Notes: This is just a cute little oneshot that comes from the memory of an old boyfriend, dancing around the computer lab at college, singing Frank Sinatra. The song that inspired this piece is "The Way You Look Tonight." If you haven't heard it, you really should go listen to it. It's a great song.

Disclaimers: I do not own any rights to NCIS, or to any of Frank Sinatra's music. I'm not that lucky.

It was quiet in the bullpen, the end of a hectic Monday. Gibbs had gone down to Autopsy, leaving his team to their own devices up in the bullpen. There were reports to write from the case they'd closed that afternoon, and they all knew Gibbs wouldn't let them leave until every report was on his desk. Tim typed furiously at his computer, as did Ziva. Both were in a hurry to leave, and avoid the wrath of Gibbs. Tony, however, seemed to be enjoying this rare moment without Gibbs around. He was wearing earbuds, with his music turned up loud enough to be heard by others. Ziva could have sworn she heard trumpets.

Pulling up an instant message screen, she typed a message to Tony.

: What is that music you are listening to?

: Frank Sinatra

: Who is that?

Tony suddenly turned off the music and removed his earbuds.

"Ziva, you don't know who Frank Sinatra is? Are you serious?"

Ziva shrugged.

"I am sorry, Tony. I do not share your musical tastes."

"Ziva, everyone knows who Frank Sinatra is. He's one of the most well known musicians in American History!"

Ziva shrugged again. Tony clicked a few things on his computer. He unplugged his headphones and set them on the desk. When the music started, he turned up the volume. He'd selected "The Way You Look Tonight." As the music played, Tony started to get into the mood to dance. He got up from his desk and came around to the middle of the bullpen. As Sinatra crooned the words, Tony started to dance around the bullpen, and found himself singing along

"Someday, when I'm awfully low," he sang, "when the word is cold, I'll feel a glow just thinking of you, and the way you look, tonight."

He danced over to Ziva's desk as he continued his musical tribute. Ziva had to stop typing as he danced around her desk. She giggled as he spun her in her chair. Even Tim had stopped typing at this point, interested in seeing Tony make a fool of himself.

"Lovely, never never change/keep that breathless charm, won't you please arrange it,/ 'cause I love you,/and the way you look, tonight," Tony sang. As the song ended, he got down on one knee next to Ziva's chair. "Just the way you look... tonight..." He bowed, expecting to hear clapping. The silence that followed made him nervous.

"Awe come on, it wasn't that bad-" he stopped mid-sentence as he lifted his head up. Gibbs was standing in front of Ziva's desk, looming over Tony's kneeling form. Ziva had resumed typing, as did Tim. Tony quickly got to his feet before Gibbs could pull him up. He laughed nervously as Gibbs continued to glare at him.

"How's that report coming, DiNozzo?"

"Uh, just about finished, Boss." he stood there for another few seconds, until glare and a head slap sent him back to his desk to finish his report.

After his team had left, Gibbs sat back in his chair and let out a long sigh. He hated Mondays. He thought about DiNozzo and the dance routine he'd walked in on earlier. Looking around the office to make sure he was alone, Gibbs got up and made his way to Tony's desk. He quicky opened up the music player and queued up the song Tony had been dancing to. Smiling, he made his way back to his desk, dancing as he went.