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Digimon Tamers 2

The chosen Tamer: Digital Frontier

Chapter 1: The adventure begins...

"Ahh... Where am I...?" A young brown haired boy around the age of fifteen asked to no one in particular. In fact there was nobody around at all besides him.

The boy who is known as Takato Matsuki drifted through a bright void filled with numbers and question marks.

How did he get here you may ask. Well it's quite simple Takato had gone through a portal to get to the digital world. But in order to do that he would first need to end up in a digital field, so that he can become data.

Takato only had a slight memory of being here before, from the first time he had gone to the Digital world.

Unfortunately he could only remember to not think of any directions while you're there. 'But why?' Thought Takato as he looked around. 'Oh who cares. That ways left...' Takato thought as he looked to his left. 'That way is right.' Takato thought again as he looked to his right. 'And this way is up...' Takato thought as he looked up.

No sooner then he said this Takato felt a force pulling him downwards. "Oh crap this ways down!" Takato screamed as he fell.

*A few hours later... or was it days...?*

Takato didn't know how long he had been unconscious only that he had been for a while since the sun was up.

"Man, my back really hurts." Takato said as he rubbed it trying to get rid of the pain.

It took a few minutes but finally most of the pain had gone away, and Takato was now looking around at his surroundings.

"Where exactly am I...?" Takato asked himself.

"I'd say you where in the digital world Takatomon." A voice said from behind Takato.

Takato knew that voice. But it couldn't be... This soon... Takato turned to where the voice had sounded.

Sure enough there was Terriermon standing on a rock , looking worn out but happy.

"Terriermon!" Takato said as he went over and hugged the rabbit dog digimon.

"Hey cut it out! Not the pwincess pwetty pants treatment!" Terriermon cried indignantly.

"Sorry Terriermon. It's just I'm really glad to see you." Takato said as he released Terriermon. "Where are the others?" Takato then asked.

At this question Terriermon's ears sagged. "Well we stuck together for a while... But then one night there was a storm of data streams all around us..."

Takato looked mortified. "So you all got separated...?"

"Yep..." Terriermon confirmed.

'Well this just got a lot more difficult...' Takato thought as he pulled out his comlink.

"What are you doing?" Terriermon asked curiously.

"I'm sending a message to Henry." Takato said as he turned the comlink on. "He's the only one who knows I'm here." Takato explained at seeing Terriermon's questioning look.

"Wait the others don't know! You mean you took it upon yourself to come here alone!?" Terriermon said freaking out.

"Relax Terriermon I've become a master at using modify cards." Takato said as he prepared to write a message to Henry, letting him know he had gotten to the digital world and had found Terriermon.

"Takato have you noticed that Guilmon isn't here?!" Terriermon screamed. Takato's face that had been a dead calm suddenly changed into one of grim realization.

"... Oh... Ah well... we'll manage somehow..." Takato said finally after a few moments of silence between them.

Takato's Comlink message.

"Henry it's Takato. I've made it to the digital world. Not only that but I've found Terriermon! Can you believe that?! Anyways it looks like the other digimon have been separated by the data streams. I'm gonna head off with Terriermon to try and find them. Wish me luck..."

"So Terriermon is there any reason you look so worn out?" Takato asked as he finished writing the message and sent it.

Terriermon who was still freaked from before went into a complete state of panic at being asked this.

"Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! I completely forgot! I was being chased by Gorillamon!" Terriermon screamed as he continued to freak out.

"Wait Gorillamon? You mean that digimon we fought back at the beginning of me and Henry being tamers?" Takato asked.

"Yeah the very same!" Terriermon said.

"Alright we've gotta get out of here." Takato said as he pocketed his comlink.

"Good Idea!" Terriermon said jumping up onto Takato's head.

"Hey!" Takato said in indignation.

"What? I need to save my energy just in case we've gotta fight." Terriermon said as he got himself comfortable on top of Takato's head. "Besides." Terriermon said as he spread out his big ears. "You're out of the sun. It's a win win."

"Fine. Let's get going." Takato said as he started to walk towards some rocks that he could use to help him climb out of the crater he and Terriermon were in. "So Terriermon did you get the message Henry sent you?" Takato asked as he began to climb.

Terriermon seemed to perk up. "Henry sent me a message?! About what?!"

Takato laughed at Terriermon's excitement. "Well all of us tamers decided to put a message in a packet of data in the hopes it would one day find it's way to you guys... It was pretty much saying how much we missed all of you and how we were doing..." Takato explained to Terriermon.

"So Rika actually made one too!?" Terriermon said in shock, but also sniggering.

"Yeah I know what you mean... Surprised me to..." Takato admitted.

Terriermon looked at Takato looking a bit shocked at what Takato had said. "You know you've changed a bit."

"Yeah. I have, haven't I? I guess it comes with getting older." Just as Takato finished saying this there was an explosion from behind them.

