All it takes is one small difference. This time Roxanne keeps her head more and realises the skeleton is too well held together and asks one question. "Shouldn't the bones be scattered somewhat?"

As Minion unties her Megamind checks the skeleton, and sees pins. The bleached. Megamind grimaces. "It's an anatomy skeleton. How can I miss something that obvious?" Rather than Roxanne replying with her usual schtick of "When don't you?" The reaction in unexpected. "He framed you! He framed you! We should tell the world!" Megamind had never seen Roxanne so mad, not since the time he had not only kidnapped her on a busy day for her, but was running late as well.

"Now, Temptress, if I revealed it what would the populus think?" Megamind stated. Roxanne grimaces at Megamind's point, and the fact she missed this. "You were lying, to get out of trouble. What if I did?"

Minion spoke up; he always had to prevent these two from heading down a road they both wanted even though they both knew there was no future that way. "Swing the angles about a bit. The populace wants Megamind to be the villain. Whilst at the moment everyone believes Megamind has an unrequited crush on you. It's never you, Roxanne, that calls for Metroman, it's always Megamind. The Frequent Kidnapping card, the complete trust you have in your 'kidnapper'. Either you're brainwashed."

"Megamind's too ethical." Roxanne points out honestly. While true, the fact that Roxanne admits this is not going to help her case here. Before Megamind can state he's evil, Minion interrupts. "Or you're in a relationship with the Boss." Minion rarely uses a sledgehammer but he feels he needs to here. Megamind and Roxanne are the two most ethical people he's met. Different sets of ethics but neither will break them.

"Crap! I am, aren't I?" Roxanne stated, as the truth hit her hard. "Damn stupid subconscious. And there is a reason it never progressed more than shallow waters. Our ethics."

Minion nodded. "You try to get Boss to give up being a supervillian, because you like him and are not willing to be a crook. Boss doesn't reform because he feels he can't be accepted on your side of the law. As a relatively harmless supervillain he has a place even if not the one he would have chosen for himself."

Roxanne grimaces. This is true, and the choice is so hard to make. Which should Roxanne do? Become a villainess in the eyes of the public, or betray the guy she's secretly liked for a long time and become one in her own eyes? "No, Megamind this doesn't mean I'm not still angry with you." Roxanne points out, knowing that Megamind needs reminders occasionally. "Because they were still kidnaps, even if I never prosecuted you for the 'evil' dates." Roxanne finally admits.

"Asking your permission would compromise you." Megamind misses the point, and for once it's deliberate.

"I know that Megamind. Whilst I can understand that, the kidnapping did hurt me, even if part of me likes you a whole lot, and a part of me was disappointed it didn't proceed further down the 'evil' date road. Oh, up here I know it couldn't. "

"I never intended to..."

"But you did hurt me. I can save myself, but that would destroy you." Roxanne thought, "One of the two people and the only human he trusts turning on him? I will try to prove you wrong, Megamind, but I fear you are right."

"I hope it's not necessary, but I have several evil-queen designs ready to go." Minion sighed. "I never wanted this for you. But I always feared it would happen."

Once Roxanne has left, Minion points out this his boss better not get his hopes up. Between the boss and her career Roxanne has always chosen her career. But her ethics may destroy it, and if so he is not responsible, it is that jerk Metro-man, AGAIN.

Roxanne records her report with the evidence. It was the hardest things she had to. The evidence of why Megamind had not killed Metroman and the in retrospect obvious fakery. She hands her report in expecting it to play the next day. She was not going to back down from this.

Instead of her report, a different one plays. One that is utterly true, but will not include the one important point: - How ethical Roxanne and Megamind are.

"People aren't thinking enough. Yeah, everybody says Roxanne Ritchi's Metroman's girlfriend but if you truly look at the evidence, there's no way she is."


"She dresses more sexily when she knows a kidnap is coming along even if it isn't Metro man day."

"Could it be she knows Metro man will rescue her?"

"I thought that at first but Miss Ritchi also has a frequent kidnapping card. And would you really risk angering someone who controls the sharp blades near your person, even if they weren't an evil supervillain? "

"No, I wouldn't. Nor would anyone sane."

"Only reason to do that is if she has an utter trust in her 'captor.'"

"And before you say Metroman. Come on if she was in any real danger from Megamind, look at Metroman's tendency to get caught up in banter. Roxanne's not the superhero's girl, she's the supervillain's. Got a good evil laugh as well."

"Megamind and Roxanne banter."

"Ah but who calls for Metroman? Is it Roxanne Ritchi screaming? Or Megamind by jamming broadcasts?"

Roxanne phoned up her station. She was mad, very mad indeed. "Why the hell did you play that report, instead of mine. Mine didn't say Megamind wasn't evil only that he hadn't killed Metroman."

"How can you say that. You were right there when his skeleton flew in."

"So I had the best view to see if it was say, A FAKE!"

"Here, we all knew you had a minor crush on the villain, but really going this far, Roxi? Actually covering for him."

"I am not going to lie about what I saw. No, not even by omission. Playing that story was done for only one reason, that is to spike the truth. I am not happy at all. I was ethical enough to refuse Megamind's offers. And he was ethical enough not to do more than offer. "