Ultimate Teen Titans


"You're chemical empire won't magically come back!"

Peter raised the smoking truck up again, his gun wound burning. Everything was burning. He brought the truck down again.

"You're son won't magically come back from the dead!"

Osborne was groaning. Peter raised the truck even higher.

"And you're hair... won't magically come... back... in style."

As he brought it down for the final time, it exploded in his face.

A blinding white light seared his eyes. Fire and heat blasted him backwards, and he felt his skin burn.

"Peter?! PETER!?"

"How is he? We need an ambulance!"


"Aunt May," he croaked. "It's okay... I did it. I saved you. Don't you see? Uncle Ben... no matter what I did... I couldn't save him. I couldn't. But I saved you. I did it. I did..."

He heard women screaming. He felt Johnny pump his hands on his chest. He finally felt the last embrace by Mary Jane before darkness covered his eyes.

Stars spun overhead. He was flying. Or maybe the earth was moving beneath him?