.

"Jazz, calm down, don't do anything stu—"

"Sorry Danny, this is for your own good!" She lifted one of the Fenton Ecto hunting guns and shot it at Danny. A giant net flew towards him and before he could react, Vlad put up a pink energy shield that protected them.

"Jazz! What are you doing?!" Danny shouted from the safety behind the shield. He didn't want to fight his sister and accidentally hurt her. Vlad's irritation came back at full force.

"Cease this foolishness Jasmine! If you wish to talk, then by all means, we may talk, but put those weapons down!"

Jazz glared heatedly at Vlad and pointed the other gun at them. "Not a chance! I know what you're up to, and it's not going to work!"

Sighing, Danny changed to his alter ghost hero side and turned invisible. Vlad, knowing Danny's plan dropped his shield. Jazz caught on; she was instantly on alert. Danny floated behind his sister and was about to place his hands on her when she suddenly turned around and shot the net at him. Danny ducked, narrowly missing the net. He reappeared in front of her and growled in annoyance.

"Enough, Jazz! Quit it!"

"You'll thank me for this later, little bro." Jazz said as she shot several nets at him. Danny had to fly away to dodge them. Meanwhile, his sister whipped around and shot with the other gun, which was full of ectoplasm, at Vlad. Vlad changed to his ghost half and easily blocked the attacks.

"What have you done to Danny?!" Jazz demanded to know while she fired at Vlad.

Vlad dramatically rolled his eyes. "Nothing, you foolish girl! At least, nothing he hasn't consented to." He smirked wickedly at the look of horror that came across her face. "If you would stop firing at us, we could sit down like adults and discuss this."

Danny got close to his sister once more but she actually managed to shoot and hit him this time. "Gah!" Danny shouted out as the net wrapped around his body and pinned him to the floor.

"Daniel!" Vlad immediately flew towards Danny to assist him but was stopped when an ectoplasm shot got in his way. His eyes blazing, he faced Jazz, not bothering to hide his irritation and anger.

"Tell me what you've done to him!"

"I have a better idea: you stop this ridiculousness now!"

"Fat chance!"

Danny groaned as he watched his sister shoot at his lover. He struggled against the binds and realized he was trapped. He opened his mouth and used his ghostly wail; effectively breaking the binds. Once free, he flew over to his sister with lightning speed and phased the guns in her hands so she could no longer grip them. Jazz gasped and the guns were immediately tossed aside. Danny glared down at his sister.

"Are you going to shut up and listen now?" he demanded, still floating above her.

Jazz grudgingly relented; after all, she had no weapons. Danny, seeing his sister's shoulders sag in defeat, calmly changed back to his human half and dropped to the ground. Vlad followed suit and stood by his side. Jazz started to head back to the campsite but Danny gripped her wrists, signaling they weren't going anywhere. Especially near the RV that was stocked full of ghost hunting equipment their parents had claimed they had not brought.

"Just listen, alright? Vlad hasn't done anything to me. We're … " he looked unsurely at Vlad, who offered a small but comforting smile. "together," Danny finished firmly, standing a bit more confidently.

Jazz looked between Danny and Vlad. "I don't understand. Why are you two together? He's…He's our parent's age Danny!"

Vlad flinched, not wanting to be reminded to their age difference but Danny didn't seem bothered. "We just are. You really need to butt out, Jazz. I'm not a kid anymore."

"No, but you're also not known for making the most rational decisions! He's…evil, Danny! What about all those times he tried to take mom? Or kill dad? Or, I don't know, tried to kill you?"

Danny sighed and felt Vlad tense beside him. Vlad wanted to throttle Jazz. He never had such a desire to strike a female before and was surprised by the thought, but he didn't need someone damaging their already tender … something! He didn't know what Danny considered it but he did say they were together and that meant the world to Vlad. Danny offered a crooked smile.

"It's complicated."

"Complicated? That's not a good enough reason to be in a relationship, Danny."

