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Title: He sees darkness, but he smiles like the light.

Summary: Naruto, after the Kyuubi was sealed into him, has to suffer from permanent blindness. With an over-protective father, friends and his dreams, being blind may not be so bad after all. ALSO WRITTEN BY Carrie2sky!


"Here Naruto...come to Papa," Minato smiled, holding out his arms. Naruto, a seven-month year old ball of energy, looked around for the voice he heard. What was that voice? Papa! It was Papa! A smile crept onto Naruto's face and he felt around for something to grab onto. Reaching out to anything, he was relieved to find there was something hard and he pulled himself up.

Minato smiled, getting the camera ready with one hand, and holding out the other to his son, once more.

"Naruto~" He cooed calling for his son, again.

Naruto's head turned, hearing that happy, loving voice he adored more than anything. He giggled and pushing himself up, wobbling unsteadily. Minato reached out and prepared to catch his child if he should fall; but Naruto grabbed onto the coffee table once more and steadied himself. Minato sighed in relief, and then called his name once more, soothingly this time. Naruto may not have known this emotion very well yet, but determination was forming in his heart, he wanted to "get to Papa." He wanted to walk.

One clumsy foot stepped forward and he let go of the table. Minato smiled.

"Come to Papa, Naru-chan...you can do it!" Minato encouraged him.

One foot in front and then the other foot in front.

He was walking!

"Yes! Naruto! Come to Papa!" Minato smiled, tears of happiness falling from his eyes. He was happy, so happy. His child could walk! He was taking his first steps! The blessed miracle given to him from the only woman he ever loved, the child he helped to create, was walking! Naruto, feeling a differentin his life, smiled. He was doing something new and it was different, it was making his Papa happy (from what he could hear).

"Yes, Naruto! You did it!" Minato cheered as Naruto walked ten baby steps from the Coffee table to his arms. All by himself. Minato picked up Naruto and started dancing and swinging him around, the child, enjoying the fast movement, now felt he was flying; Without a care in the world, he was happy. They both were. Minato smothered his baby boy with kisses and cuddles, tears still falling, he didn't care how silly they must have looked on camera, he was happy, so very, very happy. Pride, happiness and hope; all together mixed in one emotion fluttered in his body.

"Papa is so proud of you, Naruto." Minato told his son, lovingly, giving his child one last kiss. Minato smiled and laughed a bit seeing his little Naruto yawning, obviously worn out from practice and his accomplishment. Naruto closed his cloudy blue eyes. Minato sighed.

His son...was blind...but even despite that, he learned how to walk!

Rocking him to slumber, vowing softly into his son's ear, like he did every night. Promising him...to protect him, even if it cost him his life.

6 years later

"Tou-san!" A happy voice came from a cozy warm house. It was hidden by a large stone wall, and a front gate. The wall wasn't built too long ago...6 years to be exact. Minato was a bit paranoid, fearing his son might fall down the large hill they were nestled on and into the street. Minato had a strict rule, not only outside but inside too.

"Tou-san! Stop! That tickles!" A giggling voice laughed, begging for mercy from The Tickle Monster. Minato didn't stop, in fact, he just moved to a new place to tickle the 6 year old. Poor Naruto, he felt that if he were to be tickled any more, he'd either die of laughing or burst.

"Tou-san..really! Stop!" This outburst was more demanding and sad sounding, immediately Minato stopped.

"I'm sorry, Naru-chan, I thought you were joking that time," he told him, apologetically.

Minato ran his fingers through the small blonde's blonde hair. Naruto gave his father a cute smile and then pounced on him, this time tickling him, it wasn't really tickling, but Minato dared not to tell his son that, instead, he pretended to laugh easily fooling the child. When Minato decided it was time for a bath, he picked up Naruto and cuddled with him, just for a few seconds to calm him down.

"Okay, Naru-chan, time for a bath," Minato announced.

"Aw, Tou-san," Naruto pouted, sticking out his tonguein disagreement.

"You're getting a bath, Naruto," Minato told him firmly, but with a smile. He then carried the six year old to the tub.

"Tou-san?" Naruto asked, as his father was taking of his clothes in preparation for the bath.

"Yes, son?" Minato smiled.

