He Sees Darkness, But Smiles Like The Light

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"Amagaeru-san, I must show you to Papa" Naruto giggled. School had ended School was already overand everyone had gone home except Naruto. His Papa had somehow told Iruka that he would be running late in picking Naruto up and asked if Iruka would watch him for a few moments. Iruka hadn't minded at allin fact he enjoyed Naruto's company. Naruto was quiet the entire time, playing with the paper frog Sasuke had made playing with the paper frog Sasuke had made him. Naruto deeply loved the paper frog, who cares if it was paper, his best friend made it for him out of kindness from the bottom of his heart and that's what mattered. Naruto deeply loved his new friend not caring at all that it was only paper. After all, his best friend had made it just for him and it was filled with Sasuke's kindness and love from the depths of his heart and that's what mattered most.

"Naruto~" a singing tone of voice called out . Two large arms wrapped around his body.a sing-songy voice rang out as two large arms wrapped around his small body and squeezed him tight.

Naruto was a bit startled. He was startled by the sudden contact and his body froze. He barely managed to get his voice out. It was shaky with fear and he stuttered."You...y-you scared me," his voice frightened. his voice barely an audible whisper.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Naru-chan. Papa didn't mean to," Minato said as he stroked his son's blond hair, apologetically. "Thank you for watching my son, Iruka." Minatosaid after a momentwith a smile.

"It was no problem." The brunette smiled back pleased to be of service to someone so great.

"Papa! I have to show you my frog, Sasuke made for me!" Naruto held up Amagaeru-san and Minato smiled at the tiny, green, paper frog. It was slightly crinkled from Naruto handling it so much.

"Well, that was nice of Sasuke for do that, wasn't it Naruto?" Minato beamed at his son, happy to see him smile again. "Ready to go home?" He asked. Naruto nodded and began gathering his books and papers. After it was all in his bag, he took his Papa's hand and left the school.

"Papa?" Naruto asked asthey walked down the were still heading home from school.

"Yes, Naruto? Are you alright?" Minato was already on one kneewith his hand raised up to his son's forehead, checking for fevers or any other signs of illness., feeling his son's forehead for any fevers or illness.

Naruto lightly pushed away his father's hand, slightly embarrassed. "I wanted to ask you, is it hard being Hokage?" Naruto was curious, he figured that since he was going to be Hokage when he grew up, he might as well ask someone who is the Hokage if it's hard or not.

Minato sighed. How do I answer this one, he wondered.

"Well, Naruto. It's not hard, but sometimes there are tough decisions..." Minato spoke.

"Like what?" Naruto asked.

One flashback of Kyuubi's roar and Kushina's scream, along with Naruto's infant cries flooded his mind.A flashback of his encounter with the Kyuubi flooded his mind. He remembered hearing Kushina's scream and the ringing it left in his ears. He remembered an infant Naruto cried in his arms, the sound tearing him away from his passing wife and to his newborn. He shook the memories out of his head. "I'll...tell you when you're older" Minato spoke trying to change the subject. Naruto was lifted into his father's strong arms and carried the rest of the way home. He smiled, he couldn't wait to be Hokage.

When the father and son arrived home, Naruto had passed out from a tiring and playful day at school. When the father and son arrived home, Naruto was passed out, clinging onto his father and his frog. It was a tiring day for him with lots of playing and learning. Minato walked through their house quietly and entered Naruto's room. He carefully released the grip Naruto had on him and laid him on his bed. Slowly, as to not disturb his sleeping child, Minato undressed Naruto and changed him into some warm pajamas. He tucked him into bed and placed Amagaeru-san on Naruto's bedside table so it wouldn't get ruined. After taking a moment to admire his work, he smiled and exited the boy's room, silently closing the door behind him.