"Says who? You don't anything about us, Jazz. Vlad's different. I don't have to explain myself to you. I'm an adult and I can make my own decisions and right now, my decision is to be with him. Now, unless you have a real and good reason to interfere, I'd prefer it if you just let us be and trust me when I say I can handle it."

Jazz opened her mouth to protest but Danny's glare stopped her. She glanced at the two with calculating eyes. Danny met her stare head on and was relieved to see the defiance in her eyes deflate. "Fine." She bit out. She glared at Vlad. "Just know I've got my eyes on you!"

Vlad rolled his eyes. "Of course."

"Jazz, go back to the campsite. We'll be there in a bit."

Jazz reluctantly left the two halfas alone so they could continue their previous intentions of walking. Danny looked down at his shirt and blushed. "I can't believe I talked to my sister while showing off the love bites on my chest…" He glared accusingly at Vlad.

Vlad grinned in amusement, chuckling as he pulled Danny into a hug. "Now Daniel, I clearly remember stating that I don't care."

"Fruitloop. You're lucky it was Jazz who saw and not my parents."

Vlad shuddered at the thought, his amusement gone. "Do you plan on telling them?"

"Eventually, I'm content keeping it just between the three of us for now."

"Your sister won't tell them? Surely she'll share her concerns with them."

Danny thought about it before shaking his head. "She's protective but she's not stupid. She knows I'd tell mom and dad about it when I'm ready."

"Just like you told them about your ghost half?" Vlad asked with a mocked raised brow. Danny cast him an annoyed look, which Vlad easily kissed away. Really now, it was one thing to hide their togetherness from his parents, but he was surprised that he hasn't told his parents yet about his ghost half. Danny's had his powers for almost 6 years now.

Danny grumbled under his breath but otherwise ignored the question. Smiling lightly, Vlad pulled Danny closer to him and continued their stroll. It was quiet and peaceful, which Vlad could appreciate. Danny too, apparently, which honestly surprised Vlad. Every second he spent with Danny made him realize how much he's truly grown and matured over the years. Well, somewhat. The juvenile pranking was something he would eventually grow out of…or at least Vlad hoped he would. At least this time, Vlad could say they were truly enjoying their day to relax.

When they made their way back to the camp site, Jack and Maddie had already arrived. They pleasantly asked about their walk, which Vlad and Danny had answered "Just fine." Danny blushed in embarrassment when inquired about his shirt and became more embarrassed when he threw out a lame excuse that a chipmunk attacked him. Vlad burst into laughter but at least his parents bought it. Jazz read her book in the hammock, trying her best to ignore her brother and choice of partner. Vlad didn't mind it. It was a relief to be away from her scrutinizing glare.

Surprisingly, staying at the campsite to chat wasn't as bad as Vlad thought it would be. Danny remained by his side as close as he could be without raising suspicion. They all talked; even Jazz joining into their conversation eventually. They started the fire and exchanged college-related stories or ghost hunting ones that came to mind. Vlad found himself smiling, wondering if this is what it felt like to be a part of a family. It was a nice feeling. He never felt so welcomed before and knew it wouldn't be that way if it wasn't for Danny. The day went by surprisingly fast, a little too fast for Vlad's liking. He was thrilled to be heading home to his perfect bed and personal shower, but he wanted more time to spend with Danny. They all discussed leaving the campsite early, as in that very night, and they all agreed it would be the best choice. They were a little tired of nature and some time to sit on a couch to watch mindless television sounded great to all of them.

They all packed away their things into the RV and climbed on. It was late in the evening when they started their ride back to Wisconsin to drop off Vlad. Vlad actually sat on the passenger seat next to Jack. They reminisced on their old college days. Vlad still thought of Jack as an idiot, but figured Danny would appreciate the effort, and therefore made it worth it. At least, that's what he had to tell himself to keep himself from snapping at the man.

The sun came down and the stars shined brightly above them. Danny sat next to his sister and discussed their plans for next vacation when his mother yawned and said she was going to sleep. They wished their mother goodnight before resuming their conversation. When it got late enough for Jazz to say she was going to sleep, Danny took his opportunity to walk to the front of the RV. Jack was in the middle of telling Vlad his and Maddie's latest ghost invention, when Danny placed his hand on his father's shoulder, gently gaining his attention.

