So, here is the end of my first fan fic! A couple of acknowledgements...

First off, thank you to Jakk for giving me the idea to do a crossover. Apparently Teen Titans is a lot more popular than we thought.

Next I'd like to thank Rider Paladin and RebukeX7 for their reviews and favorites. Thanks to MarkellBarnes360, blood enraged, Jetty1, and Crow667 for adding me and/or this story to their favorites list while this story was being written. Thanks a lot, guys.

And finally, this is only the beginning! Be expecting more Ultimate Teen Titan action soon! And if you don't like the way I left Petey and Raven... just wait. There's more to come.


It was dark in San Francisco. The cleanup crews were getting paid overtime to clean up the warehouse that had exploded last week. The Teen Titans, whom everyone had thought were killed, had managed to survive and defeat Slade and his crazed brother. Their tower was being rebuilt, and superheroes around America were congratulating the Titans and their new member, Spider-Man on their performance.

One of the crew team, Sean, picked his way across the wreckage, trying to find a good place to start. He tripped over something sticking out of the earth.

"Son of a-,"

Suddenly the thing grabbed him, and pulled him down. He yelled, but his yell was cut short as another object came up to grasp his mouth. With one swift motion, the objects, which turned out to be hands, twisted and snapped his neck. He went limp.

The hands were shortly followed by a head, then a body, then legs.

Wade Wilson stood up. His mind was clearer than it had been for a year. His first thought was that he was gonna kill Spider-Man. His second though...


Thank you, and good night.