The older blonde entered his own room and sat on his bed, his face crinkled with the older blonde was sitting on his bed, thinking. Tomorrow was Orochimaru and Kabuto's trial. The ANBU Black Ops have kept the two in separate cells, guarded twenty four hours a day ever since they were caught. The ANBU Black Ops have kept the two separated, their cells at opposite ends of the jail. They were guarded twenty four hours a day, everyday since their capture.

Who's going to watch Naruto? he asked himself. The trial was set for tomorrow, which happened to be a school holiday. This meant school wasn't in session and Naruto needed to be cared for. He knew Kakashi blamed himself for what had happened the last time he watched Naruto. The poor silver-haired teenager nearly burst into tears when he faced Minato, fearing Minato would hate him. Of course that was not the case. He sighed, Iruka couldn't watch Naruto and neither could just who was left? He shook his head, he was at roadblock.

"Aaaaaaaaany-one home?" A cheerful call came from outside his window and Minato turned to find the source. He smiled at the intruder. "You'll do," he said and his smile twisted into a mischievous smirk.

"Watch the kid?" The pervert exclaimed. Jiraiya knew that Minato knew that he wasn't good with kids at all. However Minato had no other choice. After all, Jiraiya wasn't exactly his first choice, Godfather or not.

"Kakashi blames himself for when Naruto was kidnapped, and everyone else is busy." He explainedtrying to convince the old pervert. "Please?" His words sounding suspiciously like a beg.

"But, Minato...I'm not saying that I'm going to treat Naruto any different from how I treat other people, but I don't know how to take care of a blind child!"Jiraiya throw his hands up to emphasis his exasperation. It wasn't that he was being prejudiced, Jiraiya had no idea how to take care of a child, whether said child was blind or not.

"It'll be fine," Minato protested. "I'll explain to Naruto that you'll be watching him, and he'll be on his best behavior. He usually is."

"Usually?" The Toad Sage questioned. The Toad Sage repeated and raised a questioning eyebrow.

Minato cleared his throat. "So, I'll see you...tomorrow!" and that was an order.

"Now, Naruto needs his bandages changed every four hours. He doesn't like the cream that you need to apply, he complains that it burns. But somehow I think Kyuubi's helping him with that. The pills are to be taken afterwards. Crush up the pills and pour the powder into some water and he'll take it." Minato explained with a light- hearted smile and dressed his son for the day. Jiraiya stood in the door frame and groaned. He couldn't believe he had been suckered into baby sitting.

As soon as an orange sweater was pulled over Naruto's head, the colour Naruto had personally requested,Minato lightlybrushed back the floppy blond hair and kissed his exposed forehead.

"You be good for Jiraiya, okay Naru-chan?" Minato asked, sweetly.

"Yes, Papa," Naruto answered, his voice quiet. Minato frowned at his son's balant lack of enthusiasm.

"What's wrong, Naruto?" He asked. "Are you sick? Maybe I should stay-" Minato was acting paranoid again, which made the old pervert angry. He didn't want to listen to Minato overreacting for the nth time.

"Look, Minato. I have this!" Jiraiya said, shooing Minato out the front door. "Okay, see you tonight, buh-bye"

Minato nodded but stopped in the door frame. He bent down and opened his arms, inviting his little munchkin into his embrace, layering the poor boy in kisses. Kissing his baby once more, Minato stood. With that, the Yellow Flash was gone. Kissing his baby once more, the Yellow Flash stood and like his nickname was gone in a flash, leaving only a blur of blond hair as an indication he was ever there.

The Toad Sage had to admit, Naruto was pretty easy to watch, all the little blonde did was either play with some toys or sit on the couch, listening to the TV. The Pervert was bored. Not to mention he was dreading baby-sitting when he could be enjoying the nude girls at the hot springs-

He smiled. A very perverted smile.

"Hey, Naruto," he called. Naruto turned around, but Jiraiya frowned, Naruto was looking the opposite way he was calling him from. He shook his head and instead he turned the blonde to face him. "How about a bath?" he asked and smiled. Naruto could almost hear the mischievous smile on the old man's face.