"Well...I heard the other day from some of the kids that school is starting...am I old enough to go this year?" Naruto asked with hope.

Minato did take Naruto to a local park to play with some of the other children in the village, and of course, Naruto had heard them talking about starting at the Academy soon. Minato knew his son really wanted to go, but…he was hesitant. His son was not normal. His blindness was one thing…the Kyuubi was another. Looking at his son's face, he could see the want and desire clearly.

He swallowed hard, wishing that his son hadn't asked that. Minato knew Naruto wouldn't like the answer.

"Um...we'll see, Naruto. Let me think about it," Minato answered. Narutopouted, but didn't say anything would have to think about this one. First and foremost, his parental side wanted to say animmediate 'no'. No way would he let Naruto go to the Academy, where he could be picked on, but most of all discriminated againstbecause he couldn't see. That's where his ninja side kicked in. He wanted nothing more than to let Naruto go and become a good ninja, but what if they turned him down because of his blindness?

"Would you like bubbles?" Minato asked. Naruto nodded happily. Naruto loved bubbles, sure he couldn't see what they really were, but they felt funny. Naruto soaked in a watery-oil and then rinsedonce more outside the tub.*

When Naruto rested in the warm water, he immediately attacked the bubbles, giggling and smiling. It felt funny, soapy and smelled really great. Minato smiled and leaned against the wallopposite of the tub and let Naruto play for a while, after a few minutes of thinking whether Naruto should go to school or not.

Naruto realized it was quiet in the room. "Tou...san?" he called out.

Minato looked up. "Hmm? Oh! Sorry, Nau-chan, ready to get out?" He smiled. Naruto nodded, holding up his arms for Minato to pick him up. Minato wrapped a warm towel around Naruto and started to dry him off, making sure to get behind the ears and back of his head around his neck. Minato then picked up Naruto carrying him back to his room. Laying Naruto very carefully on his bed, he made his way to the dresser to pick out something for Naruto to wear. Naruto, thought thathe had room to roll around and goof off a bit, but he was wrong and took a tumble off the bed.

"NAURTO!" Minato yelled, running to Naruto. "Are you okay?" He asked, checking for a bruise. Naruto admitted it hurt just a tad bit, but it wasn't anything serious he knew.

"I'm fine, Tou-san...Really, I am," he insisted. He tried to get himself on his bed again. Using his hands, he felt the knobs on his nights stand, he knew that was right next to the bed. Using the stand he pulled himself up and over to his bed. Minato finally chose something for him to wear and he helped Naruto slip on the clothes.

"Would you like a story, Naruto?" Minato asked.

Naruto nodded. He loved it when his Tou-san would read him stories. But at times, Naruto wished he didn't have to ask to be read a story, at times, he wished he could read all by himself. But then again, he wished he could do other things that involved sight. Naruto felt his eyes become heavy and he closed them, telling himself he'd rest for a few minutes, but it turned out he fell asleep. Minato continued reading; he didn't realize Naruto was asleep until he was finished with the book. He smiled, andthen planted a kiss on Naruto's soft forehead, tucking him into the covers a bit more to keep warm. He adjusted a stuffed animal that sat on the top shelf and started fumbling with the wires on the back of it. What Naruto didn't know was in the bear was a camera. The house was full of them. But some were there before Naruto was born and he was only dating Kushina. The camera wasused for security reasons, because he was the Hokage; but about twenty new cameras were installed a few months after Naruto was born. Not only were they inside, but outside as well. The cameraswere used for Minato to not only see if any trespassers or killers were on his property, but to check on Naruto if he was in a different room without Minato.

"There we go," Minato smiled. The camera in the bear became blurry at times because of the fur. Minato then walked out of the room, leaving the door open a crack.

Heading to his office, he flicked on the small TV that was on his desk next to a stack of papers. It showed every room in the house and all of outside. While working late he would take a glance at the TV now and then. The only things that changed were Naruto (due to his tossing and turning in his sleep) or the trees blowing in the summer wind.