"Hey Dad, why don't you let me drive? Mom went to sleep already and you look tired."

Jack quickly glanced at his son. "Are you sure? I can handle it! I think I have some caffeine pills somewhere…" he scratched the side of his head as he tried to recall where he placed them.

"No, really, I got it. I'm not even tired."

"Well, if you say so. Wake me up if you need to switch."

"I will." Jack parked the RV on the side so that Danny could get on the seat. The three men exchanged goodnights as Danny took his father's seat and Jack went to the back to join Maddie on the bed. Vlad looked behind them to make sure everyone was asleep before sliding his seat closer to Danny. Danny smiled and placed one hand over Vlad's, which Vlad quickly switched over so they could link their fingers.

"What do you plan to do when you get back to Amity Park?" Vlad asked curiously.

Danny shrugged. "Well I have an extra day now. Classes start in four days and my flight's in two so I'll probably just hang around."

"You're going back to your university two days early?"

"I made it that way so I'd have a little 'me' time really." He grinned sheepishly.

Vlad hummed thoughtfully. "Would you reconsider having some time to yourself if I ask you to stay with me before your classes resume?"

Danny glanced at Vlad for a moment before returning his eyes on the road. Vlad waited for Danny's answer, not realizing he was holding his breath. Danny finally grinned and Vlad instantly began to breathe normally again. "Sure, but I still have my flight booked for that day though."

"That, my dear, is when being a billionaire pays off." Vlad smirked smugly.

Danny rolled his eyes but still smiled with humor. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. You could also come back with me to New York and I can show you all the hot spots."

"Are you asking me out on a date?" Vlad couldn't help but tease.

"U-Uh, w-well, yeah, I mean—it can be if you'd like." Danny winced. He had meant to be smoother than that. He cleared his throat and tried again. "Would you come back to New York with me so I can take you out on a date?"

Vlad felt his heart flutter and his stomach twist into pleasant knots. He thought he was going to be the one to ask Danny out but he wasn't about to complain. "I'd love to, Little Badger. You are still welcomed to stay at my domain until our flight day."

"Sure, I haven't been there in a while."

"You may visit as often as you'd like."

"I might just do that." He squeezed Vlad's hand with his. Vlad glanced back behind him once more to see if the rest of the Fenton's were asleep. Once he was sure, he rested his head on Danny's shoulder. "Tired?" Danny asked with a playful tone.

"A bit. It is late."

"Why don't you go sleep? There's an extra bunk."

"I'm perfectly fine right here, Little Badger. Unless you want me to go away?"

Danny kissed the top of Vlad's head. "No, I don't want you to."

"Well then, I see no reason to move."

Danny happily accepted that answer. He kept his focus on the road. Sleep was the last thing on his mind as he thought about what he would have to do once he got to Wisconsin. He had some clothes packed that he brought for the trip so he could just use those. Plus, a trip to his parents' portal from Vlad's wouldn't be a long one. He could get the rest of his belongings later and just let Vlad take care of the details.

Vlad smiled contently as Danny drove them home. He didn't know what his expectations for the trip were, but he knew they were nothing like the results. He was glad he decided to go on this awful trip. He couldn't wait to return to his luxurious home, but best of all, Danny Fenton was going to be with him and take him out on a date in New York City. Vlad didn't care about going to New York; it's just the fact that Danny's intention was to show Vlad his home and life style. He idly wondered what he should wear for the date. Would his normal suit attire bore Danny? Danny did seem excited when Vlad was wearing something else… He shook the thought, thinking it was something he could worry about later. Right now, Danny's warmth drifted him off to blissful sleep.

Vlad was gently stirred awake. He buried his face in the crook of Danny's neck, reluctant to wake up. However, when Vlad heard the words come out of Danny's mouth, his face broke into a happy smile and he was instantly wide awake.

"Hey Vlad, we're home."


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