Psycho Delic sighed at the Doom Syndicate. "Roxanne is not behaving as her profile suggests. As much as she liked Megamind, if she was going to become his evil queen at this point she'd have done it before."

Hot Flash glared. "She was always a slut."

Psycho Delic gave her a Death glare. It was unnerving because he should not have been able to do that. "Keep your stupid grudge out of this. I stated that it was likely that Roxanne would become Megamind's evil queen between one and two years if he didn't do anything too evil, such as, say from the top of my head, murder."


"With Metroman's murder Roxanne should have dropped Megamind like a hot potato. She didn't. She instead chose to become Megamind's evil queen. This is a problem. Either our Psych report is wrong and Miss Ritchi is the true villain, or our Psych report is right."

Doppler nods. She has less of a grudge "I believe the psych report is right. Why would Roxanne suddenly become Megamind's evil queen at this point? She must believe it is the most moral thing to do. If it was just because she liked Megamind she'd have been his evil queen on the second kidnapping. If she is right Metroman is alive, having framed Megamind. And they call us villains."

"Either of these is a problem. If Roxanne is the true villain, we have no idea of her capabilities and powers. If Metroman is alive enough mayhem could force him out of retirement."

Destruction worker nodded. "Megamind on his own would be chaotic. Roxanne is the unknown situation here. She makes things more orderly, which she would do anyway. You can't annoy Megamind by causing chaos."

The Scott's were surprised. That second announcement had undone some of the money they had flashed to stop the city working. The speech had basically said, "Mistakes were made, and though I have been merciful so far." While they felt Megamind might not carry out the threats so well. Roxanne would. She had always been hard to bully. It didn't make sense. At least their bribe had spiked Roxanne's report. They would not let her blacken the name of their son.

Megamind was planning to get the city working again. His brain bots would do some of the jobs, but he would slowly withdraw them and replace them with people who in the end made better decisions. This had Roxanne's fingerprints all over it. Get Megamind to seem a good ruler who had understandably lost his head in the first flush of victory.

There was still one problem with this, that Roxanne would have to face again. Metroman's murder. Few people agreed with Roxanne's opinion. The Scott's did, but they would spend money like water to make sure the truth was never revealed. Because if this came out, so would so much else. Stuff that would make everyone realise just how this came about. There was too much evidence that Megamind's plans all involved, 1) Removing Roxanne Ritchi to remote location, 2)Call Metroman to place, 3) attempt to kill him. and 1) only happened after Megamind shot his chance at victory to save a bystander.

The Scotts knew a reporter could be an implacable enemy, especially one of Roxanne's calibre. .Roxanne wasn't exactly willing, but did enjoy seeing the guy. But there had to be something they could use against her. Something to make her look far worse, than the truth would.