It was about midnight when he finished his work. He stood up and cracked his back. Taking a glance at the TV, he noticed a plant pot was spinning, until it fell over. Minato's eyes glared. Someone was on his property. Taking out a Kunai, he raced to where his son was sleeping, andthere he saw a dark figure in the window, cominginto his son's room. He jumped on the small figure, dragged him out of the room and away from Naruto, holding a Kunai to his throat.

"You little bastard! What the hell do you think you're doing!?" Minato hissed.

"Sen-" The person tried to reason, but couldn't talk, Minato was now choking him.

"You think you can harm my child?! Well think again!" Minato shouted.

"Sen...si...it's...meeee!" The victim gasped for hair. "Ka...Ka...Shi!"

"Kakashi?" Minato asked, and in surprise, let go of his former student and got to help the young ninja, and sure enough it was Kakashi. Minato now felt ten times as guilty as he did when he stepped on and broke one of Naruto's favorite toys. Minato patted his ex-student on the back to help him breathe better. Then going back into his son's room quietly, he brought back a glass of water he left on the nightstand that Naruto never touched. (He always gave Naruto a glass of water before he went to bed, he didn't want his son to get hurt trying to get a drink in the middle of the night).

"Damn...think your security is tight enough?" Kakashi asked,obviously scared and pissed.

"Sorry about that," Minato apologized. "What were you doing anyway?"

Kakashi picked out a stuffed fox from a small bag he had on his back. Minatochuckled. "Is that for Naruto?"

"Yes. I was done with a mission early and I just happened to be close to a fair, figured I'd stop and try and get Naruto something." Kakashi gave the fox to his sensei who promised he'd show it to Naruto first thing in the morning. They headed into the living room where they sipped on tea.

"Why didn't you knock on the door?" Minato asked. "I would have answered."

"I thoughtyou both were sleeping, and I didn't want to wake anyone...guessI'll never make that mistake ever." Kakashi mumbled that last part to himself.

Minato smiled sadly. "I'm sorry, I guess I'm a bit paranoid when it comes to things like safety for Naruto."

"I bet you don't even let him walk around without you," Kakashi stated, he knew he was right; Minato was very strict when it came to anything revolving around Naruto's safety. Kakashi was surprised the child wasn't in a cage hanging from the ceiling, or on a leash.

Minato furrowedhis brows. "What's that supposed to mean?" He demanded.

Kakashi looked up. "Do you want Naruto to depend on you for the rest of his life? Are you going to carry him across stage when he's 12 and graduated? Are you going to carry him down the aisle when he's going to get married? Will you take care of him when he's old and in pain when you yourself are 6 feet underground?! Minato...you have to let him go...let him learn and adapt to hissurroundings, you'd be surprised about how much he could do. What I am saying is...will you hold his hand forever? He's not going to be a child forever you know."

"I KNOW THAT!" Minato snapped. "It's just..." Then he felt tears. "He's...all I have."

Kakashi didn't mean to push him that far, he understood how much Naruto meantto Minato, but he didn't want to see Naruto being helpless the rest of his life.

"I understand sensei, but...what will happen when you're gone and he's still here...who will take care of him?"

"Now, now, we don't need to worry about that." Minato smiled. "Thank you for your concern Kakashi, but really, we're fine." That smile...Kakashi knew it held pain, sadness and lost of hope. But what would the poor kid do if his father weren't there? Kakashi couldn't imagine Naruto being alone with no parents AND beingblind.


The next morning, Naruto awoke to the soft melody playing on the child-alarm clock he had. He knew that when it was playing, that it was time to get up. He reached over, listening to the sound and turned it off with one light tap with his hand. He also noticed something else in his bed. It felt like a toy. He didn't remember going to sleep with any stuffed animals. It felt new and smelled different.

"Ah, I see you've noticed the fox toy Kakashi gave you." Naruto turned to the sound and smiled. Minato placed the fox there before he had gone to bed. He thought it would make a nice surprise for his son to wake up to.

"Ah, so that's what it is. Tell him I said, 'thank you', Tou-san." Naruto smiled, clutching on to the stuffed fox and cuddling with it. Minato smiled, and picked up Naruto.

"Come on, breakfast is ready," Minato told him.

Naruto grinned, at this, but soon frowned when Minato explained how he was to have a check up at the hospital later today.

Naruto...HATED hospitals!

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