"Oh crap Gorillamon!" Terriermon screamed.

Takato finally managing to pull himself up from the crater looked behind him to see Gorillamon.

Gorillamon was standing in the middle of the crater gun cannon aimed right for Takato and Terriermon.

"He looks a lot meaner then last time!" Takato shouted.

"Ya think it could've been because we deleted him?!" Terriermon asked aas he started to freak out once again.

"That would pretty much explain it..." Takato said as he started to back away.

Gorillamon seeing this jumped up into the air and landed right next to Takato. Not even a second later he swung his arm to hit Takato out of the way of Terriermon. Takato however dodged on instinct. Gorillamon enraged by this aimed his cannon arm at Takato's face.

'WELL I'VE HAD A GOOD RUN...' Takato thought to himself as he prepared to die.

"Not so fast! Terrier Tornado!" Terriermon shouted. The attack connected with Gorillamon and knocked him off balance just as he shot off his cannon.

The beam flew into the crater and hit a huge boulder which exploded upon impact. 'What power!' Takato thought as he saw this happen.

"Whoa!" Takato shouted as he dived out of the way of a stray attack from one of the now furiously battling digimon.

"Terrier Tornad-!" Terriermon shouted out his attack but was cut off as he was hit by Gorillamon's attack.

"Terriermon!" Takato shouted reaching for his modify cards. 'Oh wait I can't use modify cards on Terriermon! Crap there has to be something I can do to help him!' Takato's hand then bumped something in his pocket, and his eyes widened. 'That's it! I new this thing would come in handy!' Takato thought as he pulled out the digimon destabilizer.

"Energy Cannon!" Gorillamon shouted aiming his cannon at Terriermon who was struggling to get up off the ground.

"Hey ugly!" Takato shouted as he ran over to Gorillamon. "Why don't you try this!" Takato shouted as the thing Takato was holding transformed into a katana. A moment later he had slashed it through Gorillamon.

Gorillamon stood there for a few moments dumbfounded. Then as if in slow motion his upper half slid off of the rest of his body and turned into data, a moment later the lower half had turned into data as well.

"Terriermon load his data quick." Takato said not wanting to encounter Gorillamon ever again.

"But we don't-"

"Do you wanna run into Gorillamon again?! Because I sure don't?!"

"Well when you put it that way..." Terriermon got up and absorbed Gorillamon's data. As soon as he had his injuries disappeared, having been healed by the newly loaded data.

Takato who was still holding the katana looked at it. "I didn't expect it to work like it did, ...but it's perfect..." Takato said as it turned back into a small circular device which Takato put into his pocket.

"Where did you get that?" Terriermon asked in a way that clearly expressed that he wanted one too.

"I... ahh... Borrowed it, from Hypnos..." Takato said nervously.

Terriermon grinned. "You mean you stole it from Hypnos."

"Now where did you get that idea from?" Takato asked still a bit nervous.

"You said that only Henry knows you're here. So that means you couldn't have just gone to Hypnos and asked to borrow it." Terriermon said smirking wider. "I can put two and two together." Terriermon said with a laugh.

"Okay so maybe I did steal it. But luckily for us I did." Takato said giving in to trying to hide the truth.

"Hey I'm not complaining. That thing is amazing. What else can it do!?"

"Nothing as far as I know..." Takato said as he took it out of his pocket. When he did he noticed a button on it. "Hey this wasn't here before..." Takato said pressing the button. What happened next startled the both of them. A holographic map of the area appeared.

"Now that's cool..." Was all Terriermon could say.

"Yeah I'll say. Guess we won't have to worry about getting lost." Takato said as he looked at the map.

"What are you doing?" Terriermon asked as Takato continued to look at it.

"Trying to figure our location out so we can head to some kind of civilization... Now lets see. We're defiantly in the lowest part of the digital world, which means we're also in the least dangerous place... Now if we're here next to the big crater then that mean's... a day or two's hike and we can make it to the Mudfrigimon's city."

"Do you think we might run into any of the others?" Terriermon asked as he climbed up onto Takato's head.

"I don't know Terriermon... But it's a start." Takato said as he began walking.

*In the real world*

"Henry breakfast!" Henry's mother called from the kitchen.

"Coming mom!" Henry called back as he began to walk towards his door. Just as he was about to open it his computer screen flashed. 'What's that?' Henry thought to himself as he walked over to his computer.

What he saw on the monitor made his day.

"Henry it's Takato. I've made it to the digital world. Not only that but I've found Terriermon! Can you believe that?! Anyways it looks like the other digimon have been separated by the data streams. I'm gonna head off with Terriermon to try and find them. Wish me luck..."

'So he made it... and he's found Terriermon. The only thing that has me worried now is that the other digimon got separated...' "Good lucky Takato..."

End of chapter 1

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