"Papa gave me one last night," Naruto answered, confused as to why his crazy God-father would sound so excited about giving him a bath.

"No, no, this is a bath that helps you relax, how about your old God-dad takes you to the hot-springs?" Jiraiya was so hoping Naruto would say 'yes'. He was quickly thinking of a plan to get some glances of tits and ass. He was quickly putting a plan together to see some naked women.

Minato and Kakashi, along with two other high-ranked shinobi,stood outside the T & A aka. The Torture and Assination room. Minato unsealed the door, quietly opening it. Minato did some quick hand signs releasing the seal on the door and quietly opened could hear screams from both genders. The voices were either laughing psychotically or screaming out for mercy, most were caused by pain. They hollering for mercy or laughing madly, most screamed in pain. But Minato disregarded those voices. He wasn't interested in those whose bodies were being twisted into deformation. Nor was his attention diverted to those whom had been tortured beyond human imagination, prisoners who could no longer hold onto the fabric of human thoughts. No, he was focused on finding one cell in particular. The cell that caged his baby's kidnappers and stripped them of their abilities. But Minato wasn't looking for those whose bodies were being twisted into deformation. Nor was he looking for those that have been tortured beyond human thoughts, instead he was looking for a cell. A cell that held his baby's kidnappers.

Finally arriving at the cell he so desired, Minato stared into the darkness and spoke in a harsh tone. "You know, kidnapping the Hokage's son is probably the worst thing you could do." Minato harshly spoke after finally arriving at his destination.

"Heh, heh. Tell me, Hokage-sama, how is the brat?" Orochimaru asked in a mocking tone. Minato's eyes started to adjust to the darkness and when they did, he could see Orochimaru's hands tied behind his back. The rest of his body was wrapped in barbed wire, any movement the Snake-Lover made, would rip open his skin, and that's something the sick bastard didn't despite all the pain the Snake should feel, he still wore that disgusting grin and it made Minato sick. He was starting to feel glad that Without Kabuto's medicine or his own chakra, he would perish in a few weeks time.

"This is your trial." Minato spoke. "Any last words?"

"Hm...I wonder..." Orochimaru said. I'm guessing Naruto's sight is timed or will ever come back?"

Minato could he know about that? he wondered. "None of that concerns you." Minato said after regaining his composure.

"Maybe...but what a shame it would be if...that sight was killing him." Orochimaru smirked and Minato grit his teeth. He knew he was falling for a trap, but how could he ignore something about his baby? Especially something that could mean life or death.

"What are you talking about?! It's the Kyuubi who's controlling his sight!" Minato yelled,revealing secrets better left untold. "I should know, he told me so!"

"You do realize that the Kyuubi's chakra is evil...why you would let your son, play around with it-is unbeknownst to me" The snake smirked, he knew he had caught Minato in his little web. All that was left was to spin him into the cocoon.

Minato had enough, Orochimaru was filling his head with lies and doubts. He snapped his fingers and Orochimaru was dragged to the Fourth's feet, he hissed in pain but still Minato gave no sign of any emotion, especially pity.

"I hope you rot in the darkest pits of hell..." He cursed at the Snake and created his strongest jutsu. "Rasengan!" He called out as he punched right through the evil that tried to cloud his mind with doubt.

"Aw! He's so cute!" one very cute girl commented on the small blonde. She was thin, with dark hair and big boobs, just Jiraiya's type. Naruto smiled, knowing the girl was talking to him. He couldn't see anything, but he felt hands and arms wrap around him, either ruffling his hair, washing his face or hugging him. Jiraiya himself couldn't be happier.

"All these girls," Jiraiya said with a smile.

"He's so cute! He's really your son, Master Jiraiya?!" A girl with long orange hair asked.

"He looks so different!" Another girl with blond and equally long hair commented.

The endless squeals continued and that's how the Pervert loved it. Naruto on the other hand, was a different story. While in the small wading pool of hot water he had maybe a minimum of ten naked women surrounding him. Naruto, only six years old, was a heartthrob. He smiled, blushing at all the compliments given to him. He grinned, receiving lots of squeals of joy.

When Naruto accidentally dropped his yellow rubber ducky and went searching for it in the water, he grabbed foreign to him. It was soft and squishy, and when he squeezed it, one of the girls yelped.

"No, no, no darling don't touch that!" she giggled, crossing one leg over the other, mid-thigh. Naruto blushed once more and continued searching for his rubber duck. Although it was a sight to see, a little, blind, blond boy searching for a duck, without his towel falling off.

"Ha, ha, ha! Go get it, Naruto" Jiraiya yelled, enthusiastically, his smile never leaving his face.

"So, Master..." One raven haired girl lustfully asked. "What time is your job done?"

"Eh..." the Pervert paused. "What...job?" he asked, completely forgetting he was Naruto's baby sitter.

Minato burst through the unlocked front door. "Naru-chan, Papa's home!" Minato cheerfully called excited to see his son after his earlier encounter. He frowned when there was no answer and his brow crinkled together.

He searched the house for his baby. Maybe he was playing hide-n-seek? Minato thought, hopeful. He entered the kitchen and walked up to the table. He was going to look under it when he noticed a piece of paper with his son's messy scrawl on it. He picked it up and squinted to read it. He looked to the kitchen table where there was a note written, it seemed to have been penned by Naruto.

Deer Papa,

It read and Minato shook his head. Misspelling already, Minato thought as he continued to read. Already misspelling. Minato thought.

Jay'rira bringin' me to hot-spings. by-by, Naruto.

Minato re-read the letter, trying to figure out what it was talking about. "What's a hot-sping?" He asked himself.

Wait... he thought as it all clicked in his head. Jiraiya wouldn't- and as soon as he thought it he knew he would.

"Oh, Master, you have such a way with us girls" One blonde smiled, hugging one of Jiraiya's arms, making sure to hide it between her large breasts. They bounced with everything breath and he felt a nose bleed coming on.

"And your son..." She pointed to Naruto who was snuggling against three warm bodies of naked women, trying to stay warm after running around in the cool air. "Well, if he's as adorable as that, why not give me one too?"

"eh!" Jiraiya's eyes popped open. "Wha'?"

"No! He's going to give me one!" One girl pushed another and soon a fight broke out. It escalated into a complete catfight involving all the women in the hot-spring.

Naruto was confused by the sudden loss of body warm. Suddenly there was no one left in the water, and all the girls were arguing somewhere off in the distance. "Nee-chan?" He called out to them.

His call was answered by the sound of the heavy doors to the hot-spring beingstrongly forced open. Mixed in with the loud whoosh of the doors was his name. Soon two doors opened and he heard his name being called. "NARU-OH, DEAR GOD!" Naruto knew immediately that it his was Papa!

"Papa!" He called, running stark naked toward the voice. His feet were slipping on the damp floor, but luckily he kept his balance as his father was trying desperately not to look at the naked women, seemingly fighting over nothing. Minato tried so desperately not to look at all the naked women. Kushina, think of Kushina. He thought to himself. A seemingly useless mantra against the women.

"Papa!" Naruto yelled with a smile as he reached his father's legs. Minato look down at his son and his eyes widened with surprise. Minato's eyes widened. "Naruto! Where are your clothes? And where's Jiraiya?" That last part sounded very deadly. He said Jiraiya's name like a threat, acid tripping from every letter. Naruto shrugged uncaringly, but shiveredso Minato took his off cloak and wrapped it around Naruto, desperately trying to keep the smaller child warm.

Minato had kneeled down was rubbing Naruto's shoulders spreading warmth through the boy when he started talking. "Daddy, I don't understand why Jiraiya likes girls." Naruto said. "He says their boobs are nice, but they don't seem nice to me."

Minato facepalmed and blushed. He was so never letting Jiraiya babysit Naruto again, ever! Even if it killed him!

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